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   Chapter 3 No Acceptance (Part One)

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Hogan sneered. Seeing that Celia was pleading at the beginning, she felt hopeless at last. She was finally turned away by someone.

This was almost the only funny program he had to kill time in boredom.

"Please, aunt Ella!" Finally, Celia was pushed out of the door by Ella Yao.

"Alas, she is actually very pitiful."

After Celia left, a moment later, aunt Ella poked her head out and sighed, "Everything is fine before. Just the night before yesterday, her mother had a car accident. She went out to look for her father. Everything seemed to have changed after she came back."

The night before.

Hogan was shocked. Wasn't that the night he saw her in the hotel?

She went to her father, which meant——

Terrell was her father! That night, she went to the hotel to see her father, not to serve him!

Looking at the shadow of her in front of him, Hogan suddenly realized that he had made a mistake.

"Mr. Hogan, you can go now."

"Give this to the girl just now." The driver turned his head and saw a signed business card between Hogan's two fingers. "Tell her. Take this. She can ask me for compensation for the misunderstanding that day."

Celia, who was walking forward with her arms crossed, was stopped by a person. She turned around and left. She thought in her mind, 'My mother's hospitalization fee will be paid again tonight. I have to borrow money from another people.'

"Miss, please wait for a moment."

Celia raised her head.

"Mr. Hogan asked me to give this to you. He asked me to tell you that it was a misunderstanding that day. You can go to the financial department to get compensation with this card. Our finance department is in... "

"Enough!" Celia interrupted him angrily, "I don't want to accept any compensation. You can leave now."

It was enough for her to hear that man's name. How could she have anything to do with him!

"But my lady..." The driver took another two steps and put the business card into Celia's arms. "If you don't accept it, I can't fulfill my task. Please accept it."

Celia didn't want to waste time. She grabbed the business card and walked away.

"How is it going?" Hogan had been waiting in the car for a while.

The driver nodded.

"Okay." Hogan nodded, not surprised at all.

No one would refuse the Yin Group's compensation.

Misunderstood? Celia was staring at the card in her hand and the words "Hogan Yin" on it.

His casual misunderstanding totally destroyed her life! Bastard!

With a clang, the card was thrown to the ground and mixed with the soil with rain.

She would rather be despised and borrowed money all day long than accept any compensation from that man!

After a busy day, Hogan sat cross legged on the chair and rubbed his temples.

The financial manager came in and bent over to put the documents on his desk.

"By the way, is there a girl coming to the financial department to get money with my business card recently?" All of a sudden, Hogan remembered what

had happened to Celia.

The director was stunned and shook his head, "No."

Without raising one of his eyebrows, Hogan was a little surprised. "Are you sure?"

The director thought for a while and nodded.

It was not a big deal to get the money, but if someone took the president's card to get the money, he must know.

After all, Mr. Hogan rarely gave his business card to outsiders.

Hogan fell into silence, frowning, as if deep in thought.

If it were someone else, he would have taken the card happily to get the money.

It had been three days, but she hadn't moved.

This girl was really out of his expectation.

"Jasper." He called the driver, "Tell that girl that if she comes here with the business card tomorrow, she can have a chance to apply for the Yin Group directly."

If the temptation of money was not enough, he would like to see if the Yin Group's reputation could attract her.

Both the driver and the director were shocked. This girl was so lucky!

It was a great honor to be invited by president even though many people couldn't enter the company!

"Yes, sir." Jasper suppressed his astonishment.

In the afternoon, in the CEO office.

"Have you invited the girl whose surname is Su?" Hogan turned around and asked in doubt.

She hadn't come here in the afternoon, so he couldn't think of any other reason except that his subordinate forgot to invite her.

Jasper raised his head and said, "Yes, I have invited."

Hogan frowned and asked, "How did she react yesterday?"

"She... She said... " Jasper stammered.

Hogan looked at her with his sharp eyes and said, "She said she had thrown your business card away."

What! Hogan suddenly straightened up.

Hearing that, Jasper was shocked and sighed. Fortunately, he didn't say what she had actually said.

In fact, Celia had said, "I've already thrown away the business card. Please tell him not to bother me."

No one knew which girl was so bold to oppose Mr. Hogan.

Hogan's eyes narrowed and his lips curled into a smile. He said in a powerful voice, "Then continue to invite her. Go straight to find her until she agrees. I must see her in my company!"

"Until she agrees." These three words were said word by word, so heroic that Jasper should pay special attention to them.

"Miss Celia, please go to the Yin Group." Jasper was in a dilemma.

He had come to see her several times in the past few days. If she didn't go to work, he would not work and only invite her all day long.

"Please don't bother me!" Celia was even more painful. "I won't accept anything from him!"

Don't bother her, okay? She has been busy looking for part-time jobs these days.

He must be a nerve!

Jasper was frightened. How could he report this to Hogan?

"Is she here?" Hogan turned around in front of the picture window with confidence and calmness.

"Mr. Hogan, you'd better leave her alone. That girl seems to misunderstand you." Jasper summoned up his courage.

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