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   Chapter 7 Your Mother Is In Hospital Again

Stake My Love On Your Nemesis Game By Xing Jiayi Characters: 3663

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:07

He looked straight ahead without looking at Yolanda, but the strong disgust in his disdainful tone was undoubtedly a dagger without mercy.

He had done it two years ago, but now he only made it worse. Yolanda opened the door and said nothing. Her heart seemed to be free and ease for a moment, but in fact she was in a heavy mood and couldn't say anything.

Looking at the thin figure disappearing in his sight, Kevin couldn't control his anger and punched the steering wheel. He hated himself for not being ambitious to tangle with her. He thought he was free and easy about their relationship. But it was just a kind of self-deception. Even if he hated the Wen's to the core, he would never be cold and ruthless to her. Even if it had hurt her in her heart, he still cared about her so much.

Even in the middle of summer night, the wind at night would be a little cold. In addition, the cold words of Kevin kept lingering in her mind, and the coldness in her heart was no less than that in the winter. Memory was like a mean wind, cutting all the good things in her heart into pieces.

"I want to be the angel you love in the fairy tale. Open my hands..." A familiar melody stung Kevin's heart. He looked at the passenger seat where Yolanda had just sat and saw the pink flip phone flashing with colorful light. He was a little stunned, but he couldn't ignore it. He picked up the phone, raised his thin lips gently, and answered loudly, "Hello?"

He thought it would be Yolanda who phoned to make sure if her mobile phone was left in his car. However, there was an anxious noise from the other end of the phone. "Yolanda, where are you? Hurry up home. Your mom's sick relapsed and she is hospitalized!"

Kevin's hand holding the phone couldn't help trembling. Before he could make a sound, the other side hung up.

He calmed down and held the phone like a hot potato. He wanted to feel the warmth he has missed for the past two years, but the tighter he held it, the bigger the hole in his heart was. Without her, nothing would exist.

Yolanda, who almost missed the last bus, didn't realize that her mobile phone was not with her until she got on the car. She racked her brains but didn't know where her mobile phone fell. Her heavy heart was even dimmer because she lost her mobile phone. She looked coldly at the bustling city without any joy, and she was infinitely desolate.

Getting out of the car, passing through the dead silence alley and spiral stairs, Yolanda looked up and found that the window was not as bright as usual. She guessed that her mother had fallen asleep. Just as she reached the door, the opposite door suddenly opened. Yolanda was shocked and took a step back. She asked, "Why are you here?"

"Heck, it's so strange. This building is mine. I can be anywhere. It's none of your business." Simon laughed obscenely, and his vulgar words aroused anger in Yolanda's heart.

However, before she could say anything, Simon burst into laughter. "Your mother is in hospital again, and your good friend has already given me the rent, but I don't intend to renew the lease of the house to you. So before tomorrow noon, you move out of here. It's also my bad luck to meet you, a poor mother and a daughter. In order not to let the bad luck continue to be next to me, you have to move quickly!"

"What did you say?" Yolanda was not surprised by the news of moving out, but the news that her mother] was in hospital. It stirred up a huge wave in her heart. She stood at the door and knocked hard, shouting, "Mom, I'm back. Open the door! "

"Believe it or not! Simon, the landlord, went downstairs after saying that.

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