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   Chapter 21 It Turns Out That You Have A Bad Taste, Even Bad Ears

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Sammy was still wearing a black suit as usual, but the handmade suit was just right, which made him look cool. On the other hand, even the twenty bodyguards who were responsible for maintaining order beside him and isolating the crowd were also dressed in black, with sharp eyes.

Silence! The room was deathly silent. Even the reporters didn't dare to turn their cameras and joked. Everyone knew that the CEO of T Group didn't like to show his face the most. 'If I could get the headlines after taking the photos, it will be good, but I will have to quit my job and go home.'

Sammy gave me a disdainful look and walked over step by step. My heart was beating fast and my eyes were wet and uncomfortable.

Sammy really came here. I noticed that his clothes were wrinkled and his sleeves were rolled up. It was unbearable for a man who was picky about clothes.

But Sammy didn't notice it himself. He just came here to protect me and help me. A tear fell down from my cheek. I would wipe it quickly.

Sammy stopped in front of me step by step and smiled playfully. When I was about to take his hand, Rebecca took action faster than me.

"Sammy, I'm sorry. I thought you didn't like this kind of activity, so I didn't bother you. Miss. Yoyo's theme song has been recorded. Would you like to listen first?"

Rebecca mentioned Yoyo directly, completely forgetting that Sammy just said that I was the lead singer.

I bit my lips tightly. 'Now in the full view of the reporters, they can't humiliate the YY Music. It's the wisest choice to sacrifice me.'

Sammy was born with a spotlight. As long as he stood there casually, he would be the most dazzling one. Moreover, now that Rebecca had put the choice on his mind, everyone's eyes were focused on him.

But Sammy just looked at me and smiled.

"Rebecca, it turns out that you have a bad taste and bad ears. I just said that Annie is the spokesperson for the ZF song. Didn't you hear me?"

Sammy sneered and asked Mr. Alfredo to take out the contract. The singer of the ZF song was always me, not the Sky Entertainment Group. Today, taking advantage of the opportunity of the press conference, he signed the endorsement contract with me.

I was totally dumbfounded. 'He said I was the spokesperson when he came in just now, but I just took it as his anxious slip of the tongue. Is it true? Everyone know that even the most insignificant brand of the T Group, a small new product of it, its spokesperson is an international superstar.

So far, no Chinese star has such an honor, but now he let me endorse the entire series of ZF music. What kind of statement is this?'

"Miss. Anna, please sign it." With his back to the reporter, Mr. Alfredo pinched me in a hurry. It was not until then that I realized what had happened. I looked at Sammy with hesitation. After he nodded firmly, I picked up the pen with relief.

"No..." Rebecca couldn't hold back her smile anymore. She grabbed Sammy's sleeve and told him not to be impulsive, but he shook her off.

"Don't forget my rules."

Luckily, Yoyo reacted quickly and held Rebecca in time to prevent her from falling.

"Sammy, you said that I'm in charge of the publicity of the ZF music." Rebecca was about to cry and complained.

However, Sammy sneered and said, "You remind me that since the level of the YY Music is different from that of Mr. Hans, it is certainly not appropriate to cooperate with you. From today on, all the advertising of the T Group will not cooperate with the YY Music."

'All the activities of the T Group will no longer cooperate with the YY Music.'


is was like a big news. Everyone's attention was not on me anymore. 'Everyone know, Rebecca has always been pursuing Sammy, and even many people in the circle think highly of them. Mr. Hans once said personally that Sammy was the most promising son-in-law.

This is a big headline. No one dares to take pictures of Sammy, but it doesn't mean that they don't dare to take pictures of Rebecca. For a moment, cameras are flashing'

Rebecca looked at Sammy in disbelief, "Sammy, how can you do this? We have been friends for more than ten years..... Just for her? She is just a material girl who is abandoned by other man. You....." ...

"Enough!" Sammy roared angrily.

My fingernails had cut my palms, but there was no place for me to speak. In the entertainment circle for seven years, there had been many fans and curses of me, but this was the first time to insult me face to face.

At this moment, I really hate Rebecca. Sammy looked at me with pity, turned around and looked even angrier.

"Miss. Rebecca, pay attention to your words. It's my right to choose who to cooperate with. As for the previous contract, it's invalid. The penalty will be transferred to your account in ten seconds." Sammy didn't give Rebecca any chance to change his mind. He asked Mr. Alfredo to transfer the money and also warned Rebecca that if she slandered me, the T Group would reserve the right to sue her.

"Mr. Sammy, you just called Miss. Anna Annie. What's your relationship?" Finally, a reporter who was not afraid of death plucked up the courage to ask the most important question.

It was the first time that Sammy didn't get angry. The reporters' eyes lit up and they all asked questions, mostly about him getting angry for his beauty. He would never be soft on it if he broke the contract.

I was sweating. I really wanted to knock on Sammy's head to see if it was all messy inside. 'He doesn't even call me Annie at home. Why does he pretend to be close to me now? Let's play it off and see how he will deal with it.'

I was thinking about whether I should protect Sammy or not, but he came over unexpectedly. I winked at him and shook my head again and again, but he seemed not to see me. He smiled and took my hand.

'What?' Seeing that, everyone were shocked. Rebecca and Yoyo was furious. My face was so hot that I could even fry an egg. My mind was blank, and there was only Sammy left in front of me. When I regained my consciousness, I was pulled to the center of the camera by him.'

Everyone's eyes were full of malice. I couldn't help but look down at my clothes and then at Sammy's handsome face. I couldn't help but move a little away, but he pulled me back and even closer.

"Annie is my friend. The man in the photo was also me."

'What?' My brain seemed to be running at a fast speed like a blender. The people on the stage and off the stage were all stunned. 'Shouldn't we deal with it ambiguously? Why does he just admit it? He doesn't play according to the routine at all.'

The eloquent reporters were all speechless.

Sammy seemed to be satisfied with the result. "But we were not kissing or a couple, because Annie hasn't fallen in love with me yet."

Sammy sneered with disdain. No matter how cunning the photos were, no matter how ulterior motives they had, they were still very secret. Looking at the photos and analyzing the shooting angle, it was clear who was right and who was wrong.

"Mr. Sammy, you said Miss. Anna didn't fall in love with you. Is this a disguised love confession?" It was the reporter who asked the question before. He said fearlessly.

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