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   Chapter 18 You Are Mine. You Can Be Fearless

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I was still grabbing his hair and forgot to put it down.

Sammy pushed me away with a gloomy face and rubbed the back of his head. As a result, he was so painful that he took a deep breath.

I was about to cry. I didn't expect that I hit Sammy. 'Where is the thief? Give him back to me.'


When Sammy was about to say something, I immediately stopped him. 'I just offended him and hit him again, and I must be fired. I suddenly realize that I have neither money nor residence now, and I can't leave here even if I die.'

I complained first with arms akimbo, "Why are you sneaking around in the midnight? How dare you steal?" Later, I found that the table was in a mess because of Sammy. I didn't pour all the dishes I cooked before, and there were still some residual stains and soup, especially the assorted soup. It was warm, so it hadn't been served yet.

I couldn't continue to say. 'He's not stealing. What the hell is he doing?' I looked Sammy up and down in confusion. 'What? He is still holding a pair of chopsticks, and there is a suspicious green at the corners of his mouth.'

"Ha-ah...." I couldn't stand it anymore. I burst into laughter. 'He is eating in secret. As the CEO of T Group, he is eating leftovers in his kitchen in secret.'

"Ha-ah...." Sammy's face had completely darkened, but I still couldn't help laughing.

"Anna..." Sammy gritted his teeth and stared at me.

I covered my stomach with my hands and put my palms together apologetically. 'It's really funny. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn't control myself.'

"HMM...." My eyes widened in disbelief.

'He is kissing me! Is he trying to stop me from laughing? So what?' I suddenly felt humiliated. I was so angry that I wanted to push Sammy away, but he held me even tighter.

Sammy's lips were so soft that I felt numb in an instant. For a moment, I even thought that his lips were very warm, which made my whole heart calm down.

My head is numb. It's not enough. Sammy took the opportunity to pry my lips and tried to push my teeth away with dissatisfaction.

'How could he...' I was so angry that I bit Sammy's lips hard and pushed him away. I was too embarrassed to look at him. I ran to the bathroom and wiped my mouth hard. 'He kissed me. But what I was really angry about was that I didn't feel disgusted.'

I rubbed it for a long time, but I still didn't have the courage to go out. 'How should I face him after such a thing happened?'

"Come here. I'm hungry." The culprit sat in the dining room with a straight face and ordered me to ladle the soup.

I was so angry that I sneered. "Didn't you eat in secretly happily? Go on eating in secretly."

Sammy pulled his lips with disdain, but as a result, some blood seeped out again, and he let out a pain cry and then returned to his serious face. He looked at me with resentment immediately, and I took a step back with a guilty conscience.

"Miss. Annie, you have a good opinion. It's the first time I've heard that eating in my own house is regarded as stealing."

I didn't know what to say. I could only ask Sammy to wait a minute. 'I'm hungry, too. But I can't cook chicken, duck, fish or anything else. There are only three eggs left in the food I can cook.'

I could only cook fried rice with eggs and bring the simmering assorted soup up.

The Butler came down in surprise, but Sammy waved his hand and drove him away. I happened to see it from the corner of my eyes, but I was too embarrassed to explain what happened, so I had to play dumb.

I didn't know if it was because I was hungry. We ate such an exaggerated food ha

ppily and even drank up the soup in the end. Sammy said a lot of funny things, which amused me and made me even less uneasy than before.

"In fact, I used to be very dull, especially felt inferior." I couldn't help but tell Sammy about my childhood.

I remembered that I was in the orphanage. At that time, I was thin and timid. Neither the nurse nor child liked to play with me.

"You must have never thought that this expression is what I usually do." I pulled a long face and curled my lips, as if I was going to cry. I remember that once when the nurse scolded me, I apologized like this. But she said that she hated to see me like this most, like a bug.

"Ha-ah..." I didn't know why I said this to Sammy. It seemed to be a matter of my previous life. Ken never let me mention it. He said it would affect the star career. I didn't feel ashamed of myself, but I didn't want to be sympathized.

What's more, it was really hard for me to recall that period of time. The only warmth I had was from Ken, so I had no reservation to him. I didn't expect that the only warmth was a joke.

"No one can bully you in the future." Sammy touched my face with his finger. It was not until then that I realized I was crying. It was so humiliating. I quickly moved away from his hand and rubbed against it.

Sammy's eyes were so sincere and passionate that my face turned red.

'Anna, you can't cry. He sympathizes with you. If you take it seriously, you will be doomed, which is worse than losing everything because of Ken.'

I suddenly burst into laughter. "Do you sympathize with me? Are you fooled by me? I'm a professional actress. Crying is not bad, right? I've just made up my mind. After the release of the song, I'll stop when it's good. Decisively, I'll go back to my old business when I'm popular."

Although I was interrupting, I was telling the truth. I sang better than ordinary movie stars, but I was still not as good as professional singer. I was not a bad singer. If I got involved in it, I would lose miserably.

Many popular stars lost to recognize themselves. I talked a lot, but Sammy didn't even give me a word. He just looked at me sadly. I really couldn't continue.

Sammy said, "You can do whatever you want. You are mine, can be fearless."

'Do I....? Belong to him?' My face was even hotter, but I also knew that Sammy was referring to his cooking servants. 'Just like the Butler, Joy and Louis, they couldn't be bullied by others.'

I said with a smile, "I won't be fear since I have rich and powerful man to protect me."

The whole night was so lively that it was already eleven o'clock when I opened my eyes on the second day. I jumped up in a hurry and suddenly remembered that the shooting was over.

But I... I didn't need to go to the Sky Entertainment Group anymore. I suddenly felt a sense of loss, especially the Butler's eyes, which made me feel embarrassed to stay downstairs. I could only read novels in the room.

"What?" I accidentally found a novel about the scheme in the entertainment circle and couldn't help but be fascinated by it. However, the author's life views of the novel was dark, so many people clamored and wanted to give up the book.

But I became more and more interested in it. I couldn't help but register a number and leave a message to the author. It was not until I heard Sammy's dissatisfied voice outside the door that I suddenly realized that I had been watching it for the whole afternoon and missed the cooking time.

"It's not unfair that you lost to Yoyo." Sammy curled his lips in disgust, but the scars on his lips were full of funny.

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