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   Chapter 35 Someone From The Sky Entertainment Group Also Participated In The Competition!

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'The voice... These words....' I looked up blankly and didn't expect to say Professor Lanny. Professor Lanny was here.

It was as quiet as death. Jeannie glared at me as if she had been punched a few times. When she turned around, she pouted and rested her waist on Professor Lanny's arm playfully.

"Mr. Song, why are you so late? I asked the driver to pick you up this morning. They said that you had come out and I had a hard time."

Professor Lanny frowned unhappily and finally pulled his arm out. "I was going to the bookstore first."

Professor Lanny didn't even look at Jeannie and directly walked over here. My heart beat fast and I prayed silently that he would not come over. 'I don't want to die innocently.'

But God seemed to be fond of torturing me. The shining leather shoes stopped in front of me.

"Miss. Anna, Abby likes your songs very much. She asked me to get your autograph. Let's go."

Boom..... The women around me were staring at me like beehives. I looked at Professor Lanny with a bitter smile, but he didn't mean to retreat at all.

"Okay." I made up my mind. 'Anyway, even if I kneel down and lick now, they won't be friendly to me. I'd rather run away than listen to their sarcasm here.'

Jeannie's eyes were burning with anger. When I passed by her, she suddenly stretched out her feet to block in front of me. My right foot had been lifted up. It was too late to take it back. Professor Lanny stared at Jeannie with a long face.

I was flustered for a moment, and instantly calmed down, pretending not to see her and life down. She raised the corners of her mouth complacently, and I couldn't help sneering. When I landed, I deliberately turned a direction and heavily stepped on her shins.

"Ouch!" ....

"Ouch! What is it?"

We screamed at the same time. The former was that Jeannie screamed and jumped up, and the latter was that I took a step back and deliberately looked at her in panic.

Professor Lanny squinted at me, but said nothing. My heart tightened. 'Others didn't see it, but he was so close to me, so he must have seen it.'

"You dared to step on me, I will kill you. Do you know who my father is?" Jeannie pointed at me ferociously. Sev

rofessor Lanny is such a deep person.'

As I walked, I tidied up my dress and adjusted it to the best state with a smile. The staff lifted the curtain, and I walked gracefully to the stage in high-heeled crystal shoes.

"Welcome contestant No. 7, Anna, Miss. Anna is..." The host introduced the basic information of me in a sweet voice, but the audience was a little strange. Not only did they not applaud, but also whispered and pointed at me.

My uneasiness increased in an instant.

"Contestant No. 6, I want to ask for the audience whether you will be nervous to compete with your previous boss and idol."

'What?' I was so surprised that I opened my mouth wide and turned my neck stiffly to the side.

The contestant in a light purple Strapless skirt was also slowly turning her head to look at me.

'Delia? Yoyo's assistant?' I pressed my chest hard. My breath was short and painful, but Delia Shen raised her chin proudly and smiled provocatively.

"Of course I have to learn from the senior, but as a star, I have to accept the fact that the new comers have grown up. Mr. Ken and Yoyo also encourage me, saying that my voice is better than someone's. I should stand on the stage."

With a reserved smile, Delia faced the camera in the most appropriate angle and flipped her hair.

"It's not easy for Yoyo to grow up herself, so she takes good care of us. As long as she is capable, she will give us a chance. She won't deliberately suppress us."

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