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   Chapter 30 How Dirty I Am

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Before Elsa came to herself from his strange behavior, he threw her on the bed in the form of a parabola. Elsa struggled to get up, but a huge shadow shrouded her.

"Brad, it's daytime. What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? Elsa, I really didn't expect that you are such a scheming woman!"

Scheming? Elsa's face turned pale, wondering why he said that.

"I don't know what you are talking about!"

He didn't allow her to go out to work, nor did he allow her to study further. Well, she agreed to all of these. She only went to the mansion today and had afternoon tea with Lora and Vincent. Why did he thought she was scheming then?

"Isn't that you who tell my father that I was not good to you?"

It turned out that Brad's father had called him in the afternoon. He told Brad to take good care of Elsa in case that she would accept the pursuit of others.

"I didn't!"

She hadn't seen Brad's father today, nor had she called him. How could she said something about Brad to him?

"Then why my father suddenly called me? If you hadn't talked too much, how would he know that I was not good to you? Huh?"

"No! It's really not me!"

Hearing that, Elsa's eyes turned red. Even if he didn't treat her as his wife, even if she was much more like a roommate to him, she had been with him for several years, he should knew her character, didn't he? Didn't he trust her at all?

Without waiting for Elsa's explanation, Brad lowered his head.

No one knew that although Brad and Elsa had been marr

ied for 5 years, Brad had never touched her. Every time they had an intimate behavior, they only kiss. And then, they stopped it. Brad was in good condition, but he...

"Elsa, do you know how dirty you are?"

Elsa was still immersed in his kiss. Her face turned pale suddenly as she heard what Brad said. Two lines of tears ran down her cheeks involuntarily. She always thought that she had seen the most ruthless side of Brad, but this man could always say something new to refresh her cognition.

'Brad, I'm a person and I will also feel heartbroken. Won't you feel guilty to hurt me like this?' She shouted in her heart.

All of a sudden, she felt a chill all over her body. She lowered her head and found that the yellow dress she was wearing had become a pile of rags in an instant.

Realizing what Brad might do next, she struggled desperately.

"Brad! Let go of me!"

If he really loved her, she wouldn't object to the intimacy, but he didn't!

"Let you go? Elsa, since you think I haven't fulfilled my husband's obligation, I'll do it now!"

"No..." She murmured.

"It's not up to you! Whether it's good or bad, you have to bear it!" A sinister smile appeared on Brad's handsome face. His approach to her had become the most deadly poison! "Don't forget that's all you asked for!"

Elsa's beautiful eyes were wide open, and she was suffering both physically and mentally. Before she fell into darkness, the words still echoed in her ears.

That's all you asked for! That's all you asked for!

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