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   Chapter 5 Don't Be Nervous. I'm Here.

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"Now that I have asked for this, I must give you a reward." Jeremy smiled as usual and agreed without hesitation.

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will sing well." Yolanda said thank you lightly, and the embarrassment was swept away from her delicate face, leaving behind the beauty of silence.

Following the light, Jeremy stared at her beautiful side face thoughtfully.

Under the bright light of the stage, the surroundings were illuminated as if it was daytime. However, after the music began, the scene suddenly darkened. The noisy audience fell silent, as if they were looking forward to the next duet.

"Don't be nervous. I'm here with you." She seemed to hear what the person beside her said.

Yolanda smiled and seemed not so nervous.

How long had she forgotten...

As soon as he opened his mouth, his voice, full of magic, sucked Yolanda's heart. HIs voice sound the same as Kevin's.

She was deeply shocked by the song he sang just now, because she had sung this song when she expressed her love to Kevin. Now the Fairy Tale they were singing was happened to be the song Kevin responded to her at that time and she still remembered the sweet scene in the past.

Now she was singing a love song with another man on the stage, which made her feel sad. She couldn't help but sigh.

Perhaps it was because Yolanda thought of the past, she was very absorbed in singing. The scenes in her mind were all about the past with Kevin. Even though there were tears in the past, she was still singing affectionately, which moved the audience. Even Jeremy, who was singing with her, looked at her thoughtlessly.

The music stopped, but her memory continued. It was not until someone hugged her that she came to herself from memories. She felt numb with shock. But deep in her mind, she was sober.

"You sang well. Let's make a bow to the audience." Jeremy let go of her and smiled amiably.

Yolanda nodded and sincerely bowed to the audience.

"Do you think this lady sings well?" The lights on the stage were shining, and the audience were all exclaiming.

"Then tonight's concert is over. I'm looking forward to seeing you next time." Jeremy's voice was pleasant to hear, and his handsome face, as well as his unique temperament, left the audience a good impression. No wonder the audience were so fond of him. Thinking of the girl's words just now, Yolanda couldn't help but look at his legs wrapped in his suit. Although there was no difference, Yolanda found that he had been leaning against the piano. Although it was hard to tell because of the difference in height, some clues could still be seen with careful observation.

Many loyal fans of Jeremy were reluctant to leave. At last, they left recommended by the security guards.

The stage returned to silence. Yolanda stood on the side of the stage, staring blankly at the staff cleaning up the stage.

"Melissa, I'll leave it to you. I have something to talk to this lady." Jeremy's voice was still gentle, like the fresh wind in the hot summer night.

"Thank you for your help. And you sing so well. Do you majored in singing?" Jeremy walked up to Yolanda and showed his appreciation in his charming smile.

Yolanda lowered her head and replied in a low voice, "I haven't learned it."

Jeremy found her uneasiness and then he smiled, "Although you haven't learned it, you're more professional than those who learnt it."

Yolanda looked up uneasily, blushed and said lightly, "Thank you."

This kind of praise made her feel a little sad, because before she knew Kevin, she was not good at singing. She was often laughed at by her brother's friends, so every time she went to a KTV, she would play dice with them. Later on, when Kevin appeared, the beautiful song could be described as soul stirring, so she was addicted to his song and could not extricate herself. She couldn't resist his handsome look and beautiful songs. In the end, her love for him was uncontrollable.

As the saying goes, "People are easily influenced by close association." Since she had a boyfriend who was good at singing, she could only improve her singing skills.

Thinking of that, she felt a touch of joy in her sour heart, even though it was just a flash of warmth.

"By the way, may I know your name, miss?" Perhaps because Yolanda was distracted, Jeremy coughed and asked.

In the face of Jeremy's courteous inquiry, Yolanda's face turned red. She replied frankly, "My name is Yolanda Wen."

"Yolanda Wen? Yolanda... Yolanda Wen... " Jeremy muttered, as if Yolanda's name was a delicious dish, which made him savor it. At last, he praised, "It's a good name, which matches your temperament very well."

Yolanda remained silent and smiled politely.

