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   Chapter 41 Carl Is Dead

You Mean My Everything By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7013

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:03

Two days later, Ethan went back to the wooden house with Eva.

Eva jumped into the wooden house happily like a rabbit, "Master, I'm back!"

But when she saw the mess in the wooden house and Carl, whose blood had dried up, as if he had lost his soul, she was too scared to say a word.

Ethan was also shocked. What happened! What happened?

"Master! !"

She ran quickly to the side of Carl and Rita, and tears rolled down from her eyes. She grabbed Rita's shoulder and shook it, "What happened? What's wrong with my master? Say something! Say something! "

Rita's eyes were already very dry, but after she heard the crying and shouting of Eva, they quickly gathered mist. Warm tears fell do

e like crazy.

She couldn't bear to leave him alone! !

"Master! Boo... Hoo... Master... Please take me with you... Master! ! Don't leave me alone! Master! Boo... Hoo... "

Ethan quickly held her in his arms and scolded her, "Eva! You can't do anything stupid! I don't allow you to do that! !"

Tears blurred her vision again and again, which made her unable to see Ethan's face clearly. She screamed, "But I don't want to leave my master. I don't want to leave my master! I only have one family. Waah, waah, I only have one family! "

He kept comforting her and patted her back gently. "It doesn't matter. You still have me. You still have me. I will be responsible for you to the end!"

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