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   Chapter 37 How Could Mr. Ken Be Comparable To Our Mr. Sammy

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I was not talented in singing, but Draw Love was different. Ken didn't believe in true love and was destined to be defeated by something he didn't believe.

After the song, it was terribly quiet around. A minute later, Professor Lanny took the lead in applauding, and all the fans began to call out my name. I tried my best to hold back my tears, but they still fell.

There was no accident in this round. I won. Even though the host wanted to help Delia, she couldn't change it. But she suddenly came up with a special guest.

"This is the temporary additional part of the program, a surprise. You are so lucky. Come on, shout out who you want to see the most and let us look forward to welcome him on the stage together, okay?"

My heart tightened. I instinctively felt that it was coming for me. The audience at the scene were all screened. They all had their own opinions on who had more fans and who had less fans. They were all looking forward to it. I prayed silently that it was not Yoyo.

"Ken.... Ken, Ken, Ken" In the cheers, Ken took off his hat and sunglasses and stood up with a smile.

I felt dizzy and I almost fainted. 'I thought he was only here to support Delia, but their tricks came one by one. In other words, didn't they want Delia to win?'

Ken walked to the stage with a smile. His smile was still gentle and harmless, and his eyes were affectionate and painful when he looked at me.

"Welcome, Mr. Ken. We all know that Mr. Ken has always been behind the scenes. Why did he come here in person this time? Is it because that the contestants are different this time?" The host tried to change the atmosphere on purpose.

But Ken looked at me as if he didn't hear the host. He looked at me with pain and forbearance in his eyes. I clenched my fists and resisted the impulse to slap him in the face. 'I really couldn't understand how a person who could hurt me and betray me like this could show such an affectionate expression.

What's more, Mitchell loved me so much back then. He would rather starve himself, be chased three streets, and steal two steamed buns for me when we were in the childhood. How could he

. I didn't expect that Sammy, who had just been talked about by Louis, would come back.

"He came back so early today. I'm going to cook now." I ran into the villa in surprise.

In fact, I felt very guilty. I ate, drank and lived in Sammy's house, but I agreed to work as a cook, but I was not serious about the job.

The Butler kept shouting "slow down" from behind, but I didn't listen to him at all. I rolled up my sleeves while running. I made a decision silently that I should show my cook to express my thanks.

But as soon as I came in, I saw a table full of delicate dishes, except for a bowl in the middle.

Sammy put down the newspaper. After taking a look at me, he said, "Go to cook soup. I'm hungry."

"Humph!" 'All my emotions has been ruined, but I don't know if it is my illusion. The look in Sammy's eyes just now.... It seems that he is worried about me. Is he worried about me? That is the reason why he came back early on purpose?'

I took a look at the Butler in silence and seriously suspected that Louis had told Sammy.

I said to myself, "Hey, Anna, what's wrong with you? He is the superior Mr. Sammy. How could he care about your feelings? It's just a coincidence." I patted my face to wake myself up.

"You are so stupid. I think you haven't participated in the final yet. Why don't you change your job?" Not knowing when, Sammy leaned against the door frame and looked at me with disdain.

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