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   Chapter 3 Let Her Go (Part One)

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Hogan sneered while watching Celia pleading the other woman. She looked so hopeless.

He killed time watching the scene from the car window while waiting for the rain to stop.

"Aunt Ella, please..." Celia continued to plead, but Ella Yao only pushed her out of the door.

After Celia left, Ella Yao poked her head out and sighed.

"Alas, she is really pitiful. Everything was fine before her mother had a car accident the night before yesterday. She just went out to look for her father, and when she came back, everything seemed to have changed," she said.

Hogan overheard what Ella Yao had said, and it shocked him.

Celia was in his hotel room that night.

If she came to look for his father, it meant that she was not a prostitute.

She was Terrell's daughter. That night, she went to the hotel to look for her father and not to entertain him.

Looking at Celia's receding back, Hogan realized that he had made a big mistake.

"Mr. Yin, I think we can leave now," the driver said.

But when the driver turned his head, he saw a business card between Hogan's fingers. Hogan pointed at Celia, who was a little far from them now. "Go after that woman and give this to her. Tell her to go to the finance department anytime. I will compensate for the misunderstanding that happened that night."

Celia walked aimlessly on the street. She thought inwardly, 'We need to pay my mother's medical expenses today. I have to borrow money from someone else. Where should I go this time?'

"Miss, please wait a moment." Celia stopped when she heard a voice from behind.

When she turned around, she saw a man striding towards her, panting.

"Mr. Yin asked me to give this to you. He said that everything was just a misunderstanding that night, and he would compensate you. You can go to our finance department anytime and just show this business card. Our finance department is on the..."

"Enough!" Before the driver could finish his words, Celia interrupted him angrily. "I don't need any compensation from him. You can leave now."

She didn't want to have anything to do with Hogan.

"But..." The driver took another two steps forward and put the business card into Celia's hand. "If you don't accept this, he will get angry at me for not fulfilling my task. Please just take this."

Since Celia didn't want to waste time more time arguing with the man, she grabbed the business card and walked away without saying anything.

"How was it?" Hogan asked as soon as the driver got back in the car. He had been waiting for a while.

The driver nodded his head.

"Good." Hogan nodded. He was not surprised at all.

No one had ever refused compensation from the Yin Group.

Celia stared at the name "Hogan Yin" in the card in her hand. 'Everything was just a misunderstanding?' she thought furiously.

Hogan's casual misunderstanding destroyed her life. He was nothing but a bastard.

Without second thoughts, Celia threw the business card to the ground. It soaked in the dirt and rainwater on the road.

She would rather borrow money from other people than accept any compensation from him.

After such a busy day, Hogan sat at his desk, crossed his legs, and rubbed his temples.

The financial manager came in and put some documents on his desk.

Hogan remembered Celia, so he asked, "Has someone

come to the finance department to get money using my business card recently?"

The finance manager was stunned for a moment before he shook his head. "No, sir."

Hogan didn't expect to hear such an answer. "Are you sure?"

The director thought for a while and then nodded.

People went to his department to get money, and it wasn't a big deal at all. But if someone used the president's business card to get money, he must know it.

After all, Hogan rarely gave his business cards to outsiders.

Hogan frowned and fell silent. It was as if he was deep in thought.

He expected that Celia would happily take the compensation using his business card.

But it had been three days, and she hadn't shown out yet.

Celia certainly aroused his interest.

"Jasper," Hogan called his driver. "Tell that woman that if she comes here with my business card tomorrow, she can have a chance to work in the Yin Group."

He thought that if money was not enough to lure her, perhaps the reputation of the Yin Group could attract her.

The driver and the finance manager were both shocked. Celia was indeed lucky.

A lot of people had been dying to enter the Yin Group. But Celia was even personally invited by the president. It was such a great honor, wasn't it?

"Yes, Mr. Yin." Jasper tried his best not to show the astonishment on his face.

In the late afternoon that day, Hogan called Jasper to his office again.

"Have you told that woman named Celia Su to come here today?" Since it was already late in the afternoon and Celia hadn't arrived yet, Hogan doubted his driver.

The driver must have forgotten to do the task he assigned to him.

Jasper answered, "Yes, Mr. Yin. I have invited her to come here."

Hogan frowned and asked, "What did she say to you?"

"She... she said..." Jasper stammered.

But when Hogan gave him a sharp glare, he continued, "She said she threw your business card away."

"What?" Hogan straightened up.

Jasper was shocked by Hogan's reaction. Fortunately, he didn't tell Hogan everything that Celia said.

The truth was, Celia told him to tell Hogan not to bother her again.

Jasper had never met a woman who was bold enough to refuse Hogan.

Hogan's eyes narrowed. His lips then curved into a smile as he said in a powerful voice, "Continue to invite her then. Don't stop until she agrees.

I must see her in my company by hook or by crook." Jasper understood that he should pay special attention to this task. There was no room for failure.

"Miss Su, please come to the Yin Group with me." Jasper was so anxious now.

These past few days, he had come to see Celia several times to convince her. He hadn't gone to the company these days. Instead, he stayed outside her house all day long.

"Please, stop bothering me." Celia was getting distressed. "I have already told you many times, I won't accept anything from him."

She didn't want to waste her time anymore. She had been busy looking for a part-time job these days.

Jasper was frightened.

He could never say such a thing in front of Hogan.

"Is she here now?" Hogan turned around from the window and faced Jasper. He looked so confident and calm.

"Mr. Yin, I think we should leave her alone. That woman seems to misunderstand you." Jasper plucked up all his courage to say those words to Hogan.

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