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   Chapter 43 Ghost Under The Ground

You Mean My Everything By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 6577

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After completing the task, the killer quickly walked out of Rita's ward. After leaving the hospital in a hurry, he made another call, "She is dead."

A cold female voice came from the other end of the phone, "Good. You'd better leave the city as soon as possible. When Ethan gets the news, he will block the whole city. You have to leave before that.

As for the rest of the money, I will transfer it to your account as agreed."


After hanging up the phone and looking around, the killer got in a taxi driving out of J City.

At the same time, after receiving the news of Rita's accident, Ethan rushed to the hospital, only to see her cold body in the ward.

He didn't want to believe what he had seen at all!

His heart was in such great pain that he bit his fingers tightly, because he was unwilling to accept it, he didn't even dare to approach her body!

How could this happen? How could this happen! !

He angrily grabbed the guard and roared, "What happened? Didn't I tell you to protect her? How did it happen! !"

The guard stammered, "We... We were guarding at the door... But we suddenly fell asleep somehow... When we woke up, Miss Bai has... "

Fell asleep?

He was furious. He entrusted his most important person to them, but they were sleeping?

He threw a hard punch on his face and then kicked him a few more times. Fearing that the man would be killed by him, Michael hurried forward to stop him. "Mr. Lu, this matter may not be that simple. Let's calm down first."

"Calm down?! !"

He pulled off his tie irritably and said, "She's dead. How can I calm down! ! You rubbish! Get out of here! Fuck off! !"

Realizing that they had made a big mistake, the guards had to leave dejectedly, but soon they were called back by Ethan. "I will give you a chance to make amends for your previous faults. Now, immediately block the whole city and investigate anyone who is suspicious. This time, you may catch the wrong person

ling her long nails. Her voice was cold, "I am Rita, who was killed by you!

You tried to kill me again and again, but I have no enmity with you. I died so miserably, and I am not reconciled. Today I will also take you on the way. Mandy, go to hell!"

She was so scared that she fell to the ground with a pale face. "What nonsense are you talking about? I didn't kill you! Don't sling mud at me! "

"You killed me!"

The white figure floated high in the air and roared hysterically, "I knew it was you. You once entered the small room to talk to me!

In the whole J City, except you, no woman has a strange fragrance on the body. Although you deliberately covered it that day, I still smell it.

You lied to me that you were pregnant with Ethan's child, and you instigated me to commit suicide by making use of Rex. Mandy, you are so cruel. I have no enmity with you. Why did you kill me? What did I do wrong to you! !"

Although the white figure said so, she was unwilling to admit it. "I don't know what you are talking about at all!

You're right. I do have a special scent, but that's also why I'm easily faked.

You didn't see that woman's face with your own eyes that day. How can you be sure that she is me? I'm telling you, I won't take this basin of dirty water. I'm not a murderer! "

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