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   Chapter 26 You Can Neither Live Nor Die

You Mean My Everything By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7076

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Rita had never thought that Ethan would treat Rex like that!

Being locked up in prison, together with condemned prisoners, how could a fragile person like him bear such an environment!

She was so worried that her whole body was shaking. Her small palm tightly grasped Ethan's sleeve, but she did not say a word.

She couldn't speak it out!

Just by moving her throat, there would be a heart wrenching pain, and the smell of blood in her mouth became thicker and thicker. She really couldn't bear it!

However, Ethan felt that she was hypocritical.

She knew that Rex was in his hands, but she still colluded with William behind his back and didn't care about his life and death. In that case, why did she pretend to be worried now?

To get sympathy?

He wouldn't be fooled by her anymore!

He pushed her away fiercely and walked to her. His black leather shoe stepped ruthlessly on her chest, and his thin lips opened slightly. His eyes were as sharp as blades. "I feel sick when I see you. Wait and see, Rita. This is the first step of my revenge. From now on, you can neither live nor die in my hands! !"

He slammed the door and left angrily, while she curled up on the ground, as humble as an ant.

What should she do to make him vent all his anger on her?

Why was everything she did wrong? Why...

Hot teardrops fell down along her eyes. She felt extreme pain in her heart. At this moment, when Michael entered the meeting room, she wiped her tears immediately, stood up and walked to him as if she saw hope, holding his arm tightly.

She couldn't make a sound, so she could only look at him and beg him to save her poor brother.

However, he was very disappointed at her because of her performance in the meeting room. Like Ethan, he pushed away her small hand for help indifferently, with a strong sense of alienation all over his body.

How could Rita not know his disappointment? But she had no choice! What could she do under that circumstance!

She plucked up the courage to come forward again. She took out her mobile phone and input a word into the message and showed it to him. "Please save my brother. Please tell Ethan that he can revenge on me in any way he wants, but don't hurt Rex."

He looked at her vigilantly. What trick was she playing?

She was not dumb. Why did she communicate with him in this way?

He hated scheming women.

He pushed her away in disgust and took what he needed. When he was about to leave, she stopped him again.

She wouldn't let him go before he nodded!

However, her stomach could no longer withstand the erosion of the glue. She could clearly feel that her stomach was convulsing violently. The pain made her face shrink all of a sudden. Her little face turned pale, and there were many sweats on her forehead and nose tip.

He looked at her every move suspiciously. Why did she suddenly become like this?

"Don't play tricks on me --"

Before he finished her words, her body, which had been running under too much pressure, reacted. She covered her lips and bent down in pain, and a strong smell of blood spilled out of her throat. "Retch -"

The red blood stained her white fingers. She was shocked!

Even Michael was shocked!

How could this be!

Fearing that her abnormality would arouse his suspicion, she quickly suppressed her physical discomfort and smiled at him. She typed again with her trembling fingertips, "Please, save my brother. He is innocent."

He also knew that.

However, what he cared about at the m

oment was not what she wrote, but what happened to her!

Regardless of her reaction, he forced her to leave the Lu Group and sent her to the hospital. Then he called Ethan while she was receiving emergency treatment, "Miss Bai, she..."

But before he could finish his words, Ethan had already hung up the phone. Michael touched his forehead. This time, Ethan was really angry.

The rescue took a long time, which made Michael more worried.

If it was just a small matter, the rescue would never take so long——

After a long time, the doctor finally came out of the operating room with tiredness. Michael immediately walked up to him and asked, "How is she, doctor?"

Taking off the mask, the doctor answered seriously, "The throat, the esophagus, and the stomach of the patient have all been severely corroded by inferior glue, and many parts of them have been seriously damaged. The situation is stable now, but as for whether she can speak again in the future, it is still a problem. I hope your family can be prepared for this."

So the doctor meant that Rita had swallowed glue!?

How could such a ridiculous thing happen?

Michael frowned tightly. After expressing his thanks to the doctor, he walked aside silently and began to think.

'If Rita was really unable to speak in the meeting room because she had swallowed the glue, it meant that she was very likely to be forced by William.

In other words, she was not willing to follow William at all!'

He quickly reported this to Ethan, but he hung up the phone again indifferently.

Even if that woman was forced to swallow the glue, so what?

Could the pain in her body be compared with that in his heart?

He had given that woman countless chances, but she chose William. Then she had to pay a price for her choice!

He wouldn't feel sorry for her!

He turned off his phone irritably and continued to drink in the private room in S Club.

Since he left the Lu Group, he had been staying here. There were a lot of empty bottles on the tea table, but they could not paralyze his heart in great pain.

"Wine! Where is the wine? Serve me the wine! !"

He was like an angry lion king, smashing all the wine bottles on the tea table to the ground. His long and narrow eyes were filled with astonishing red blood streaks. He was irritable, depressed and very unhappy!

After a short while, the room was pushed open by an enchanting woman. She was in a bright red tight skirt, with attractive long wavy hair hanging to her waist, and a pair of affectionate beautiful eyes under her butterfly like eyelashes. She had bright red lips, holding a glass of carefully made strong wine in the glass. She sat in front of Ethan enchantingly, and handed a glass of wine to his mouth gallantly. "Don't be anxious. The wine is here. "

Ethan never flirted with women. Generally, when a woman wanted to approach him, she would be stopped by his intimidating eyes. Even if someone boldly leaned into his arms, he would relentlessly push her away.

But Ethan didn't refuse this woman immediately.

He smelled a faint fragrance from her body, which was pleasant and soothing to his irritable mood.

He smiled and held the woman in his arms. He looked up and drank the wine she handed him. He thought to himself, 'It's just a woman, isn't it? Rita is not the only woman in the world!'!

After getting the permission, the woman served him more boldly. When he was drunk, she leaned to his ear and whispered, "Ethan, remember, I'm Mandy, your Mandy."

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