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   Chapter 67 How Can You Compare With Her

Destined Enemy: Lock Up Your Heart By Chang Du Characters: 3317

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:02

"How can you compare with her?"

These words were like nails piercing into Elsa's heart, making her face pale with pain. Every time she thought that she had recovered the broken heart wall, he always had a way to make her strong collapsed with a simple sentence.

Why? Why did they think that they could live a happy life after hurting her? Why could she bear the pain alone?

"Mr. Brad is right," Elsa's eyes flashed with malice. "I'm your wife, and she is just a mistress. Compared with her is really degrade my level!"

Since it was going to hurt, then let's hurt together!

His words triggered the fire in Brad's eyes. He reached out and pulled her down. As a result, Elsa lost her balance and felt a pain in her ankle.

"Ah -"

There was a trace of pain between her eyebrows, and she didn't notice the trace of pity on Brad's face at all.

"Who allowed you to insult her? In my heart, you don't even deserve to compare with her! "

"Humph! It is she doesn't deserve to co

t what you want, can I leave now?"

She was not a weak person, but she made herself embarrassed because of Brad...

Seeing her pale face, Brad's heart ached inexplicably and he said rudely.

"You look like a dead fish. It's disgusting to touch you!"

With a mocking smile, Elsa said, "Brad, if you really feel disgusting, you can just leave me alone!

"I'm afraid I'm not as good at bewitching people as Miss Mina. You can go and find her. I can't compare with a woman born to be a mistress."

After saying that, she didn't want to talk to the man who darkened his handsome face anymore. She deliberately straightened her back and went upstairs...

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