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   Chapter 9 She Is Back

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There were three dishes and one soup on the table, including boiled beef, pine branch mandarin fish, shredded cabbage and tomato and egg soup. All of them were home dishes that cooked by Elsa, to celebrate this year's wedding anniversary.

She was just so stupid! She still couldn't learn to give up.

It was 9 o'clock. She closed her disappointed eyes and thought that the man might not come back again.

When she was about to stand up and put all the food on the table into the fridge, she sensitively heard the door open from the vestibule, and she immediately stopped what she was doing.

With a suit on his elbow, Brad walked into the villa with his briefcase and saw her standing there in a daze.

Without saying anything, he just took off his shoes and went into the living room. Then he walked to the dining room and brushed past her...

"Brad..." She called his name.

"Don't call my name!"

He turned around and stared at her with his sharp eyes.

Elsa was shocked by his roar and swallowed the sadness in her throat.

"Mr. Brad, have you had dinner?"

She didn't know why she was so humble, but she was willing to be humble to him in exchange for a little pity.

He didn't allow her to call his name, but when he heard the words "Mr. Brad", he felt even harsher!

"Don't tell me that you've been waiting for me so long just to have dinner with me." He sneered.

"If I say yes, will you eat with me?"

She reminded him every wedding anniversary, because he didn't want this marriage at all, and naturally he wouldn't bother to remember it.

Brad sneered, put her briefcase on the chair and picked up a plate.

Just when Elsa thought he would sit down and have dinner with her, he took the plate

to the trash can in the kitchen and poured all the dishes into it.

Seeing his action, Elsa's face suddenly turned pale.

It didn't work again? No matter how hard she tried, he couldn't see that, could he?

'Brad, I'm a living person. No matter how hard I smile to you, your coldness and cruelty will always make my heart ache!'

"Your food is only qualified to be poured into the trash can!"

Brad didn't expect that after a few years, he would be so shameless to beg for food cooked by Elsa.

Elsa's eyes were red, but she still held back her sadness. A smile slowly spread from her face, and her eyes were illusory.

"You are right. My dishes shouldn't have been cooked for you."

From this moment on, she made up her mind not to cook for Brad, never!

He poured her nearly 2 hours of efforts into the trash can step by step, and even poured all the soup in the pot. She indifferently cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks, and then took them into the kitchen.

Brad was about to go upstairs when his phone rang in her pocket.

"I'm Brad Su."

Elsa didn't know who was calling him, but she stood close to the kitchen door and saw the ecstasy in his eyes.

"Mina, you're back!"

Hearing the name, Elsa almost fell to the ground. She didn't expect that the call was from that woman!

How could that be? It was not easy for her to marry Brad. Since that woman had gone abroad, why did she come back?

Clenching the rag in her hand, Elsa bit her lower lip.

"Okay, wait for me there. I'll come to you."

Seeing that he was about to go out, Elsa came out.

"Honey, don't go..."

Her voice was so humble, but Brad just gave her a mocking look and walked out of the apartment without looking back...

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