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   Chapter 27 I Hate You

You Mean My Everything By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7131

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After the rescue, Rita stayed in the hospital for two more days. Then she was taken to a small room.

Except for a bed, a TV and a bathroom, there was nothing in the room. Every day, except that someone would send food on time, she could not contact anyone.

She knew that it was Ethan's idea, but she didn't know what he wanted to do.

It was like that she didn't know why she still couldn't speak after three or four days.

Every time she wanted to make a sound, she would still feel an unbearable pain in her throat.

At first, she thought it was because her damaged vocal cords hadn't recovered, so she concentrated on recuperating in this room. She didn't want to be unable to make a sound after a few days.

This made her a little uneasy. Would she be unable to talk anymore?

She didn't dare to think about the consequences, so she actively practiced speaking every day, but it was a pity that it didn't work too much.

On this day, she was practicing how to speak again in her room. The pain in her throat made her clench her small hands for several times, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not make any sound.

Frustrated, she sat on the chair by the window. Suddenly, she heard a squeak.

She turned her head quickly and found that the TV, which had been unable to be turned on all the time, was suddenly on! It was just a picture of flash.

She was confused. When she was about to check what was going on, the picture suddenly turned to another room, where her brother, who she had been missing for a long time, was sitting!

Feeling nervous, she immediately rushed to the TV set and stroked the person in the picture. He was thinner again, helpless and tied to the chair. He looked around in horror and uneasiness, and his blank eyes were full of fear of the world.

She wanted to call him Rex, but she couldn't make a sound!

At this time, she saw several big men enter the room. They were intimidating and slapping Rex in the face, pulling his hair, and even beating his thin body.

The poor boy had no choice but to curl up and beg them to let him go. Her trembling voice was full of fear. He cried over and over again, "Sister, sister, help me..."

Her heart was broken!

Tears welled up in her eyes. She flapped the TV set again and again. How she wished she could squeeze into the TV set and drive away those who bullied her brother!

But she couldn't do it! She couldn't! !

She exerted all her strength and screamed hysterically, "No, don't do this!" But she found that her voice was unusually hoarse and unpleasant to hear. At the same time, a strong smell of blood appeared in her throat again. She could feel that her throat was bleeding!

She knew that if she forced herself to speak like this, it would cause a huge burden on her throat, but she couldn't care so much!

He was her brother! The one who was being bullied was her brother, her natural brother!

But just as she was hysterical, the TV was suddenly turned off!

She flapped the TV set in horror, over and over again. Who turned off the TV? Who?

Her heart ached, anxiety, and anger mixed into a burning flame in her chest. She clenched her fists and trembled all over. She stood up from the TV set and walked to the camera in the room, holding back her anger. Her red eyes were full of hatred and determination.

She knew that Ethan was sitting in front of the monitor and watching her suffer. She knew that it was his order. He was torturing her with Rex!

With all her strength, she lifted a chair in the room and s

mashed it towards the camera. Ethan wanted to see her suffer, but she didn't allow that! !

After smashing the TV, she was out of breath. She kept banging her body against the door. Until the entire right side of her body began to feel painful bruises, she still couldn't open the door.

But she didn't give up!

She couldn't stop thinking of the fact that her brother was still in prison, being bullied by those bad guys!

Ethan's bullying Rex was like a knife stabbed into her heart!

She had to find a way to get out of here as soon as possible! !

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself down. Since she couldn't open the door, she would dig a hole in it. She couldn't just sit there and do nothing! !

Without any tools, she used her own hands!

She tried to dig the door with her slender fingers, but it was a pity that the door was made of too hard material. Even if her nails were broken, she was still unable to do it.

But she wouldn't give up! She was determined to get out of here! !

Gritting her teeth and grasping the hard door with her hands, she made up her mind that she would never give up!

Soon, her fingertips were bleeding because of overexertion. Ten fingers connect the heart. The piercing pain immediately made her sweat, but she was still unwilling to stop!

She had to save Rex! ! !

The white door was covered with scratches left by her fingertips, which was shocking. She could even feel the piercing pain from her fingertips. It was unbearable, but she dared not stop. As long as she thought of the situation of her brother, she dared not stop!

After digging for a long time, the window on the door suddenly opened. Today's lunch was delivered on time, but she quickly reached out her hand before the window closed as if she saw hope.

She tried her best to stand on tiptoe and looked into the eyes of the person outside the window. With great difficulty, she said in her hoarse voice, "Save... Save Rex..."

The worker outside the window was shocked by her appearance. He hadn't seen her for the whole morning, but her hand had become like this!

When he was hesitating about how to deal with the situation, Ethan's cold and ruthless voice came through the headset, "Close the window."

Ethan saw all this with his own eyes!

With the order of Ethan, the worker quickly closed the window, but she did not take her hand back. The worker exerted force again and again, and the window tightly clutched her wrist. It was so painful that she could not help but gasp.

But even at the risk of breaking her wrist, she would never take her hand back! Never!

Ethan wanted to trap her here, but she didn't want to do that! She wanted to get out of here! She must get out of here!

"Keep pushing."

Ethan's ruthless voice came through the headset again, and the worker could only use more strength. He could clearly see that there was a bloodstain on Rita's white wrist, and her fingertips were still dripping blood. Even a stranger would feel sorry for her.

The worker couldn't bear it and loosened the handle of the window. He pushed her arm inside and closed the window quickly to end this cruel behavior.

She collapsed on the ground and cried desperately.

She hated herself for being useless. Why couldn't she open the door? If she couldn't open it, she wouldn't be able to save her brother!

Full of hatred, she overturned the lunch brought by the worker, smashed the door with the tray, and shouted with her extremely painful throat, "Ethan, I hate you! I hate you! "

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