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   Chapter 9 There Are Many Good Men In The World

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Yolanda couldn't help but sneer. She looked up at him and mocked in a very strange tone, "Things are different now. I have lost the qualification to be arrogant. Now I'm a prisoner who can be trampled on easily. If you have laughed at me enough, can you let me go?"

At the same time, his tall figure shadowed her thin body. He looked at her with a disdainful and arrogant look. His thin lips opened slightly, and said fiercely, "Let you go? No way! ". His words, like an awl, hurt the softest part of her body.

Yolanda's head seemed to have been struck by lightning. Before she completely woke up, Kevin had already driven away.

"Yolanda!" In a twinkling of an eye, a familiar voice came. She pulled herself out of the pain and quietly looked at Jennifer who ran up from the hospital hall. Before she could ask about her mother, Jennifer asked breathlessly, "Yolanda, why is your phone in Kevin's hand? Have you met each other? Have you made it up? "

It was Kevin again! Yolanda felt a pain in her heart and said indifferently, "I just ran into him on the street by accident."

Jennifer's eyes widened and asked curiously, "Did he request to make it up with you? Did he explain why he broke up with you two years ago? Did he regret what he did to you before?"

Jennifer's questions struck Yolanda's heart, which had already been stormy. She did not want to answer questions about Kevin, but she could not help but shake her head lonely.

Seeing that Yolanda was listless, Jennifer sighed and said, "It doesn't matter. There are many good men in the world. He, Kevin, can do such an excessive thing. Why do we have to feel sorry for him? Yolanda, you have a beautiful look, a sexy figure, forget that unfaithful man, and start a new life!"

Although Jennifer had comforted her liked this for several times, it still made her feel warm.

She forced a smile and nodded, dispelling the gloom in her heart slowly.


the way, Jennifer, how is my mother?" Damn it! She was distracted by the appearance of Kevin.

"She is fine now. I came downstairs because I just received a call from Kevin. He asked me to go downstairs. I thought he had something to talk with me, but I saw you standing here." Jennifer returned the phone to Yolanda and told her what had happened.

Yolanda didn't expect that the man who was cold to her a second ago would help her when she was in trouble.

Sitting in front of her mother's bed, Yolanda looked at Charlene whose face was as pale as a ghost. She felt a touch of sadness in her heart as she saw her mother's peaceful sleeping face. This woman, who had endured hardships in marriage and distress in life, had been tortured by the disease in the past two years. But the man she loved deeply had never visited her in the past two years.

Even the landlord, Simon, could find out the origin of her and her mother. As the chairman of the Wen's Group and a renowned person in the B City, how could Andy be so ruthless to abandon his wife and ignore his own daughter? Thinking of this, Yolanda couldn't help sneering in her heart. She thought what Andy hoped day and night must be to get rid of his wife, so that he could marry his mistress.

At dawn, Jennifer bought a hot breakfast. Seeing that Yolanda had been lying on the edge of the bed all night, she said in a low voice, "You can lie on the bed next to you mom's for a while. I'm here to take care of your mother."

It was really uncomfortable to maintain a posture all night. Yolanda's elbow ached, and her eyes were so sore that they could not open. She squinted at Jennifer and said, "Jennifer, I'm sorry to cause you trouble again."

For Jennifer's safety consideration, Yolanda didn't let her go back alone last night, so she rented a bed for her in the next ward. Seeing that Jennifer bought breakfast so early, Yolanda felt guilty and grateful.

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