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   Chapter 6 Do You Know Why I Haven't Forgotten You

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He closed the door heavily, walked around the car and sat back on the driver's seat. The white shirt he wore accentuated his prince's temperament. His face was elegant, but there was an unpredictable sense of danger all over his body.

Because Yolanda felt a strange kind of unkindness.

In the past two years, he hadn't apologized to her. Instead, he hated her even more. Although he was an unfaithful lover in love, he still wantonly hurt her heart that loved him deeply.

"The favorite daughter of the Wen's, will also take a bus?" There was a hint of mockery in his tone, and Yolanda could feel his complacency from his tone. Then he turned around and fixed his deep eyes on Yolanda. "Or are you tired of living a rich and noble life? And you wanted to feel the ordinary people's life?"

Kevin's words made Yolanda's face turn pale from shock. He knew that she had fallen out with Andy, so he said that on purpose to stimulate her mood.

Seeing that the appointed time with the landlord had come, Yolanda couldn't hold back her anger at the thought that the rent hadn't been settled yet. She fiercely stared at Kevin with a cold face, and said angrily, "Kevin, I must have done many evil things in my previous life. Otherwise, how could I meet you?"

Hearing this, Yolanda's heart seemed to be hollowed out. She felt uncomfortable as if a needle tube injected a medicine that could tell lies on her body. The tingling feeling was a punishment for her duplicity. Because she loved this man so deeply in the past, and Kevin in her eyes was perfect. Now, he was strange and unreachable as he became more mature.

Kevin was obviously stunned, but soon he smiled coldly and looked at Yolanda casually. "It's beyond my expectation that yo

u can be so angry when you see me, but I'm very happy."

Yolanda's painful eyes were bloodshot, and her thin face was full of arrogance and exhaustion. She was like a horse that had run for a long time and had consumed too much strength, but she still wanted to run away from the rein.

"I'm the only one who can tell whether I'm happy or sad. I have nothing to do with you two years ago. If you keep harassing me like this, I'll call the police!" Yolanda said through her gritted teeth, holding the door with one hand.

Kevin encircled Yolanda with his body quickly. The moment he pressed down, Yolanda's heart was about to explode, and there's a flash of panic in her eyes.

It have been two years, and now she felt so uncomfortable and frightened when she was in close contact with him. She had always thought that they were intimate and she could do whatever she wanted in front of him, but now, what she wanted was to dodge.

"Yolanda, I haven't forgotten you for two years..." His thin lips were blazing with a faint heat, and he whispered in her ears softly, like a coquettish flirtation to comfort her.

Yolanda was shocked as if she was electrocuted. After a spasm, her defensive heart prevails. She pushed him and said angrily, "Let go of me!"

They had been intimate before, but since then, they had been strangers and all she had was the bitterness that hurt her so much. Yolanda hated such insulting behavior, so she rejected him fiercely.

Kevin, who was crawling on Yolanda, was obviously a little stunned, but his expression quickly returned to normal. He sat back in the passenger seat, tidied up his shirt, and said disdainfully, "Do you know why I haven't forgotten you? Because you are enough to make me sick! "

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