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   Chapter 10 Don't Hurt Her

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At a very fast speed, the black Lamborghini was driving forward. Brad's heart beat wildly when he received the call from her beloved woman.

Back then, when Elsa forced him to marry her, Mina went abroad in anger and made up her mind not to contact him. Although he had sent people to inquire about her, he didn't dare to get too close to her, fearing that she would escape again.

Standing in front of the apartment, Brad's heart was beating wildly and his hands were trembling. He took several deep breaths, but he couldn't calm down.

Did his Mina really come back?

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong!"

The doorbell rang. The woman in light yellow pajamas wiped her hands and opened the door when she saw the visitor through the cat's eye.


His handsome face flashed with ecstasy, but Mina's face was calmer.

"Why are you here?"

She walked into the room and knew that Brad would follow her.

Sure enough, after the door was locked, she was pulled into a warm embrace.

"Mina, I miss you so much!" He closed his eyes and lowered his head to pour out his love.

"Are you sure you have ever missed me?"

She had been abroad for so many years, but she hadn't received a word of greeting. How could this man say that he missed her?

"Mina, I'm serious. You've always been in my heart."

He walked up to her, took her hand and put it on his heart. His eyes were blazing, which were totally different from that when he faced Elsa.

"If you really miss me, why didn't you come to me?"

With his financial resources, it was a piece of cake for him to find her.


Brad didn't know how to explain. A few years ago, his father really paid close attention to him. At that time, he hadn't c

ompletely controlled the power of the Su Family, and he was more afraid that he would hurt Mina on impulse, so he didn't take any action.

Now that he was the formal ruler of the Su Family, and his father could no longer control him. He could live according to his own will, including letting Mina come back to him.

"What? You have nothing to say, right? "

There was a touch of mockery in Mina's eyes. The next second, the man lowered his head and kissed her. The feeling of being loved was what Mina wanted. Besides, she had never let go of Brad. What she said just now was just to vent her dissatisfaction.

Soon, she got entangled with Brad, forgetting that he was a married man.

When Mina came back to herself, she was already pressed on the sofa by Brad.


She stretched out her slender index finger and slowly drew circles on Brad's chest, trying to arouse his affection, and Brad's breath did become heavy.


As if remembering something, Brad turned over and sat up. And he even helped her pull the button that had been untied.

"What's wrong, Brad?"

Mina could tell that Brad was depressed. But why? She had expressed her desire clearly. What was he resisting?

"I haven't divorced Elsa yet. It's not fair to have you." He explained.

A charming smile appeared on Mina's face.

He still loved her, or he wouldn't have thought about her reputation.

'Elsa, you didn't make this man love you in the past 5 years...

Mina was proud of herself, but she didn't show it on her face.

"Elsa is my good friend. Don't hurt her." She frowned.

Brad felt a little guilty when he saw her considerate look. At the same time, a hint of cruelty flashed through his eyes...

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