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   Chapter 25 I Hate You So Much Now

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"Kevin, I don't know if you are sick or I am crazy. Anyway, I hate you so much now!" After being abandoned by him, she was played by him again. This kind of humiliation was unbearable for Yolanda. Tears were welling up in her eyes, but she tried not to let them fall. If she was angry, it would be more or less credible for her to vent her anger like this. At this moment, her heart was completely broken, so hatred really reached the deep of her heart.

Kevin's eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed over. He grabbed Yolanda's shoulder and pressed her against the wall fiercely. He said almost madly, "Listen carefully, Yolanda. Either stay and live with me, or sleep with me for one night!"

Yolanda couldn't breathe under his strong body. The heat on her face could no longer arouse the hope in her heart, especially after he threatened her.

"No way!" She refused angrily, with resentment in her eyes.

"Really?" Kevin moved his body to Yolanda and made her out of breath. The ambiguous posture at this time made her restless.

"Kevin, don't push me too far!" Yolanda's tone had reached an unbearable level. Although she was uncomfortable being suppressed by him, she still resisted the pain and did not yield.

"I remember you used to regard me as a wall to rely on. What? You don't need me now?" Kevin pressed his cold lips against the soft earlobe of Yolanda, and his low and deep voice was full of infinite flirtation.

In order to avoid the panic in her heart, Yolanda turned her head awkwardly and said in anger, "Kevin, you make me sick!"

Her anger made Kevin's face frozen. Without thinking, he held her in his arms. The tight and powerful kisses were like hails that fell down, which hurt her nec


"You'd better not resist, because you will only suffer losses if you provoke me!" He held her collarbone when she struggled with his mouth, and his deep voice was full of threat.

Yolanda's body, which was constantly moving, was quiet all of a sudden, but the unwillingness in her heart had turned into deep hatred. She hated Kevin to the core.

Seeing that she was obedient, he withdrew his mouth and loosened his grip on her body. Then he stared at her with a playful look. There was a hint of evil in his faint smile. Anyway, that expression made Yolanda hate him very much.

He used to be her sweet dream, but now he could only be a nightmare.

She sat down along the wall in a trance. In front of him, she was as dispirited as a weak sheep. Her face was wet. She buried her face into her knees like a thief, as if she had suffered a great grievance.

Such a scene touched the heartstrings of Kevin. He remembered that when she was angry with him in the past, she would squat down and hold her knees, ignore him for a long time.

But this time, the same action was not as simple as being angry.

He was such a bastard to her. She must be extremely angry.

He thought he would feel better when he saw her suffering, but he didn't expect that what accumulated in his heart was the suffocation of poor breathing and the sweet bites of the past.

"Since you resist me so much, it seems that you choose to live with me." Kevin's voice was full of coldness.

Yolanda was shocked. She immediately raised her head, and her eyes were full of tears, she refused with her trembling lips, "Kevin, even if I die, I will not agree!"

She loved him very much, but she was not so cheap to tolerate his insult.

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