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   Chapter 4 Let Her Go (Part Two)

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Hogan's eyes narrowed in an instant. "Tell me what she exactly told you."

"She said that she would never accept anything from you no matter what. She even scolded you..." Jasper hesitated for a while. But then, he continued in a low voice, "She said you were getting on her nerves."

Hogan was shocked and furious at the same time.

No one had ever dared to say that to him.

Celia was already bold enough to refuse the invitation from the Yin Group. Now, she even looked down upon him.

"Send two bodyguards to her house right now! Take her, whether she likes it or not. Even if you have to tie her up, do it!"

Hogan's words sent a chill down Jasper's spine. Celia was definitely doomed this time.

Hogan had always been arrogant and confident of himself. He would never tolerate anyone who challenged his authority more than once.

He would surely teach Celia a lesson.

After a while, the bodyguards successfully brought Celia to his office.

"Let me go!" she yelled. The two bodyguards pushed her in front of Hogan.

Hogan leaned against his chair and looked at Celia up and down without saying anything. His posture was so cozy. He didn't look angry but dignified.

"Why didn't you come to the Yin Group?" His voice was low and deep, but its plain tone could make someone feel an inexplicable sense of pressure.

People in the room who knew him held their breaths. But Celia just looked at him and said, "Why should I come here? Why should I accept your charity?"

The air inside the office froze in an instant. It was so quiet that anyone could hear a pin drop.

Everyone lowered their head, still holding their breath. Celia stared at Hogan indifferently, not showing any signs of fear at all.

Hogan looked calm on the outside. But deep inside, he was boiling with rage as he thought inwardly, 'How dare you oppose me openly! I will teach you a lesson you will never forget. I'll make sure that you become an obedient woman in the end.'

"It's not a charity actually. I know I owe you, so I just want to compensate for what I have done," he said in a low voice.

However, his tone still sounded domineering.

It was as if he was ordering Celia not to refuse his offer.

"Why do you have to do this?" Celia's eyes filled with anger and confusion this time.

Hogan just turned a deaf ear to her. Instead, he waved his hand and ordered the bodyguards, "Take her to change her clothes. She must start working as my secretary now."

In an instant, the bodyguards dragged Celia out of the office.

They didn't give her any chance to retaliate at all. "Let me go! You are hurting me."

Celia struggled but she failed. Eventually, she was taken out of the office, her angry voice resounded through the hallway.

Everyone in the company tensed up except Hogan. He still looked calm as his lips curved into a playful smile. He swore to himself that he would tame Celia and let her submit to him obediently.

When Jasper saw the smile on Hogan's face, it made the hair stand up on the back of his neck.

After a while, Maria Wang ran over to Hogan and said with embarrassment, "Mr. Yin, Miss Su refuses to change her clothes. She doesn't want to work in our company."

Hogan raised an eyebrow.

Maria Wang showed the employe

e uniforms in her hands and added, "Look, she has already torn two uniforms."

He just nodded.

"Why don't you want to work in the Yin Group?" Celia turned around when she heard a low voice behind her.

Hogan was slowly walking up towards her. It was only now that she noticed that he was wearing a well-tailored handmade suit that made him look extremely handsome and elegant.

But she couldn't admire him. She knew that he was a beast disguising as a human being.

"Don't you want to work here because of me?" Hogan stood beside Celia.

"Fuck off!" she roared. She then took a step back instinctively.

Looking at the face that had been haunting her dreams these past few nights, she really wanted to kill him right now.

Celia had been doing her best to forget that night, but it always came back to her mind.

Hogan had taken away her virginity with such cruelty and violence. She had all the reason to hate him to death.

"Oh, I didn't know that I have such a deep impact on you."

"You think too highly of yourself."

Celia was so furious now. She glared at him while clenching her teeth.

"You always believe that everyone is dying to work in your company. But let me tell you right now that you are wrong. Some people, including me, despise working here. I'd rather go to school than work here."

The truth was, aside from hating Hogan, one of the reasons why Celia refused to work in the Yin Group was because she received an offer from S University. And the new semester would begin in more than a month from now.

Obviously, Hogan felt a strong sense of hostility after hearing her words.

"You want to go to school?" he asked with mockery. "What's good about going to school? Can it give you an assurance that you will find a good job? In the Yin Group, you can receive a salary that can buy everything you want. Why waste your time going to school?"

Celia got more irritated by his words, and she hated him even more now. Although his tone was calm, arrogance and pride were very apparent.

Whatever his reasons were, she couldn't open up her mind to listen to him.

Celia turned her head away from Hogan, thinking that he didn't value education at all.

She didn't know that he graduated from Harvard University.

"What's up? Am I wrong?" Hogan stared at her boldly.

He wouldn't allow Celia to completely neglect him.

"You..." Celia was at a loss of words. No matter what she said, she knew it would be useless. So, she pushed him away and said, "People like you will never understand."

Hogan watched as Celia escaped from him.

She thought that he would not understand.

Perhaps in her eyes, he was just a scumbag rich man.

Blue veins swelled up on his forehead.

This time, Maria Wang ran to him again and said nervously, "Mr. Yin, Miss Su tried to run away, but we were able to catch her. However, she insists on leaving. She doesn't want to stay here any longer. What should we do?"

This was the first time that Hogan badly wanted to keep a woman in the company. She was afraid to fail him.

"Let her go," Hogan replied with a faint smile on his face.

It didn't matter if Celia wanted to leave now. He would make sure that she would come back to him voluntarily and beg him to let her stay.

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