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   Chapter 36 Draw Love

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"Anna, don't be angry. Don't be angry. They just want to laugh at you on purpose. You can't be defeated."

I clenched my fists and tried my best to comfort myself, but my body was still shaking violently. Every word Delia said was against me. I abandoned the Sky Entertainment Group, and I suppressed the new comers. I was a senior, and it was time for me to give up my position and so on....

"Contestant No. 6 is so funny. Let's wish her a good result." The host deliberately stepped back from front of me. She looked innocent, but in fact, she just blocked the camera and put it on the big screen. I was just accompanying Delia to join in.

"Yoyo, Yoyo……"

"Come on, Delia. We support you." ..........! The atmosphere was getting more and more lively. It was supposed to be the regional finals, and there were no such strict rules. The host smiled and didn't say anything, but the following shouts were getting louder and louder.

Jacob was so anxious that he was about to stand up from the audience seat. I shook my head to comfort him. 'Now they want me to be unable to control myself. Once I make a fuss, I will definitely be defamed to death by them, and I will never have a chance to step into the entertainment circle again.'

My fingernails hurt my palm. I tried my best to calm down and think about how to fight back when the question came to me later. However, the host seemed to have forgotten the process and went straight past me.

"Contestant No. 8 is also a familiar face. This time, the Country Star is really...."!

After introducing three more competitors in a row, the host gave all of them the opportunity to show themselves. The host asked some a word, and some a question. But at present, only Delia was the most outstanding.

'It has to be said that Yoyo has a good taste in choosing assistants. Like her, Delia has no feature, but Delia also is very scheming.' I took two deep breaths, and the host was obviously bribed.

Now I finally understood what Professor Lanny meant before he finished his words, but I was standing on the stage, so I had to fight with him.

Among the five of us, only one of us could be promoted and take part in the next round of sixteen persons for four. I had sil

place others."

I didn't expect that I could smile at Delia. She stared at me angrily and asked, "What do you want? There is no rule that the contestants must design in the competition."

"Yes, Miss. Anna. Many old songs are sung over and over again. It's a good thing that new comer appear in the music circle. Miss. Yoyo has been trained by you for many years, hasn't she?" The host gave Delia a warning look and interrupted her directly, mocking me for crushing down the new comers and had high-maintenance.

I had been looking at Ken, and my heart ached slightly. "Of course everyone can sing, but the person who sings should have a sense of awe. People who really like music will not allow music to be used as a weapon to hurt or even rob."

I covered my heart with my hands and loudly read the declaration on the book of the music class. Every person who studied music must memorize these words, but after entering the society, they were completely drowned in the complex world.

Professor Lanny's eyes were deep, and the other judges were lost in thought.

I sighed, closed my eyes and started singing without waiting for the music.

"I love you so much that I can hardly touch my heart.

I draw your heart but can't draw your bones.

Remembering your face is my obsession waiting for you.

You are a love song that I can't finish..."

My heart seemed to be torn apart. 'Ken, from today on, there will be no gratitude between us.

My Mitchell.... Goodbye...'

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