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   Chapter 28 She Cut Her Wrist

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Cruel as Ethan was, he turned on the TV in Rita's room every morning and evening, letting her see how miserable Rex was. He stimulated her nerves again and again, making her hysterical and painful.

He just liked to see her suffer. The more desperate she was, the more excited he was.

He had said that he would return all the pain he had suffered to her!

Under such mental torment, she soon pined away. She began to go on hunger strike and didn't eat anything sent in by Ethan. She only dug the door with the tableware he sent.

She had sworn that she must get out of here!

One day, after reporting the work in Ethan's office, Michael stood still, hesitant.

Ethan looked at the work in his hand impatiently and said without raising his head, "If you have something to say, just say it."

Michael replied in a hurry, "It seems that Miss Bai is going to go on hunger strike till the end. She hasn't had any water for three days. If it goes on like this, I'm afraid she can't hold on."

Especially when she was injured.

Ethan stopped what he was doing and his expression froze.

'She hasn't had any water for three days?

How persistent she is.'

With an evil smile on his lips, he continued his work and replied without raising his head, "Leave her alone."

'Doesn't she want to starve herself to death?

Just let her do it.'

Michael wanted to say something more, but the door was pushed open. A strange fragrance lingered on his nose, making him frown instinctively.

The next second, he heard a sweet voice, "Ethan, I'm here."

It was Mandy, the most famous courtesan in JC Nightclub. Recently, she had a very close relationship with Ethan. She was the only woman who was allowed to enter the office except for Rita.

Hearing her voice, Ethan quickly put aside the work at hand, opened his chest and held her in his arms. He buried his head in her tempting shoulder, kissed her gently and grumbled, "Why are you so late?"

Michael knew he shouldn't stand here, so he left the office. When he returned to his seat, he kept frowning and looked serious.

Did Ethan really fall in love with Mandy?

What about Rita?

Having not eaten for several days, Rita had no strength at all. She weakly leaned against the door, pale and bloodless. Her injured hand was still digging the door blankly.

She really wanted to ask what the door was made of. Why was there no trace after she had dug it for so long?

The TV in the room was turned on again, and the scarred Rex was once again tied to the cold stool like a fish being slaughtered. His hollow and desperate eyes deeply pierced her heart.

However, before she could stand up straight and pounce on the TV, those villains had already appeared around him. They punched and kicked him, insulted and cursed him in all kinds of ways. With his hands and feet being tied up, he did not even have the strength to resist.

He could only keep crying and begging for mercy. The tears of fear wet his delicate face, but no one cared about his feelings.

Those strong men beat his body ruthlessly, tortured him in various ways, and destroyed his fragile heart step by step.

Finally, after so many days of suffering, Rex could no longer hold on. He fell into a coma after shouting sister in great pain.

"Rex! !"

Enduring the pain of her vocal cords being torn, she quickly climbed to the front of the TV set and touched her unconscious brother. Her face was filled with tears, and she was hysterical. Deep in her heart, she shouted Rex over and over again!

'Don't torture him anymore! No! !

Use all means to torture me. Don't torture my poor Rex anym


However, when she was calling for help and praying again and again, the TV was suddenly turned off, so that she could not see Rex again.

The negative emotions in her heart burst out, and she angrily wandered around the room. She kept panting to dispel the resentment in the bottom of her heart, but no matter what she did, she could not suppress the anger and worry in her heart! !

She hit the door again with her body and exerted all her strength. Her right arm was numb because of the pain, but she gritted her teeth and insisted. She couldn't bear it anymore. She wanted to go out from here. Get out! !

However, the hard door firmly separated her from the outside. No matter how hard she tried, the iron door remained intact.

She was in great despair! She angrily smashed the table and the chair, using all the violence to show her anger.

She knew that Ethan could see all this. She just hoped that if he still had a little conscience, he would stop torturing rocky and let her out! ! !

Unfortunately, the door was not opened from beginning to end, and even no one sent her food today.

She collapsed on the ground in despair. Did Ethan really want to see her die?

In that case, she would do as he wished! !

She raised her head to look at the camera with her cold eyes. With a clear and attractive smile, her black eyes looked very calm.

She picked up the sharp knife and fork ground by her and steadily pointed it at the blood vessel on her wrist. With a crack, her skin and flesh split, and the dazzling red blood flowed out of the blood vessel continuously. Her clothes were dyed red, and a beautiful flower of blood appeared on the ground.

She cut her wrist.

She believed that Ethan would not let her die so easily. In order to save her, he would definitely send her to the hospital.

And she had to seize the chance to escape from his shackles and save Rex! !

As she expected, Ethan did watch her commit suicide through the surveillance video.

At that moment, he was indeed flustered, but when he thought of her hurt to him, the pity in his eyes quickly disappeared.

He calmly looked at her sad and beautiful smile in the monitor, and his heart was full of hatred.

'Do you want me to let you out in this way? No way!

I won't give you any chance to escape!'!

Checking the time indifferently, he raised his eyes and said to Michael, "Find someone to save her when she is about to die. Remember to tie her to the bed after the operation. This time, I want her to watch her brother suffer without being able to do anything! !"

Then he stood up and left the office. He got in the car and drove to S Club.

Mandy was waiting for him there.

Looking at his receding figure, Michael was lost in thought again.

This time, Ethan was serious and would never forgive Rita again?

She bled too much, and because she hadn't eaten for a long time, weak Rita quickly fell into a coma. In the coma, she vaguely felt that her body was picked up. She thought it was Ethan, and in a daze, she said, "Ethan, be gentle, I feel pain all over my body..."

The embrace froze, and the complex emotions in his black eyes were restrained. He put her on the bed and called the doctor to stop the bleeding.

Fortunately, the rescue was in time, and she was not in danger. After a series of treatment, including blood transfusion and infusion, and bandage for her hand, her situation gradually stabilized.

But when she woke up and found herself trapped in the bed and still in this room, she collapsed at once.

She didn't expect that Ethan would treat her like this!

'This bastard!'!

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