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   Chapter 43 As Long As You Listen To Me

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Kevin looked down at the nervous expression on Yolanda's face, he whispered in her ear in a low voice, "As long as you want, I can give you a peaceful life."

Yolanda's heart thumped, and her breath was short. Her bright eyes were full of panic. His handsome face was so close to her, and his soft voice was like it was when he whispered in her ears two years ago.

"Yolanda, as long as you listen to me, I will treat you well." Kevin softened his tone, opened his arms and held her in his arms.

Yolanda's heart was softened by his gentle words, and her whole heart was slowly collapsing.

She didn't understand why Kevin's attitude towards her was sometimes good and sometimes bad. She was a little worried. "Why did you break up with me?"

She got to the bottom of the matter with red eyes.

For Kevin, he was afraid that Yolanda would ask this question, because he couldn't tell her the real answer before the right time. In this way, she would feel that he was taking advantage of her if he got close to her. Similarly, it was difficult for him to communicate with her calmly after the hatred was clear. In addition to overcoming the strange feeling between them in the past two years, there was also Andy.

Holding her face in his hands, Kevin thought for a minute and gave her the answer, "Because at that time, I had nothing and could not give you complete happiness. But now, I can."

Yolanda looked at his thin lips. The reason in the soft voice was still unable to dissolve the heavy coldness she had experienced in the past two years. Every time she thought about it, she felt disappointed.

She shook her head and looked at Kevin seriously, "You still don't know me. I said in the past that no matter you were rich or poor, I would be with you. What did you answer me at that time?"

Such a reason made her feel very ironic. Although she had lived a comfortable life since childhood, she could still endure hardships. In the past two years, she had also held on, hadn't she?

How could Kevin forget all the things happened between him and Yolanda?

At that time, he liked playing music. Because she had classes, so after he went out of the KTV with his friends, he happily said to her, "After we get married, we

ive you back."

"Uh..." She hesitated and blinked her big eyes at him. She wanted to refuse, but on second thought, he had helped her so much that it was not appropriate for her to refuse.

"Thank you." Yolanda thanked the people in the car after getting off the car.

Before leaving, Kevin reminded her, "You can go to work at ease these days. Someone is taking care of your mother in the hospital. Remember to come to sign your name when your mother is having an operation."

"Okay." Yolanda's heart was full of gratitude. She wanted to express her gratitude, but she didn't want the distance between the two to be so close.

After Kevin left, Yolanda stood still for a while, with a myriad of thoughts in her mind.

Yolanda went to work in the coffee shop on time. Except Sophia treated her with a cold face, the others were very polite to her.

Occasionally, when Brenda was in the cafe, she would praise Yolanda and give her a monthly salary of four thousand dollars, which was already a high paid job for Yolanda.

A week later, Yolanda went to the hospital and signed the operation agreement. Charlene looked good and kept asking if Kevin had come.

Yolanda didn't know how to answer. When she was in a dilemma, Kevin said in a magnetic voice, "Aunt, there was a traffic jam on the way just now. Fortunately, I made it here."

The familiar voice made Yolanda's heart warm. Her heart, which had been at a loss just now, suddenly landed because of the sense of security.

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