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   Chapter 23 I Admit I Still Love You

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She couldn't figure out why Kevin had become like this. He hated her so much.

It was her who should be angry, but he gave her a scar and tore it up again and again.

Kevin's deep eyes turned cold and looked down at her. He opened his thin lips and answered indifferently, "You know exactly what I want to do now!"

After saying that, he held Yolanda's slender waist with one hand and clasped the back of her head with the other hand. Like an angry lion, he ruthlessly pressed on her cherry red lips and kissed her fiercely.

Not knowing whether Yolanda was frightened or sad, she burst into tears all of a sudden. Tears fell on her face, and also on Kevin's face, who was close to her.

Perhaps the moisture awakened his reason, he stopped the rude kiss, but his thin lips did not move away from her mouth. Instead, he gasped for breath in a low and hoarse voice.

"Yolanda, we haven't seen each other for two years. Have you completely lost your feelings for me?" There was a sense of sexy in his hoarse voice, which was so alluring that it drilled into Yolanda's ears. Her face flushed and her heart beat faster.

How could she not love him? Even she was sad, she had never reduced her love for him. It was just that she would not expect them to be back together and see each other in such a bad situation.

Yolanda lowered her head, and there was silence and sadness under her long eyelashes. She opened and closed her beautiful lips several times, but finally did not squeeze out a word. There was only a mockery in her heart. 'So what if I loved you? Would you still care?'

"Don't think that I will let you go if you don't say anything. Yolanda, I have told you, two years ago, I let go of your hand, and two years later, I won't let you go!" Perhaps it was because Yolanda's silence irritated him, or perhaps it was becau

se he had accumulated his emotions for a long time that he had to find an outlet. In a word, at this moment, he looked at her angrily, his sharp eyes like a cold knife, and even his angular lips revealed the anger of gnashing teeth under the closed mouth.

Yolanda raised her head and stared at his eyes which were as sharp as blades.

Although she showed that she didn't give in like this, she was completely defeated in her heart.

He must hate her to the core since he said that.

"What did I do wrong to make you hate me so much?" She was confused and asked this question.

Kevin's face darkened. He stared at her for a long time and said coldly, "You're not wrong. It's fate that is wrong."

If Yolanda didn't see wrong, when Kevin said this, there was more or less helplessness in his eyes, and the emotions in his eyes suddenly changed like a dark cloud in the starry night.

"Fate?" Yolanda murmured ironically, and asked what she had always wanted to ask in her heart, "What happened on that rainy night two years ago was also arranged by fate?"

If possible, she wanted to bury this sentence in the bottom of her heart all the time, so that she would not lose all her self-esteem and pride, even she woke up every night in the early morning and shed tears sadly.

Kevin's expression became very unnatural. Even he looked at Yolanda meticulously, the warmth of his eyes could not deceive anyone. Yolanda put aside all his indifference, and wanted to find the truth with expectation.

Kevin didn't give her an answer, and the atmosphere changed from quiet to cold.

Yolanda's heart sank to the bottom. She could almost hear the sound of disappointment and regret.

She wanted to listen to his explanation, and at the same time, she wanted to keep her self-esteem that she would not admit that she was abandoned.

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