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   Chapter 1 Don't Dirty My House

Destined Enemy: Lock Up Your Heart By Jing Yue Characters: 3709

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The hands of the clock on the white wall struck ten o'clock. A woman in white was still sitting in front of the dining table. The food had already turned cold. Her beautiful eyes glanced at the clock from time to time. There was a trace of deep loneliness in them.

'Maybe he won't come back for dinner tonight either, ' Elsa Xia thought inwardly.

She had been waiting for him like this many nights. But her husband, Brad Su, always didn't come home for dinner. This wasn't new to her anymore. As a matter of fact, in the five years that they were married, he had only joined her for dinner a few times.

Elsa Xia couldn't help but sigh. She stood up and put all the dishes into the fridge. When she finished cleaning up the table, she heard the front door open.

She knew that her husband came back. Her heartbeat quickened in an instant.

Indeed, he was home now. However, he reeked of alcohol, and there was an enchanting woman beside him.

"Wow! Mr. Su, is this your house?"

The woman's shrill voice resounded through the silent living room. Elsa Xia frowned as she walked out of the dining room.

"Who are you?" she asked.

The woman's seductive eyes stared at her for a while and looked away disapprovingly.

She turned to Brad Su and asked coquettishly, "Mr. Su, who is she?"

Although he had drunk some wine, he was still sober. The moment he saw Elsa Xia, a trace of cruelty flashed across his eyes.

He answered, "She's my servant."

Elsa Xia was taken aback. Her face turned pale at once. She never thought that she was just a servant in his eyes.

The woman turned to look at Elsa Xia again. Her voice was full of mockery when she said, "Oh, so you are a mere servant." With a bitchy smile, she added, "It's great then. Please give us some tea."

Elsa Xia didn't say anything. She just took a deep breath and t

urned around to go to the kitchen. After preparing two glasses of cold water, she returned to the living room. She put one glass on the table and poured the other on the woman's face.

"Ahhh!" the woman screamed in horror. She stood up and looked at her wet dress. Her wet hair covered her face. She looked so messy. "Bitch! Do you know how much this dress cost?" she shouted at Elsa Xia.

Elsa Xia sneered. "Get out of my house now. Or else, I will not only ruin your dress, but also your face."

The woman had thought that Elsa Xia was easy to bully. But when she saw the darkness in her eyes, she felt a chill down her spine.

Brad Su stood up and slapped Elsa Xia across the face.

"What's wrong with you? Is this how you entertain our guest? Where are your manners?"

Elisa Xia covered her face and looked at Brad Su.

Feeling heartbroken, she said, "My manners are long gone."

Before Elsa Xia met Brad Su, she was all alone. She had no one to rely on but herself because she lost her parents and relatives when she a child.

"Well, what can I expect from an orphan like you? Of course, a child raised by no one has not learned any manners at all," Brad Su said sarcastically.

"Mr. Su..."

The woman walked up to Brad Su weakly and snuggled into his arms. Obviously, she felt proud that he scolded Elsa Xia for her.

"Don't waste your time with a servant. Let's go upstairs,"

Brad Su said as he gave the woman an evil grin.

They turned around and left Elsa Xia behind. But when they reached the foot of the stairs, she stopped them.

"If you want to do something obscene, do it somewhere else. Don't dirty my house!"

Brad Su turned around and stared at her coldly.

"Your house?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Elsa, let me just remind you that your name is not on the property certificate of this house."

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