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   Chapter 34 Arrogant Socialite

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After weighing the pros and cons, I gave up the idea of fighting with Sammy.

Sammy sat calmly at the table. When he was about to pick up the glass of milk, I got an idea and I rushed over. My elbow was on the table, and my head was slightly tilted forward, stopping five centimeters in front of him.

Sammy opened his eyes wide in surprise and forgot to put down the glass. I held back my smile and looked at him. I slightly stuck out my tongue and slowly licked it on my lips.

"Ouch..." Sammy spat out the nosebleed again and I left with a snicker.

"Butler, make some brown sugar water for Mr. Sammy to avoid anemia."

"Ha-ah." I laughed and ran into the car. Sammy's roar came from the room. Louis shivered and asked me what happened.

"Nothing. Hurry up and drive." I was so scared that I turned my head back. Louis didn't dare to move and asked hesitantly, "Really?"

"If you want to die, just stay here." I was so anxious that I clapped the central control table. Louis instantly came to his senses. When the Butler came out, Louis stepped on the gas and we drove away successfully.

I gasped and was scared.' How could I be dared to do that? I had been depressed my nature for seven years. I thought I was dull. Why did I show my true nature as soon as I met Sammy?'

I signed up late and made such a big noise, so I didn't know the details of today's event. Fortunately, Jacob knew that he had come to the Rieth Hotel, or I would have been late.

The regional finals were held in the Rose Hall of the Rieth Hotel. Cars were parked at the gate. Contestants, relatives and friends, cheerleaders, and many local media were also present.

The organizers had specially reserved a separate passage for the contestants. Jacob was worried and wanted to go with me, but the security guards were unwilling to compromise.

"Well, you can go in there and watch my performance." I had promised again and again that I would be fine, but Jacob was still worried.

In fact, my heart was beating fast, but I had taken this step, there was no room for retreat.

In the dressing room, a group of people gathered around and blocked the dresser. I tried two times, but

and said, "You... Shame on you! Who do you think Ken is? Does he deserves to be compared with him Mr. Song?"

I was completely stunned. I couldn't figure out who Jeannie was talking about. 'I'm not afraid of being torn apart, but I really don't want to make a mistake for no reason.'

"Are you sure you didn't recognize the wrong person? Let's make it clear first. It will be embarrassing if we recognize the wrong person."

"Don't play dumb with me. If Professor Lanny hadn't helped you yesterday, you wouldn't have been able to come in." Kali gave me a kick and got close to me.

"That's right. If you didn't fawn Professor Lanny, you didn't even have the qualifications to sign up. " ...

"Enough!" Jeannie roared with dissatisfaction again, "Mr. Song is not that kind of person. If you are talking nonsense, get out. Don't take part in it."

Only then did I realize that they were talking about Professor Lanny, who had helped me say a word yesterday. 'But he had a daughter. Does Miss. Jeannie want to be a mistress?'

Now the pursuit of the socialite was so novel that I couldn't help but look at Jeannie for a few more times, just meeting her eyes.

"What are you looking at? I warn you..." ...

"Stay away from your Mr. Song. I'm not deaf. I heard you." I scratched my ears with no sincerity.

"I'm not a pestilence. I haven't become a person that everyone needs to hide." There was a sudden dissatisfied protest at the door.

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