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   Chapter 33 Sammy, I Will Kill You

CEO's Sweet Wife: You're One In A Million By Hen Bu Characters: 7348

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'Sammy? What does it have to do with Sammy?' I couldn't count how many secret massages I had received these days. Some cried for Ken's grievance, some declared war on Yoyo's behalf, and some even said that they were just idling around.

But when it came to Sammy.... It was the first time that I couldn't help replying, "Who are you? Are you still in a daze? Let me tell you, just take those insidious thoughts. Be careful that I check your IP address."

I was in a good mood. I really didn't want to be ruined by her. I knew it must be Yoyo and others. I didn't expect that she wouldn't let me go.

"Not Sammy? Do you think someone can shoot a professional level just by singing a song casually? Look at the time. It's just two hours. There are so many hits, invitations and influence. You've also been in the entertainment circle and talent shows. Don't tell me you're really so naive."

The toothbrush fell to the ground. I quickly found the place where it had sent the invitation and read it again. Sure enough, the outsiders watched the fun, but the insiders could see at a glance that the noise and the sound processing were all top-notch.

As far as the post-production skills was concerned, the YY Music might not be able to do it. What's funnier was that when I was in a daze, something new happened. A famous big V blogger reposted my song and made comments below.

"Even if the common superstar doesn't post it on the portal, she can still defeat a group of hypocritical women in an instant. Please release it at 13:20 on 22 days."

"Puff" I almost vomited three grades of blood. 'Who is this? It's so high-end and black. Sure enough, in just five minutes, a lot of repost, saying that I bribed the hype of No. V blogger, and even that I signed up for the Country Star, and was protected by Mr. Song.

"A new round of hidden rules is coming. The champion has already been decided. We refuse...." A star who hyped by scolding actually took the opportunity to call on everyone not to vote for me and not to support me. 'Let's see what else the crew of the show is going to say.'

I was so angry that I clenched my fists. I wanted to ask Sammy about it, but he had already gone

I said to myself, "Anna, he is your Mitchell. You can't treat him differently just because he said the same words. You can't..."

I didn't fall asleep until it was almost dawn. In a daze, I was frightened by the bang of the door.

"What's wrong? Is there an earthquake?" I didn't even have time to change my clothes. I opened the door with my sleepy eyes and rushed out. As a result, I bumped into Sammy's arms and my head was buzzing.

Sammy's eyes slowly moved down from my face, and his nose suddenly bled.

"What's wrong with you? Is there an earthquake?" I was so anxious that I stamped my feet. I grabbed the hair band and rubbed it against Sammy's nose. As a result, it rubbed more and more.

"Don't move. There is no earthquake. You are going to be late." Sammy grabbed my hand, pushed me away and turned his eyes away awkwardly.

"What?" I ran back to my room barefoot and took out my phone. 'Damn it! There's only an hour left. Jacob's call has been ringing all the time, but unfortunately, I've already kept sleeping'.

"I'm doomed!" Fortunately, I had prepared the clothes I wanted to wear yesterday. I grabbed them and rushed into the bathroom.

In the mirror, my sleepy eyes were blurred. The translucent black camisole lace nightdress just covered my buttocks, and my head was instantly sober. 'The position that Sammy's eyes were looking at just now was...' I lowered my head with difficulty....

"Sammy, I'm going to kill you."

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