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   Chapter 42 I Just Want To Live A Peaceful Life

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"Yolanda, we are destined to be friends!" Bonnie was moved and lay on Yolanda's shoulder with a satisfied smile on her fat face. After a while, she said, "Since I came here, the colleagues have always teased me because of my weight, and their words were particularly unpleasant. Only Lucas stood up for me."

Yolanda could feel the feeling of being mocked, and she had been suffering it for the past two years.

"I'm so lucky to meet you." On the first day of work, Yolanda had two friends who were willing to help her, which made her very happy.

"Yolanda, you have to be careful of Sophia. She thinks she is beautiful, she speaks harshly and always bullies us. In order to please her, other waiters flatter her. Only I always oppose her, and she has a very big opinion of me."

Yolanda did not feel strange at all about Bonnie's reminder. She had already known how powerful Sophia was after getting along with her for only half a day. As for the other waiters, she didn't know much about them, but she smiled faintly and said, "It is okay, Bonnie. We just need to do our own work well."

She believed that as long as she did her job well, it would be difficult for Sophia to find any trouble.

"Yes, Yolanda, you are right." Bonnie agreed and smiled happily. Then she rubbed against Lucas with her elbow and said, "Do you think a beautiful girl like Yolanda who is not only beautiful but also worldly wise will soon replace Sophia?"

"Hey, don't talk nonsense. If other waitresses hear this and tell it to Sophia, the three of us will be tortured by her again." Lucas frowned and interrupted Bonnie's deduction. He said unhappily, "I don't doubt the ability of Yolanda at all. I just don't want her to suffer any unexpected trouble."

Hearing their conversation, Yolanda couldn't help laughing. "A cafe with a good atmosphere is described as a palace fighting drama by you two."

"Yolanda, come here!" As soon as Yolanda finished speaking, Sophia's voice came from not far away.

Her heart tightened, and then she said to the two people who were also shocked, "I'll go first."

"Oh my God! Did she hear what I just said?" Bonnie's back got cold, she asked with uncertainty.

"How could it be possible? Besides, Yolanda performed so well today. You should go to work now!" Although Lucas said so, he was very uncertain in his heart.

"Sister Sophia, are you looking for me?" Yolanda walked to the bar counter and asked calmly.

"Miss Brenda just called and said that you did a good job today. She asked you to get off work early and come to work at the same time tomorrow." Sophia said indifferently without raising her head.

A satisfied smile appeared on Yolanda's face. Her work was recognized and the sweat she had shed was nothing.

"Thank you, Sister Sophia." She saluted politely.

"Don't be happy too early. This is a long-term battle. I will have a new appraisal of you if you can still be like today after a few days of freshness!" Sophia raised her head and pulled a long face, she looked down upon Yolanda.

With a faint smile, Yolanda took these words as a kind reminder. "Thank you for your reminde

ody was full of shadows.

When she was about to arrive at the house she rented, a thought suddenly came to her mind. She should go to the hospital to see Charlene. Why should she subconsciously follow the arrangement of Kevin? He had arranged someone to take care of her mother. So what? She had to accompany her mother, so that she could avoid meeting with Kevin.

After she just took a few steps, a car stopped beside her. She knew it was Kevin without looking back.

"Fortunately, I'm waiting here, or you'll play hide and seek again." There was a slight smile on his face, but his voice was extremely unhappy.

Without turning around, Yolanda said in an extremely cold voice, "I have nothing to say to people like you."

She was telling the truth. She had nothing to say to him.

Hearing the sound of closing the door, she knew that he had got out of the car. She turned around, and her bright eyes were full of vigilance.

"If you want to go to the hospital to keep your mother company, I can drive you there." He had already guessed what she was thinking and easily pointed it out. "As a future son in law, it's natural for me to take care of my future mother in law."

Yolanda didn't expect that he had read her mind. She dodged his eyes and felt sad for this tacit understanding.

"Future son in law?" Yolanda sneered and her eyes were full of pain. "Two years ago, you said you wanted to break up with me so resolutely. Two years later, do you think you can easily dissolve the pain with a word of reunion? You are too confident! "

How to sew up a broken love? Yolanda had never thought that there would be a day of reunion. She recalled the previous things, but she could not face what Kevin was doing to her now.

"If you don't love me, how can you be angry?" Kevin walked up to her and looked at her face with his deep and obscure eyes. He analyzed her mind with penetrating sharp words, "You want to make up with me, but you just don't know how to face me now, right?"

Yolanda shook her head and denied hurriedly, "No, I just want to live a peaceful life."

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