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   Chapter 24 I Can't Love A Woman For Whom I Have No Feelings

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"No, it wasn't because of fate two years ago." When Yolanda thought Kevin wouldn't answer her question, Kevin suddenly answer. It lit up her hope in an instant. However, the so-called excuse that he broke up with her because he had no choice was always an excuse to comfort herself. He replied indifferently, "Because I can't love a woman for whom I have no feelings at all."

He said the reason why they broke up two years ago so easily, which also made Yolanda accept his cruel knife without preparation.

She was not good at hiding her emotions. At this time, her face was pale, and her eyes were full of sadness. Even her voice was a little dazed. "Really? I see. "

Her lips trembled, and the spasm in her heart forced the tears out of her eyes.

The more she wanted to keep her self-esteem, the more she was looked down upon. Her heart hurt like it was broken into pieces, and their memories were destroyed beyond recognition.

"Yolanda, don't pretend to be pitiful. It looks disgusting!" Seeing the tears falling from the corner of her eyes, instead of comforting her, he pinched her chin angrily and said dismissively.

Yolanda's chin was pinched painfully by him, and her tears were like broken lines, falling one by one. Inexplicably, it hurt Kevin's heart.

In his memory, she was not a person who would easily cry. She had always been his sunflower, laughing everywhere, like a child who had never been sad.

"Do you think crying can arouse my pity for you?" He loosened his grip on her chin and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. Although his move was gentle, his disgusted expression deeply hurt Yolanda's heart.

In his eyes, she was

so humble that she begged for her past love with tears.

She stopped crying and wiped away the tears without hesitation. With a trace of firmness in her scarlet eyes, she looked up at Kevin and said seriously, "In this case, from now on, we will not disturb each other!"

She didn't know why, she felt so heartbroken just now, but after saying that, she felt relieved.

Kevin stared at her with his thick eyebrows frivolously, "It seems that you have completely lost your mind because of sadness." He smiled carelessly, his tall body slightly bent, and his face was very close to Yolanda's. He said coldly, "Now, I won't let you go."

"You bastard!" Yolanda was furious, and her blood red eyes were full of anger.

Instead of getting angry, Kevin laughed, with undisguised mockery in his cold eyes. "Yolanda, you are no longer the willful and arrogant mistress two years ago."

Hearing what he said, Yolanda's heart seemed to be bitten off a piece. She tried to calm down, but panic and disappointment could not be hidden on her face. She didn't expect that he would laugh at her desolate situation of losing her harbor with a mocking tone.

It was as if he was happy to see her in an awkward situation.

"Mr. Lind, if there is nothing else, I have to go." Yolanda said angrily.

They had nothing to do with each other. Why should she act according to his expression?

She really regretted coming here under his threat, and endured his orders and sarcasm for no reason.

"Do you think I will let you go so easily?" Kevin gave her a cold snort. There was a touch of sharpness in his deep eyes, which made Yolanda panic and guess what he wanted to do.

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