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   Chapter 42 Be In Danger Again

You Mean My Everything By Chang Du Characters: 6548

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It began to drizzle in the gloomy sky. After the funeral, Michael made ginger soup for everyone.

But when the warm ginger soup was handed to Eva, her tears fell down.

Her eyes were red with tears. She took a deep breath and sighed, "When my master was alive, he always liked to make ginger soup for me when I was caught in rain, but from now on, no one will do this for me."

Tears welled up in her eyes.

For many times, Rita wanted to hold her in her arms to give her a little comfort and warmth, but she didn't dare to approach her because she was afraid that she would resist it.

"Mr. Li entrusted you to me before his death."

Ethan patted on her shoulder and said, "I'll take you away from here. I'll take care of you for the rest of your life."

However, she shook her head. She wiped the tears on her face with her slender fingers and said, "I won't leave. My master only had only one disciple when he was alive, and he treated me as his daughter. I can't leave here as soon as he passed away. I will stay here to observe mourning for him for at least three years."

How could Ethan leave her alone here?

"After going back to J City, we can also..."


She refused again, "Ethan, I appreciate your kindness. But my master doesn't like busy cities. He likes to stay here, so I can't leave.

He would feel lonely if I leave. You may not know that he looked very serious, but he liked to rely on others. Every time he didn't see me, he would call my name from time to time. I can't leave. I have to stay here with him.

Ethan insisted, so she had to say, "Three years. Three years later, I will consider to be with you. Now I just want to stay with my master and observe mourning for him.

Ethan, you can understand me, right?"

Ethan kept silent and stared at her with his mysterious eyes. During the time when he was alone with her, he could really feel the shackles and care between them, so he said, "Okay, but three

pull back the quilt and breathe heavily, but she found that someone was pressing her head with a pillow to stop her from breathing!

She was assassinated again!

She tried her best to struggle, using both her hands and feet to beat the person who wanted to kill her, but the person was too strong. No matter how she resisted, he was completely unmoved.

Gradually, she felt a little short of breath. She felt suffocated in her chest, and there was not enough air in her lungs. Her small face, which was as big as a palm, flushed with suffocation.

"Help... HMM... Help... "

She wanted to attract the nurse's attention by shouting, but the person covered her mouth and nose so hard that it was difficult for her to even make a sound!

Was she really going to die like this?

She didn't want to end up like this. She struggled and twisted again, but the more fiercely she resisted, the harder the person pressed her.

Gradually, she was exhausted and struggled less and less. Her raised arm fell slowly, and could not cry for help again.

In order to make sure that she was dead, the killer pressed her hard for a long time. Then he carefully moved the pillow away and reached out to feel her breath. He confirmed that she had lost her breath.

He had completed the task of killing Rita!

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