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   Chapter 65 Not Reconciled

Destined Enemy: Lock Up Your Heart By Jing Yue Characters: 3499

Updated: 2020-09-22 12:12

After drinking the coffee, Elsa wandered on the street aimlessly, feeling like a ghost, drifting away and unable to find her home.


Hearing someone calling her name, Elsa turned around. She didn't expect that she would meet Sophia in this way. Besides, she was accompanied by a girl who was well-dressed. She guessed that the two girls were shopping.

She turned around and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes in a hurry. She didn't want her friend to see her in such a mess.

Seeing this, Sophia said a few words to her friends who just glanced at them and then left.

"Eli, are you okay?"

Sophia was also surprised to meet Elsa on the street, because according to what Elsa had told them last time, she had thought that Elsa's movement track was only included three places - villa, old house and supermarket.

"I'm fine."

Wiping away the embarrassment on her face, Elsa tried to smile.

"Ah! Stop laughing. It's so ugly! "

Knowing that she was trying to cheer herself up, Sophia felt sorry for her.


tless, otherwise, he wouldn't have failed her friend for so many years...

Looking at Sophia for a long time, Elsa took a deep breath.

"Sophia, you know what? I'm not reconciled! "

It was he who came to provoke her at the beginning, but now he provoked another woman to let her down. Why should she give up everything she had obtained?

"So, you just don't want to lose to Mina?"

"That's just one of the reasons..."

If it weren't because she have feelings for him, how could she try her best to retrieve this broken marriage? How could she endure those curses?

"Sophia, if only there were regretful pills in the world..."

Then she would definitely choose not to meet Brad...

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