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   Chapter 2 I'll Go

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After hearing what Brad said, Elsa felt like a bucket of ice-cold water was poured all over her body. Before, her father-in-law had planned to add her name to the property certificate of this house. But since she was already married to Brad, she thought that it wasn't necessary, so she refused. If Brad didn't mention it just now, she wouldn't even remember it. And she didn't expect that he would use it to embarrass her in front of another woman. It felt like a sharp knife was slowly cutting her heart.

"But still, I won't allow this woman to stay in my house." Elsa straightened up, raised her chin, and stared at the woman. She wanted to let the woman know that she had the authority as the hostess of this house.

But Brad continued to abash her. "You won't allow her to stay here? Who do you think you are?" he sneered and glared at Elsa.

Elsa shifted her gaze from the woman to Brad. She knew that if a couple fought, one of them should give in to avoid aggravating the situation. In their case, she was always the one who backed down. That was because she loved him, and she didn't want to anger him more.

So, she said, "Okay. If you want her to stay, I'll leave."

She then ran out of the villa without even changing her slippers.

"Idiot!" Brad cursed in a low voice.

It was still raining outside. If Elsa got all wet in the rain and fell ill, his father would definitely blame him again.

"Mr. Su, since she has left, shall we go to your bedroom now?"

the coquettish woman said as she wrapped her soft arms around Brad's neck.

To her surprise, he looked at her coldly and yelled, "Fuck off!"

His voice was colder than the rainy night outside. The woman froze in fright.

"I said, go away. Didn't you hear me?"

Brad was a very handsome man. People said that God had perfectly carved every contour of his face. When he smiled, he was like a lovely child, making people really fond of him. But as soon as he pulled a long face, his gloomy aura was enough to make people tremble with fear.

The woman shivered. She couldn't help wondering why her client tonight seemed so unpredictable. Bu

t she didn't have enough time to care about it anymore. She hurriedly ran out of the villa without looking back.

Brad sat in the living room quietly, looking outside the window. His deep-set eyes were staring ahead. No one knew what he was thinking. The rain hadn't stopped yet, but he didn't bother to look for Elsa.

After a while, the front door opened, and Elsa walked in. She was drenched, and her body was trembling. When she saw Brad sitting on the sofa, a trace of darkness flashed across her beautiful eyes.

However, she was too tired to confront him, so she didn't say anything. All she wanted right now was a relaxing hot bath and a good rest.

"Stop!" Brad suddenly said.

Elsa paused and glanced at the clock on the wall. She was gone for two hours. The time she gave them was already enough for them to finish doing that thing. But Brad was still wearing the same clothes. Did it mean nothing had happened?

Thinking about it, Elsa couldn't help feeling happy. Perhaps he still cared about her feelings.

"What's up?" she asked, trying to restrain her voice from trembling.

"It's been two hours. Where have you been?"

At least Brad knew that she was out of the house for two hours. Actually, she regretted that she didn't bring an umbrella. She didn't even have a single penny in her pocket. For two hours, she stood under the eaves of someone else's house. In the dark and hazy night, she prayed that Brad would come out and look for her. But she just fooled herself. Her prayer was not answered.

"I didn't go anywhere," she replied.

Elsa felt really cold now. She wanted to take off her wet clothes and change into comfortable pajamas. The temperature in autumn was really not favorable for her. Moreover, she hadn't eaten anything yet. Her body was cold and hungry.

"Run a bath for me," Brad said coldly.

Elsa turned around in disbelief. She couldn't believe her ears. She was soaking wet. Brad didn't even tell her to change her clothes first. Instead, he ordered her to prepare the bathtub for him.

Brad glanced at her, then looked at his watch.

"You have five minutes."

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