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   Chapter 41 What A Boring Woman

Stake My Love On Your Nemesis Game By Xing Jiayi Characters: 6767

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:03

Yolanda was shocked and stared at his handsome face. She couldn't believe what she had heard.

"Wilson's father, I hope this money can help you and Wilson. I also hope you can give Wilson a healthy and happy childhood." Yolanda hoped that the money could really wake up the conscience of the rude man.

"To be honest, this money can really solve my pressing problem. Don't worry. I will be kind to Wilson and won't vent my hatred for his mother on him. He is indeed a sensible and obedient child. Thank you for your advice." The brutal man changed the subject. His humble and reasonable words surprised Yolanda.

She hoped what he said was true.

"Wilson, I'm going bac

er body."

"Ha ha..." Lucas was amused by Bonnie and took the opportunity to make fun of her. "You know you are fat."

"What's wrong with me being fat? I'm pretty fat!" Bonnie was not angry at all and smiled proudly.

"Exactly!" Yolanda was worried that Bonnie would be unhappy after hearing the blow. She didn't expect that she was not affected at all, and her favorable impression of her increased.

"Listen, Yolanda stand at your side soon." Lucas curled his lips and said happily, "But that's good. You two are the most innocent girls in this cafe. I have no burden to get along with you."

"The one with a kind heart is beautiful." Yolanda pouted innocently.

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