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   Chapter 10 No Matter How Hard It Is, I'm Willing To Do It

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"Yolanda, don't looked at me as a Savior, okay? I have no choice. You are my sister. We have to share weal and woe! " Jennifer tried her best to control her voice and pretended to be helpless.

Yolanda knew that Jennifer said these words to make her feel good, but her crystal tears were still rolling down her face.

"Yolanda, why are you crying?" When Charlene woke up and saw her daughter crying badly, she was shocked and distressed.

Seeing Charlene wake up, Yolanda wiped her tears and forced a smile. She shook her head and explained in a slightly hoarse voice, "Mom, I'm not crying. Jennifer told a very touching story, so I can't help but..."

"I see." Charlene's knitted brows smoothed. She said with a smile, "You are easy to be touched since you were a child. You even shed tears when you watched TV with us..."

"Mom, Jennifer bought breakfast. Eat it while it's still hot! Yolanda suddenly interrupted her mother because she didn't want Charlene to fall into the memory again. Although the memory had something to do with her, it was inevitable to think about the man they missed secretly but they never mentioned.

Yolanda clearly remembered that the family sat on the sofa and watched a family show. She was so moved about the show, but she didn't want to cry in front of her parents. At that time, Andy praised her as a filial and kind child.

Charlene's face was obviously stiff, but she quickly returned to normal. She changed the topic and asked, "Last night, I heard a boy's voice in a daze. Who is he?"

Yolanda's hand holding the porridge, shook, and the porridge in the box spilled on the ground. She hurriedly dropped the bowl and pulled a piece of tissue to wipe it on the ground, without saying a word, pretending not to hear Charlene's words.

"The boy just helped us last night. Both Yolanda and I don't know him." Jennifer answered and wink

ed at Yolanda. Then she laughed and said, "Charlene, I kicked the landlord last night. It's so good!"

"You kicked Simon?" Yolanda felt it was strange. Although Jennifer was used to acting bravely, she had no enmity with Simon. Why did she kicked him?

"Yes, because he attacked Charlene first!" Jennifer was so angry that her voice was raised several degrees. Although she kicked him, she felt that it was not enough to punish him like that.

"Mom, is what Jennifer said true?" Yolanda couldn't believe it. She looked at Charlene, who was in a complex expression now. Yolanda's heart beat faster inexplicably.

"Simon just wanted to collect the rent as soon as possible. He doesn't mean to hurt me. Don't be angry." Charlene reached out her hand to comfort her daughter and said nothing about what happened last night.

"Yolanda, don't be angry. That kind of immoral man is not worth it!" Jennifer realized that she had said something wrong, so she hurried to make up for it and comforted her, "I have paid the rent. That bastard doesn't dare to make trouble for you anymore!"

Yolanda held her mom's hand and said, "Mom, it's my fault. I let you live a hard life all the time..."

If it weren't for her, Charlene would have had a large sum of money after leaving Andy.

"Yolanda, these two years have been the happiest time in my life. Don't say that again. I believe that as long as you work hard, life will be better. Don't be depressed. You have to grow up, understand?" Charlene had always been a kind mother. When Yolanda was a willful daughter of a rich family, she often went against Charlene. However, in the past two years, they lived together, and Yolanda became much more obedient.

Jennifer wiped her tears and said, "Yolanda, don't think that life is too hard for you. If I have a good mother like your mother, I'm willing to suffer more hardships..."

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