Yolanda was waiting patiently. Although she had just let go of her previous dignity as a delicate lady, she still needed courage to ask for reward again. Therefore, while she was waiting with a heavy heart, her heart was like the hot weather, making her unable to calm down. However, her face was calm, without any sign of anxiety, coupled with her gentle temperament, giving people the illusion that she was calm and peace


"Jeremy, you must be tired today. Let me drive you home." Just as Yolanda didn't know how to ask for the reward for singing a song just now, an enchanting woman in professional clothes walked over. Her soft voice was full of feminine. She politely smiled at Yolanda, and then looked at Jeremy with concern. She added, "This lady is your fan, right? If there is nothing else. Let her go."

Her tone was casual, but her words meant that she wanted to expel Yolanda.

Yolanda couldn't stay any more. She wanted to turn around and leave, but she didn't find the rent. Her feet were as heavy as lead, unable to move.

"Ashley Meng, this lady helped me a lot just now. I haven't thanked her yet." With a slight frown, Jeremy looked at Yolanda and asked politely, "By the way, Miss Yolanda, where do you live? I'll ask Ashley Meng to send you back."

"Oh. No, thanks. I... " Yolanda refused immediately, but she was too embarrassed to mention the reward. Her deep heart began to show a trace of anxiety on her seemingly calm face.

Jeremy seemed to have noticed something, so he said, "Ashley Meng, you can go back first. I'll take a taxi back later."

"But..." The beautiful woman called Ashley Meng wanted to say something but stopped as she saw the anger in Jeremy's eyes. she replied wisely, "Well, remember to call me if you need anything."

Before Ashley Meng left, she cast a warning glance at Yolanda. Her sharp eyes were so piercing that Yolanda's eyes were burning. But she still lowered her head in silence, full of guilt in her heart. Although she didn't know if the two were in a relationship, she was somewhat apologetic for wasting their time.

"Ashley Meng is always straightforward. If she offended Miss Yolanda just now, please forgive her." Jeremy's apologetic voice was like a warm marshmallow, gently smashing on the top of Yolanda's head, which actually made her feel guilty.

"It's okay. I'm the one who took up your time... By the way, just now... " Yolanda tried to figure out what was bothering her at the moment, but there was an indescribable embarrassment in her bright eyes, because she knew that many girls off the stage wanted to sing with him, but she talked about the reward in a vulgar way, and she was unwilling to leave because of it.

She could only let go of her so-called pride considering her poverty-stricken situation. Yolanda didn't know if others would do that, but she was totally different from herself two years ago.

What she thought about every day was to find more part-time jobs, or how to make money quickly, but she had always been a principle girl. She would rather suffer bitterness and bleeding than take a shortcut against the morality.

"There is ten thousand dollars in this card, and the reward for the song just now." Jeremy took out a card and handed it to her with a smile.

"No. that's too much..." Although Yolanda really needed money, she was not greedy. She waved her hand and explained, "I know my request is a little excessive, but I really don't want to take the opportunity to blackmail money. If you have five hundred cash with you, just give me five hundred..."

One song cost five hundred dollars. It was also a high requirement, but Yolanda could only grit her teeth with her head down.

A hint of complexity flashed through Jeremy's eyes. He was confused about the girl in front of him.

"Wait a minute." After saying that, Jeremy turned around and left.

Yolanda was confused. Looking at his back, she didn't know what to do for a moment. When she saw that one of Jeremy's feet was obviously clumsy, she felt more guilty. Then she came up with the idea of giving up the reward. She thought that he must have difficulty in walking so he chose to come to the square to sing. She listened to his songs for free without paying. Now she was asking for reward. It was ridiculous.

She took out a piece of paper and a pen from her bag, quickly wrote a line of words, put it on a sound, and then turned around and left.

Yolanda was tall and had long legs. She was good at running. Seeing that she was going to miss the last bus, she ran as if she was attending a sprint. Fortunately, she caught up the bus at last.

Soon after the car started, it braked suddenly. All the passengers in the car began to complain discontentedly, "What the hell? Why are you stopping?"

The driver also lost his temper and rudely scolded, "How did you drive!"

Yolanda looked around and found a Mercedes Benz was blocking the way in front of the bus. Then a man in black formal clothes got off. Although his face could not be seen clearly, it was not hard to find from his back that he had an imposing appearance.

He turned around with a faint smile on his perfect face. He looked a little unruly and playful. In a word, he was unfriendly.

Yolanda's heart seemed to hit a stone all of a sudden. Before she could feel the pain, she heard a clear voice, "I'm sorry, sir. My girlfriend lost her temper with me and I worried that she would do something stupid. So I have to take her back."

Then, Yolanda was picked up. When she came to her senses, she was already in his silver Benz.

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