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   Chapter 2 A Mistake (Part Two)

Love Affair: Tempted By Devil's Whispers By Gong Zi Characters: 6212

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After a long time, Celia Su appeared in the ward with Terrell Su's bag.

"What took you so long?" Terrell Su asked.

"I'm sorry, Dad. I was so anxious just now that I lost my way."

"That's alright. Just be careful next time." Terrell Su sighed. When he noticed that Celia Su's face was unusually pale, he patted her consolingly on the shoulder. "Your mother's condition is not good. But the doctor said that as long as she stays in the hospital, she will be out of danger.

Don't worry. I can afford to pay for her hospital bills."

Terrell Su suffered a huge blow in his career more than a decade ago. When the huge company he was working with went bankrupt, he and his family moved to S City. At that time, Celia Su was only six years old.

He worked hard and later on built his own small company. Since then, their living condition improved. In fact, they now belonged to the middle class.

Although they were not well-off, he was glad that his family was not suffering financially.

Celia Su nodded her head quietly. She didn't mention anything about what happened in the hotel just now.

Hogan Yin went back home with a scowl on his face.

"Mr. Yin, are you okay?" Charles Hua stood up and greeted him with a flattering smile.

Looking at Hogan Yin's wrinkled face, he knew that he waited for nothing tonight. This was not the best time to talk about the investment for the racecourse.

Eventually, he decided to ask, "How was your business meeting today?"

"Forget it. It's just a small company." A trace of disgust flashed across Hogan Yin's eyes. "That company is terrible."

Charles Hua just nodded. But deep inside him, he wondered who dared to offend Hogan Yin.

From the looks of it, Hogan Yin was really pissed off.

He sank back on the sofa angrily. After saying a few more polite words, Charles Hua left in a hurry.

As soon as he walked out of Hogan Yin's house, he called someone on the phone. "Check which company did Mr. Hogan Yin meet tonight."

He was curious about who could have angered Hogan Yin that much.

If that person was strong, he would only be contented to satisfy his curiosity. But if that person was weak, he could do something to avenge Hogan Yin.

Two days after his meeting with Hogan Yin in the Emperor Hotel, something unfortunate happened to Terrell Su.

The Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau sent a large group of people to do a surprise inspection in the S Group. The company was shut down because of some poisonous substances that were found in their products.

Terrell Su did his best to convince them that everything was just a misunderstanding. However, he was just like an ant in the eyes of the prosecutors. All he could do was watch his hard work being destroyed as he felt like a knife was slowly piercing through his heart.

Right now, Terrell Su and Celia Su were standing in front of Sophie Ren's bed, crying bitterly.

"Dad, what happened? Is there something wrong with your production?" Celia Su asked.

"No, there isn't." Terrell Su shook his head. He strictly monitored every step in produc

tion. It was impossible to have some poisonous substances in their products.

"This is all my fault. I must have offended Mr. Yin. That's why he did this on purpose." Terrell Su took a deep breath. It was the only possible reason he could think of.

When Celia Su heard it, she frowned. She then asked Terrell Su if he was the man in his twenties who always wore an expressionless face.

Terrell Su nodded.

Anger surged up in Celia Su's heart. "Why did he have to do this? He has gone too far!"

At first, Terrell Su was surprised that Celia Su seemed to know Hogan Yin. But when he thought that she might have seen them talking in the Emperor Hotel that day, the worry in his heart dissipated. At the same time, a sense of guilt rose up from his heart. He shamelessly offered a woman to Hogan Yin just to win him over. But in the end, he only angered Hogan Yin. Now, he was in big trouble.

But he couldn't afford to let Celia Su know what he did, so he chose to keep it to himself.

"Your mother is still in bad condition now. What should we do?"

Now that the factory was shut down and under investigation, Terrell Su didn't only lose their family income, but his business partners were also demanding a refund of the money they had deposited to him.

What was more, Sophie Ren's current condition was worrying him to death.

"Don't worry, Dad," Celia Su said firmly, with tears in her eyes. "I will find a way. Even if I have to borrow money, I'll do it just for Mom to recover."

Terrell Su looked at Celia Su sadly. He also felt sorry for her. As much as possible, he didn't want his daughter to be indebted to anyone else. But this time, they really had no other choice.

The bright sky turned dark.

Then heavy rain began to fall.

Hogan Yin's sports car pulled over on the roadside.

The driver looked at the rearview mirror and asked, "Mr. Yin, are you going to go hiking later?"

"No. Cancel it." Hogan Yin pulled his tie irritably because of the stupid question. It was raining hard now. Definitely, the mountain trails were slippery. How could he go hiking?

It was not easy for him to find the time to go hiking, but his plan was ruined by the rain. He couldn't help feeling irritated.

Hogan Yin impatiently turned his head and looked out of the window, hoping that the rain would stop. All of a sudden, his eyes caught sight of a slender woman at the door of a grocery store not far away.

She was talking with someone inside. Whatever it was that she asked, it seemed that she was refused. She stood at the door, still pleading sadly. Since the woman was only wearing a thin dress, Hogan Yin saw that her body trembled slightly.

'What kind of woman would pitifully beg for mercy under such heavy rain?'

he thought inwardly. He could tell that she was already getting cold.

When the woman turned her head towards his direction, Hogan Yin felt a sense of familiarity.

She was the woman in the hotel. The frown on Hogan Yin's face deepened as he recognized Celia Su.

He wondered what could have made her lower herself to beg someone.

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