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   Chapter 4 It's Hard To Forget

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"Beep! Beep! Beep..." Yolanda walked quickly on the road. She was aimless, but she wanted to escape from the place where Kevin was, so she ran forward with her head down regardless of whether she was going home or not. However, how could she run faster than a car? She was caught up by Kevin's car within five minutes. And the constant car honking seemed to be a warning of the end of life, which frightened Yolanda to retreat, and then she was about to run away by the LY Road, but she was still caught up by Kevin.

"When did Yolanda become a coward?" His wrist was held by a powerful hand, and his tone was still cold and sarcastic.

Yolanda felt a sharp pain around her wrist. Her face was burning with anger, and her eyes were filled with tears, not knowing whether it was sadness or panic.

She often dreamed of Kevin, whose warm smiling face and pampering voice often appeared in her dreams, But now, she slowly raised her head and all she saw was his coldness and aggressiveness. The two years of alienation was like a chronic poison. The effect of the poison was growing gradually, making her feel that she would die from the poison in the next moment.

It was difficult to let go of the most painful memories. The antidote to lovesickness was to make up as before, but every time they met again, he was cruel to her. Her heart was strangled by him again and again, and she was almost completely hurt.

His features could be described as exquisite. He was handsome and noble. Even in the sea of people, his unique light could not be hidden. Therefore, Yolanda fell in love with him at the first sight, and he was also her first love.

Yolanda was sad not because he suddenly proposed to break up with her, but because after two years, he didn't even feel guilty. Instead, he sneered at her.

During the two years of separation, she racked her brains but couldn't figure out what she had done wrong to make him suddenly propose to break up, and it was at the critical point when she lost her family.

She lost everything in one day, including family affection and love, and her heart began to be out of balance. But she grew up overnight, and she had to be strong after a failed love.

"I'm sorry, sir. I don't know you." She calmed down, looked at him expressionlessly and responded in an extremely cold voice.

The man's expression obviously changed, and a chill instantly appeared in his calm eyes. He stared straight at Yolanda's delicate and impatient face.

"Really? Then why do you look at me as if you have met a ghost? " All of a sudden, Kevin bent down, with a faint smell of grass between his slightly spitting lips and teeth, but what Yolanda smelled was not the long lost sweetness, but an indescribable strangeness.

She subconsciously stepped back and said with a serious face, "I don't think I have done anything wrong to you. If you want to laugh at me, you have done it. So please let me go. Don't waste your breath on me, a coward!"

The more heroic and fearless her words were, the more helpless she was in her heart. Before she could capture the expression on his face, she turned around and ran away.

After making sure that Kevin did not catch up with her, Yolanda leaned against a big tree by the roadside, gasping for breath. Inexplicably, her throat choked, and tears fell uncontrollably.

She had thought that as time went by, her attachment to him would gradually fade away, but she was restless when he appeared again.

It was getting dark. Thinking that the rent hadn't been settled, Yolanda couldn't help but feel flustered. She helplessly looked at the quiet street corner, unable to think of

any solution.

She took a deep breath and said to herself viciously, "Yolanda, what's the use of being depressed? You have to solve the problem!"

Then she threw a punch at the tree.

"Ouch, it hurts!" With a punch, Yolanda immediately winced in pain, and held her aching hand with the other hand. She suddenly came to her senses. After she pulled herself together, she muttered in her mind, "Yolanda, two years ago you boasted that you won't depend on Andy. Now, you have to bear the pain yourself!

Yolanda walked along the LY Road all the way. When she arrived at a street with a dense crowd, she suddenly heard a pleasant song. Looking at the direction where the sound came from, she saw that the surrounding audience raised their hands to respond, and she couldn't help but walk over.

"This voice is really touching. He is handsome, but unfortunately he is a cripple..."

As soon as Yolanda approached the noisy crowd, she heard a girl sighing.

Yolanda's clear eyes looked at the shining stage, watching the boy who was singing seriously. Her heart shrank into a ball, and the warm scene in her memory rushed over.

The first time I hold your hands

It was the first time that I feel it would be forever...

The memories in Yolanda's heart were like a deserted garden. She had thought that if she ignored them, she would be able to turn it back to dust in the withered state. However, she was wrong and once she was touched, tears would still fall down her face.

The song stopped, and Yolanda was still immersed in her memory of the past. She couldn't hear the screams around her, as if the bustle around had nothing to do with her.

"Since you are so enthusiastic, I'll sing one more song. But for this part, I'll invite a girl present to sing with me..."

"Me... Me..."

Before the man on the stage could finish his words, the girls off the stage rushed to the stage.

"Listen to me. For safety's sake, I'll pick a girl to sing with me on the stage." Facing the girl who was a little crazy and active off the stage, the man on the stage was obviously unable to cope with it. After a second of panic, he immediately regained his calm smile. His eyes couldn't help but stay on the lonely Yolanda off the stage, and then he said without hesitation, "This girl, please."

When Yolanda was selected, envy, curiosity, and jealousy followed. The light of jealousy was even brighter than the light around the stage.

"Hey, Jeremy has chosen you. Why are you still standing there? Go on the stage!" Facing Yolanda's sluggishness, a girl pushed her away in a hurry.

"You chose me?" Yolanda didn't know what had happened because her mind was wandering. Then she was escorted to the stage by several security guards.

"Miss, can you sing a Fairy Tale with me?" Hearing the voice, Yolanda raised her head and looked into the man's enthusiastic, sincere and warm eyes.

He was handsome and had a clear outline. He was not cold and detached at all when he smiles. Instead, he gave people a sense of intimacy. Yolanda wanted to shake her head to refuse, but she suddenly thought that the rent was not settled, so she blurted out, "Do you have any reward?"

"Is she out of her mind?"

"Yes, it's our dream to be on the same stage with Jeremy. How shameless she is to talk about the reward!"

"Yes, you're right. Are you crazy about money? Shame on you! Get out of here! "


As soon as Yolanda finished her words, a wave of accusation came from the audience.

Yolanda's face turned red with shame. Although she had lost her pride two years ago in order to live, she still felt embarrassed, so she froze there.

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