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   Chapter 68 Warning

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It was the day that Brad and Elsa went back to the mansion to have dinner with Mr. Ryan as usual. In front of Mr. Ryan, Brad had always been scrupulous. Today, he bought a creamy white dress for Elsa, which was quite unusual.

"Your clothes are too old. Father may think I mistreated you when he saw them."

When he said this, he didn't even look at her, as if the financial magazine in his hand was more attractive than Elsa.

Now, Elsa even couldn't tell what kind of feeling she had in her heart. They had been married for so long, and it was the first time that Brad bought clothes for her. If she said she was not moved at all, it must be a lie.

"You don't have to spend so much money. I have a lot of new clothes in my wardrobe."

"What? I don't want to do that, either. Even if it was just a show, I have to try my best to make it vivid."

Hearing his words, Elsa's heart ached.

This was Brad! He never took her seriously. She was right. In front of Ryan, he would never break up wit

nd pushed away Elsa. It was so sudden that Elsa lost her balance and fell on the bed.

"Elsa, every time I kiss you, I felt you are so lowly in your bones?"

Brad was such a good-looking man, but his words were so hurtful!

Swallowing the bitterness in her heart, Elsa smiled.

"Brad, don't forget that you are my husband. If I am lowly, you are no nobler than me!"

Squinting her eyes, Brad was annoyed by Elsa's retort.

"It seems that I should teach you a lesson now!"

Seeing the sparks in his eyes, Elsa was shocked and instinctively wanted to escape. However, the man had already seen through her thoughts and directly pressed her against the bed.

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