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   Chapter 22 Couldn't You Let Me Moved For A Longer Time

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My hands are shaking. I'm almost crying when I look at Sammy. No matter how perfect his refusal was, I had to be said to be the one who had broken her dream of marring a rich family.

Why did I suffer since he couldn't control his mouth? My heart would be filled with grievance. I pinched the back of his hand to vent my anger.

But he acted as if nothing had happened, "Every man has a goddess in his heart, sacred and inviolable. If my goddess is willing to marry, I'm willing to send her the whole Tang Group."

'If my goddess is willing to marry, I'm willing to send her the whole Tang Group...'

My ears were full of these words. Not only me, but also all the people who heard it were dumbfounded.

The whole Tang Group? Once upon a time, there was an economic commenter joking that the Tang Group stamped its feet, and the whole country would tremble. The Tang group slept late, and half of the people in the country would starve to death. Although these words had the intention of flattering Tang Group, the influence of Tang group can also be seen. I can almost foresee that the stock price of Tang Group will fluctuate tomorrow, and the shareholders will roar angrily.

The reporter didn't give up and asked that was the goddess he was talking about really me?

Sammy glanced at him coldly. He couldn't help but take a step back. My heart sank. Was he angry? Because of the reporter's questioning?

I suddenly realized that he was talking about a goddess, but he didn't say who she was. I was so stupid. How could I think he was talking about me? Even for hype, it was impossible for him to help me. I couldn't help but shake my head with self-mockery.

Just when everyone thought he wouldn't answer this question directly, he opened his mouth and said, "Annie is my goddess. She used to be, now, and in the future."

The reporters were crazy. They all aimed at me and shot at any cost.

It was rare that Sammy showed up and was willing to answer questions, so the reporters scrambled to ask questions.

"Mr. Sammy, I'm a journalist from the entertainment company... Miss Annie can abandon her first love who had supported her all the way until today. Don't you worry...?"

Sammy's eyes were full of contempt. "If he can't keep his beloved woman, it only proves that this man is incompetent."


I praised him in silence. He was so domineering. When I broke up with Ken, everyone was blaming me. Even if some of my faithful fans chose to believe me out of sympathy. They felt sorry for me of meeting a wrong person, but no one had ever thought that I just left a bad man.

For the first time, Sammy let me realize that the reason why I broke up with Ken was that Ken was not good enough for me. I was not a loser.

"Mr. Sammy, are you going to give all the power of the Tang Group to support Miss Annie?"

Sammy: "She has her own pursuit. I respect her. If she hadn't insisted on working hard by herself, nothing would have happened today."

Reporter 2: "Mr. Sammy, you mean that you won't put your personal feelings into work, right?"

Sammy said, "You misunderstood me. Men should indulge their loved ones to be lawless. If she wants to play by herself, I'll watch. If she wants me to support her, I'll do my best. So what?"

If it weren't for the wrong time and occasion, I really wanted to touch his forehead and make sure that he wasn't in a severe fever. This was not the case in the entertainment circle. There was really no need to be as sentimental as in the novels.

I had already woken up from the initial gratitude. My heart is full of worry about the aftermath, but I had pinched his hand two times, and he still said happily, without any consciousness to wake up.

Reporter 3: "Mr. Sammy, I heard that

this theme song was originally signed by Miss Yoyo. Even the magic hand Jacob had praised Miss Yoyo in person that she was the most suitable singer for the Growth. Did you forcefully change the lead singer because of your private relationship with Miss Annie?"

I suddenly raised my head. I know the reporter who asked the question. Ashley of Northern Entertainment Group Limited had a good personal relationship with Ken. They had been photographed for several times and had an intimate attitude. I smiled and chose to believe them. Now it seemed that they may not be innocent.

I was so angry that I gasped for breath. Sammy didn't lose his temper after such a serious and misleading accusation.

"You should ask Jacob yourself."

Ashely muttered discontentedly, "Ms. Rebecca has confirmed it in person. Can it be false?"

At this time, everyone noticed Rebecca again. Her eyes were red. She looked at Sammy sadly and straightened her back.



Another voice sounded at the same time. I followed the voice and saw Jacob. He nodded at me apologetically, but the camera was suddenly aimed at him. He took a step back instinctively, but he still walked up firmly.

I didn't know what it feels like. Jacob never came to the scene. People who didn't know him all say that he is talented and arrogant. In fact, he had autism and was afraid of people. I didn't expect that today for me...

"Jacob, who let you come here? Get out of here." Rebecca pointed at the door with a twisted expression, ordered Jacob to leave right away and shouted at the security guards crazily.

"No." He looked into Rebecca's eyes firmly and threw out his resignation.

"I'm sorry. From now on, I'm no longer an employee of YY Music. I don't need to follow your orders. I'll repay the old master's kindness in the future."

Then he ignored Rebecca and turned to the reporters.

"I've told you that Miss Yoyo's voice is more suitable for the Growth, but I was misled by them. The processed music was deliberately played. This kind of behavior is not worthy of the Growth of the artistic conception. Moreover, in order to better interpret the theme of ZF, I have changed the main theme."

He raised the disk in his hand and asked someone to put it out immediately. When the soothing melody rang, my tears couldn't help falling.

From now on, I didn't think I would feel inferior anymore. Even if I lost everything and saw Ken again, I could proudly raise my head and stop suspecting that it was my fault that I was being disliked by him.

Jacob resigned. The main character of the press conference was changed temporarily. The president of Tang group showed up in person, showing his love domineeringly. The dramatic turn of the despondent female star... Today's show was the most eye-catching one in the entertainment circle.

I didn't even know how I left. Fortunately, the security guards of Sammy were strong enough to prevent me from being torn apart by crazy fans.

"By the way, where is Louis? Did you see Louis when you came in? " I was worried about getting out of the car, but he pressed me back.

"You just need to care about your employer, or you will be fired easily." He pointed at the small door on the side angrily. Louis was standing on his bare feet, with his clothes hanging down one by one, and his hair flying in the wind. He was giggling in our direction.

The corners of my mouth twitched. I decisively asked Sammy to drive. I want to go back and wash my eyes.

"Thank you." I knew these two words are boring, but I didn't know how to express myself now.

Sammy looked at me in surprise. "Don't need to say thank you. I will thank god if you don't embarrass me."

"Sammy..." Couldn't you let me moved for a longer time?

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