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   Chapter 25 What A Fool

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Shocked by the gloomy voice, William trembled all over. He looked in panic at the man who stepped into the meeting room. Wasn't that Ethan?

"You... Why are you still alive? "

He was so frightened that his feet were trembling and he couldn't speak fluently.

His men had confirmed his death last night, but now——

What the hell was going on!

Rita was so happy that she almost shed tears.

'Ethan is still alive! That's great! Ethan is still alive! He's fine!'

"Do you really think I couldn't see through your plan?"

With his hands in his pockets, Ethan slowly walked towards William. He was tall and strong, and his whole body exuded a natural aura of authority. His black eyes rolled, and he looked at the man in front of him playfully. "Your subordinates have long been bribed by me."

Since he received the threatening message from William yesterday, he had probably guessed what he wanted to do, so he had been prepared to bribe his men.

After William left with Rita, he asked those men to take him away. Then he blew up the warehouse according to William's plan, creating an illusion that he was dead.

In fact, he could easily subdue this man after entering the warehouse. But he had been enduring so much humiliation in front of William because he was afraid that Rita would be hurt.

He had thought that this confrontation could change her mind, but he did not expect to see her hypocritical and insidious side again.

'Rita, you are really good at hurting people.'

His heart was completely cold.


How could William think that he was defeated by Ethan instead?

He knew clearly how cold and murderous Ethan was. He would respect others as long as they respected him, but if others offended him, he would make him suffer for the rest of his life.

He became more and more flustered, and his brain quickly sweated. But he was unwilling to admit defeat in front of so many people, so he took out the share transfer agreement.

"You're still alive, so what? Your signature is on the agreement. The Lu Group is mine now! "

Ethan smiled again, arrogant and unruly. He stared at William with his dark eyes as if he was looking at a clown and asked lightly, "Do you really not see any flaw?"

William was even more uncertain. His hands were trembling when he looked through the contract, and his body began to tremble slightly.

"You... You, you... What do you mean? You signed your name last night. The Lu Group is mine now. If you don't believe me, you can check it yourself. Is it your name? "

He turned to the page of signature and wanted to show it to Ethan in person. But when he looked carefully, he found something wrong.

It was Evan Lu not Ethan Lu!

He used cursive signature to play a word game with him!

But last night, he was so stupid that he didn't notice it!

"Ethan! How dare you fool me! "

He slammed the contract angrily and looked at Ethan with red eyes. He had thought that the Lu Group was already in his pocket, but now he had nothing! What's more, he had completely formed a grudge against Ethan! 'What a fool!'

"Ethan! Don't push me! "

William, who was extremely angry, held Rita again and pinched her neck fiercely. "If you change the contract now, I can still keep her alive. If you don't sign it, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Now only this woman could reverse the situ

ation for him. He didn't believe that Ethan didn't care about her!

But unexpectedly, his eyes became cold, which made people panic. When his cold eyes fell on the hijacked Rita, and his sexy thin lips raised wantonly.

It was disdain, contempt, determination, and giving up.

Rita knew that Ethan had given her up and would never love her again.

But he didn't answer William's question directly. He turned around and opened the door of the meeting room. A group of policemen in uniform raised their guns and pointed at William. "Release the hostage and surrender immediately!"

William didn't expect that Ethan would do this, and his legs immediately became weak!

But Ethan said unhurriedly, "I have submitted the evidence that you have tried to seek benefits for yourself by illegal means these years. William, you'll spend the rest of your life in prison. I won't give you a chance to turn over!"

This farce was about to end. The prison life was the last gift he prepared for William!

Facing the ten or twenty policemen, William had already been scared out of his wits. He was soon taken away by the police.

After cleaning up the rubbish, Ethan said to all the senior executives in a domineering manner, "This matter is over. The Lu Group is still mine. If there is any change in the future, I will personally inform you. Today's meeting is over. You can go back first."

After watching a big show, the spectators walked out of the meeting room with satisfaction. After everyone left, in fact, Rita really wanted to walk up to Ethan and say something to him.

But her throat was still burning. What's more, the glue that flew to her stomach was like strong sulfuric acid, burning and corroding her stomach, which was painful and unbearable.

She tried her best not to say a word from her throat, and this silence undoubtedly made Ethan angrier.

In fact, he had been listening outside the conference room for a long time. When he saw William holding Rita in his arms in the conference room, he really hoped that she could stand out and tell everyone that William had obtained all these by illegal means. He hoped that she could stand out to protect him and tell everyone, "Something happened to Ethan, you should save him as soon as possible."

In that case, his broken heart would at least have a little comfort.

But Rita just stood in front of William calmly, without saying a word, and silently accepted the identity -- the woman of William.

From that moment on, Ethan realized that she was really working for William.

She had been using his feelings for her to betray him, deceive him and hurt him.

"Are you happy to see me alive?"

His voice was low, and his sharp eyes were fixed on the woman in front of him. His tall body walked up to her and completely swallowed her petite body. He was like the king of hell, gloomy, cold and domineering.

"What a pity, Rita. You almost killed me. Now I'm standing in front of you and putting William in prison. Do you hate me?

Just hate me. I forgot to tell you that I have also sent Rex to prison. I specially locked him up with several condemned prisoners.

Do you think how many days he can stay in prison with such a fragile heart? How do you think he will end up in prison?

As his sister, do you want to see his death with your own eyes? I think it must be very exciting. "

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