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   Chapter 40 It's Not Good For Man and Woman To Be Too Intimated

You Mean My Everything By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7065

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:03

By instinct, Rita pushed Ethan away. The smell of another woman from him made her sick.

"Mr. Lu, it's not good for man and woman to be too intimated. Please be respectful."

Ethan's heart was on fire.

In the past, they used to be the closest people to each other, but now, she said they should not be too intimated?

And this woman, who always said 'respect', called William's name at night!

Was she so shameless?

His powerful hand grabbed her jaw at once, and he controlled her again to prevent her from moving. "How can I know whether we should be intimated or not if we don't have a try?"

He flirted her most sensitive part, which humiliated her.

As long as she thought that he made another woman pregnant with his child and was close to Eva, she didn't want him to get close to her.

He already had another woman. Why did he keep pestering her?

"Ethan, can you let go of me! Don't you know that your approaching makes me sick? "

She couldn't accept him like this. She couldn't!

His hands froze, but he continued to invade her territory more presumptuously with a vengeful look on his face.

Did she want him to stay away from her?

He had to torture her like this!

"You liar!"

After a while, he pulled out his fingers and touched her face sarcastically. "You said no, but your body is very honest. Rita, you are so cheap."

He threw her on the ground like throwing garbage, and then spat on the ground. His eyes were full of disgust for her.

She collapsed on the ground in pain. She really wanted to ask him when this kind of torture would end! When! !

"Without my permission, you don't even have a chance to die."

After straightening his clothes, he looked down at the woman at his feet and said, "Rita, I will never let you escape from my control for the rest of my life. Just wait and see!"

He walked out of her room domineeringly, and then went to find Carl, asking him how to get in touch with the outside world.

Now he was all right. With the help of Carl, Rita was getting better and better. The top priority was to get in touch with J City as soon

ifficult to push it away only by her strength only, but she did not give up. She gritted her teeth, and used all her strength to hit the door. If she could not open it at one time, she would try more times.

Gradually, she was a little tired and panting, but she still bit her lower lip and exerted all her strength to struggle. Half of her body was leaning against the wooden door. She pushed it hard again, and finally a crack came in from the door.

The door opened!

She smiled happily, but she didn't dare to delay. She bit her lower lip again and pushed the wooden door open in one go!

When she returned to the ground again, it was in the evening. It was getting dark. She walked out of the basement carefully, wiped off the sweat on her head, looked around carefully, and then called along the way back to the cottage, "Mr. Li, are you here? Mr. Li, I'm Rita Bai! "

For some reason, the closer she got to the wooden house, the more nervous she became. Her heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her chest.

Before stepping into the small room, she took a deep breath to calm down and pushed the door to look for Carl.

"Mr. Li--"

But before she could finish her words, she was shocked by the chaos in front of her. The wooden house was destroyed!

Everything in the room was thrown to the ground, and Carl was lying on the ground with blood dripping!

"Mr. Li! !"

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