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   Chapter 20 Sammy Came With Shining

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"No, I'm not..." I tried my best to lower my hat, but someone behind me was faster than me. He lifted my hat and everyone around looked at me.

"Anna, she is really Anna..."

The fans were so crazy and was so crowded that I wanted to throw up. I had seen bigger scenes than this before, but there were assistants, security guards, a lot of people protecting me, and we all took the exclusive passage. Now it was me alone, being pulled by all kinds of people.

The press conference was secretly prepared. Today it broke out all of a sudden, so the fans were all group members. There were many familiar faces in it, but they were actually my fans. I suddenly had a very bad feeling, and the small figure I saw in the No.1 Recording Studio suddenly flashed through my mind. It was Yoyo.

"Annie, how can you betray Ken? You make me never believe in love again." ....

"Do you want to steal Yoyo's song because the Sky Entertainment Group thinks highly of Yoyo and the Sky Entertainment Group come back to life?"

"I didn't expect you to be such an Annie." ....

"Bitch, you must have been abandoned by other man and wanted to come back to Ken's side." ...

"Shame on you! Ken won't accept you..."

"You don't deserve Ken.... Get out of the entertainment circle..."


They used to wave the fluorescent stick and shout for the people who would always support me, but they cursed me in the most vicious language. I kept saying no, but my voice was completely suppressed. Even my clothes were torn. I tightly pulled the zipper and was about to cry.

'Sammy, why haven't you come yet? I try my best to squeeze forward, but I couldn't even move a step.'

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Or I'll call the security!" Louis's shoes were lost. He finally squeezed in front of me.

"Annie, I'm here. Come on in."

Louis was very thin, but he was half a head taller than me. He actually had the strength to protect me all the way forward and finally pushed me to the front. The security guards quickly surrounded me, and the fans who rushed over were retreated again. Louis was also blocked outside the safety line and pulled back by the angry fans.

"Annie, leave me alone. Go inside and slap them in the face."

"Louis, hold on." My eyes were so wet that I couldn't see anything clearly. I pushed the security guard away and rushed inside desperately.

The greeter tried to stop me, but he insisted that I couldn't enter without the invitation card, so he was pushed down by me.

For the first time, I felt that the combat effectiveness of a pair of flat shoes could be increased by several levels.

'Jacob asked me to wait for him, but now the situation doesn't allow me to wait at all.'

"Oh? Yes, the original ZF song was sung by Miss. Anna assigned by the Sky Entertainment Group, but there were some scandals. All the fans wanted to change another singer. But we didn't do that because of taking care of Miss. Anna's mood. "

When I rushed in, Rebecca was smiling elegantly and answering the reporter's question.

"But there is something wrong with Miss. Anna's professional quality. She didn't cooperate with the company's follow-up work before, and even refused to attend today's press conference. Neither the YY Music nor T Group can tolerate such an unscrupulous and famous star who has no professional ethics. Moreover, Miss. Yoyo is personally praised by Jacob, and she is the best singer to sing Growth, so I declare..."

The prelude of the Growth sounded at the right time. Yoyo stood up reserved and smiled gently and shyly. She was sweet and small, and today she wore a short ligh

t purple dress, with layers of sand overlapping in a wavy arc. Her wavy hair was casually spread out, and she only wore a delicate crown and ten centimeter crystal shoes, which was like an illusion.

Above the stage, rose petals were flying slowly, which made Yoyo look like a fairy.

"Wait!" I didn't have a microphone, so I had to try my best to shout. My voice was a little hoarse, but the effect still worked. The reporters turned their heads in surprise, and then the camera instantly turned to me, constantly cracking.

Rebecca's face was distorted in anger and she shouted to the security to get me out.

"Miss. Rebecca." I glared at the security guards. With so many cameras in front of them, they really didn't dare to act rashly. I stepped onto the stage step by step. The clothes on me were tattered, and there were many stains, which were not suitable on the stage, but I raised my head high and walked as an award ceremony.

"Didn't Miss. Rebecca say that she failed to invite me to come here? Why did you ask the security to drive me away when I came here? If this report is out of order, someone may misunderstand that Miss. Rebecca has been bribed and deliberately make things difficult for me."

I clenched my fists. 'The truth is never what the media wants to know. Even if I tell them, it's useless. At most, it will be a lawsuit without a truth. They can hire helpers, and then I won't even have a chance to speak.

So what I need to do now is to force Rebecca to let me stand here dignified.'

Rebecca's eyelids twitched before she forced a smile.

"Miss. Anna, I failed to invite you here many time. Now you are here, but why you still dress like this. Are you going to make a scene?"

Rebecca winked at Yoyo. I instinctively realized that something was wrong, but before I could react, Yoyo had already held my hand.

"Anna, I used to admire and follow you. If you had asked for this music earlier, I would have given it to you. But now the music has been recorded, and there are too many people's contributions in it. Please forgive me for not giving it back."

Rebecca also took the opportunity to say. "Miss. Anna, you'd better go back. It's not the way to be famous. The singer of the T Group must be kind and beautiful. It's obvious that you are not suitable."

The reporters complained on the one hand, and the backstage was even more negligent. The big screen, which was supposed to broadcast Yoyo's rise to fame, had become all my scandals these days, especially when I got on Sammy's car and took photos of the dislocated kissing with him in the car.

Based on the portraiture right protected, the car and Sammy were blurred. Only I, with 360 degree high definition.

I clenched my fists and trembled with cold.

"Check micro-blog." A reporter shouted, and then a large hiss was heard on the big screen all the time.

At the door of the recording studio in the YY Music, Rebecca looked at me complacently and sneered.

The blood all over my body froze. 'It turned out that nothing had passed. She suppressed everything just to give me a fatal blow today.'

"Miss. Anna, are you still standing here?" Rebecca looked down at me contemptuously.

"You..." I didn't know how to explain at all. The reporters rushed to ask me questions, but they didn't give me a chance to explain at all.

"Security guard..." Rebecca smiled with satisfaction and raised her hand gracefully.

I took a step back dejectedly.

"Who said that the spokesperson of T Group's ZF song is not qualified to stand here?" Sammy's voice, like the sound of nature, suddenly appeared at the entrance.

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