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   Chapter 66 Everyone's Love Is Different

Destined Enemy: Lock Up Your Heart By Jing Yue Characters: 3751

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"Even if there is regret medicine in the world, you won't buy it, Elsa."

Because that man was Brad, the man her friend loved with all her heart. How could she buy her love with money?

Elsa didn't say anything, because what Sophia said was right. She only had love for Brad. She was willing to believe that time would give her everything she wanted, as long as she was willing to pay and wait.

"Eli, you are too kind. Mina is so scheming and you will only suffer loss!"

This was a good answer, but what could she do? Should she learn to be as scheming as Mina? Then she would become the kind of woman she hated most! What's more, the reason why Mina could play these tricks was that she had the support of Brad, but what about her? She had nothing...

"Sophia, Brad will remember those things one day."

He would remember their childhood, and that it was she who saved him...

Noticing the expectant look in her eyes, Sophia swallowed her words. If there was no evidence, Brad could not overturn his opinion of Elsa.

"Alas! Looking at you, I don't even dare to fall in love with someone. "

Not to menti

sa turned around in amusement.

"Brad, I'm your wife. Why can't I go?"

The man walked up to her step by step, and then reached out to grab her chin. She had to raise her head. Although her chin hurt, she was unwilling to give in and look at him.

"If my memory serves me right, I should have warned you not to tell others about our relationship, right?"

Now, the whole company was talking about the relationship between him and Elsa, as well as Mina. He was very unhappy that this woman went against his will!

"I..." Looking at his deep black eyes, Elsa felt wronged. "Even Mina can enter that place freely, and now it has become my forbidden area?" She asked.

With disgust in his eyes, Brad asked, "How can you compare with her?"

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