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   Chapter 24 Who Wants To Replace Me

You Mean My Everything By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 6963

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After crying for a long time, Rita still couldn't control the pain in her heart. She silently put away the watch and once again threw herself into the search.

She couldn't be sure that Ethan had been dead just because she found a watch. She had to keep searching until she found him! !

She didn't believe that Ethan would leave in this way!

But soon, William came over. With the Lu Group, he had many more bodyguards behind him. He held an umbrella and said to Rita in the rain, "Stop it. Ethan has been taken away.

He died miserably. I've already had his body cremated."

Rita froze in place.

'Is he really dead?

It is impossible! It is impossible.'

She shook her head and didn't even nod. How could Ethan die? How could it be!

"You lied to me!"

She quickened her movement again and shook her head crazily. "Ethan is not dead. He is fine. You lied to me, you lied to me! !"

Her madness to Ethan made William very dissatisfied. He gave his subordinates a look, and they came forward to pick her up.

Raising her chin with one hand, William looked at her beautiful eyes reddened by tears and said, "From now on, your man is me. Don't mention the name Ethan in front of me, understand?"

William, who was a man of great self-esteem, not only had to possess Rita's body, but also her heart!

However, she sneered and spat at him, "You don't even have the right to lift shoes for Ethan. How can you be my man?"

William was so angry that he pinched her neck with his arm and said, "Rita, don't forget that your brother is still in my hands. If you dare to irritate me again, I will let him die in the street in a minute!"

She was really raging!

Didn't these people have any other means except threatening her with Rex?

What wrong did her brother do to be threatened by so many people?

Why not just come at her!

"William, you are a devil. I will kill you sooner or later! !"

"Ha ha!"

However, he smiled brightly and touched her face, "Since I can kill Ethan, I can also kill you. If you are not afraid of death, just do it!"

After saying that, he turned back to the car, and Rita was also taken to the hotel and locked in the room.

On the second day, William dressed up and took Rita into the Lu Group. As long as he thought that this big place belonged to him, he was thrilled.

He knew that every Monday was day for routine meeting in the Lu Group, so he walked directly to the meeting room with Rita. While walking, he threatened her with Rex, "You know what you should do. Don't let me repeat it. As long as you perform well in this play, I will let you see Rex right away."

What he wanted was not only to let Ethan realize that he had his woman, but also to let everyone know that he had cuckolded Ethan!

She was full of hatred, but she had no strength to resist! She couldn't escape from the shackles of William at all!

Just as what William had expected, all the senior leaders of the Lu Group were waiting for Ethan in the meeting room. They greeted him with confused eyes, and looked at Rita without doubts.

If they remembered correctly, she should be the woman who was brought into the group by Ethan not long ago. How could she stand beside William now?

The doubts of the senior leaders undoubtedly boosted William's vanity again. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and went to the top position. He took the share transfer letter with the signature of Ethan from his assistant and said

to everyone, "The Lu Group has been transferred to me by your CEO. This is the share transfer letter with his signature. You can have a look.

From now on, I will replace Ethan and lead you to a higher and better direction."

Everyone was in an uproar. The Lu Group had transferred?

How could it be!

[Michael was the first one to stand out and object, "I don't believe it!"

Then he turned to look at Rita and asked, "Miss Bai, what's going on? Why are you with this man? What happened? Where is Mr. Lu now? "

She really wanted to tell Michael that something had happened to Ethan. She wanted him to gather his men to search for Ethan, but she still didn't believe that Ethan had been dead. She wanted to tell him that everything had been done by William, but she couldn't say anything! !

This morning, in order not to let her talk nonsense, he actually forced her to take glue!

Now her throat was burning! The pain burned her throat, making her extremely painful. If it weren't for her extraordinary self-control, her body would have been shaking! !

"Maybe you don't know that Rita and I have pledged to marry."

Knowing that she couldn't speak, William held her in his arms again and pretended to be intimate. "From now on, she is the hostess of the Song Group. Let's welcome her!"

In the huge conference room, only William applauded. Most of the people began to criticize Rita for being a bitch, who had abandoned Mr. Lu. She had heard countless grievances in her heart, but she couldn't say them out. She was extremely aggrieved! ! !

William didn't feel embarrassed and continued to say to all the senior executives, "I know it's hard for you to accept the news for a while, but the share transfer agreement is here. I'm your next CEO. I hope you can cooperate with me, and we can work together better in the future.

Well, that's all for today's meeting. You can leave now."

As he spoke, he was about to leave with Rita, but Michael stood in front of him coldly, blocking all his ways of retreat.

He looked at William and said coldly, "You and Miss Bai can't leave until we find out what happened to Mr. Lu."

He had been working for Ethan for five years and knew that he would never let someone like William take charge of the Lu Group. There must be something wrong.

As for William, he had already known that there was a person named Michael in the Lu Group, so he immediately made a phone call. Not long after, a large number of men in black rushed in from the door.

He looked at Michael arrogantly with his belly up. There was a clear threat in his words. "I know you are Ethan's confidant. You don't like me working in the Lu Group, but I don't like you working here either!

The Lu Group is my world now. I don't need a slave like you. Leave here now. We will not interfere with each other from now on!"

Turning around and looking at everyone present, William continued, "The same, who else dares not to dislike me? Leave with Michael. I won't keep anyone! !"

"But as long as someone is willing to stay, I will not neglect it. Everyone, think it over."

Using both hard and soft tactics was a common trick of William. He ordered his subordinates to carry Michael out, which shocked everyone.

He believed that he could leave a strong and unquestionable image in everyone's heart, but he did not expect that the moment Michael was lifted out, a gloomy voice floated into his ears. "Who wants to replace me?"

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