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   Chapter 10 A Bitch Is Invincible

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Rita couldn't breathe because of the kiss. She didn't know how to kiss at all. Five years ago, when she was with Ethan, she was still young. Holding hands was enough to make her blush. In the past five years, she had never been with any other man... "HMM..."

Pushing away Ethan, she gasped slightly. Her cheeks were flushed, and her pink lips were even redder and more charming after being bitten. The slightly hot gas spewed out from her mouth urged a sharp change in his body.

He really couldn't understand how she could easily arouse his lust. In the past five years, no matter how many women had hooked him, he was never moved, but she was an exception!

He couldn't control himself any more. As time went by, the door of the CEO Office was pushed open with a click, and his secretary Andy came in with documents, "Mr.--"

Before she could utter the second word, she was shocked by the scene in front of her.

Ethan was making out with a woman in the office!

As he was interrupted, his narrow eyes quickly turned red with anger. He lowered his voice, with his eyes as sharp as blades, and pursed his lips. "What's the matter?"

Andy shivered and her legs became soft because of his powerful aura. She swallowed in panic, lowered her eyes and said, "The directors have arrived. The meeting will begin soon. Please go to the meeting room as soon as possible.' After finished the words, she escaped from the office.

Being unsatisfied, he looked cold, and there was a strong low pressure around him, making people dare not even breathe.

However, she stood up from his arms as if she had been redeemed. She tidied up her clothes to adjust her breath, but her hot cheeks had not been cooled down.

When she just arrived at the Lu Group, she was seen like that. How could she be respected in the group in the future?

"Stay here!"

He held her chin again and said in a domineering, cold and resolute voice, "Don't go anywhere!"

Her jaw was pinched so hard that it hurt. She could not help biting her lower lip, frowning and nodding reluctantly. But even this look could ignite the desire in Ethan's heart.

Again, he kissed her red lips for a long time before he left for the meeting room. Rita complained about him in heart for a long time in the office.

They hadn't seen each other for five years. He had become so bossy, unreasonable -- and blackguardly!

She thought she could have a rest after he left, but not long after she lay on the sofa, she received his message, "Don't slack off. Make me a cup of coffee. Go!"

She immediately jumped up from the sofa. How did he know what she was doing?

'Is there a monitor in this office?'

All of a sudden, she felt a chill on her back and immediately stepped out of the office to the tea room. However, before she arrived there, she had heard the discussions about her from the tea room.

"You have no idea how coquettish that woman is. She sat on Mr. Lu, pulled her collar apart and clung to him. She almost wanted to skin herself to win his love."

"As soon as I saw that woman, I knew she was not simple. Think about it. If she was not a bitch, how could she let Mr. Lu treat her as a dog and lead her to the company? As the saying goes, 'A bitch is invincible!' Mr. Lu has been single for so many years, but he was trapped by her! "

"You are right. I think she is

so coquettish that she must go to night clubs and hang out with men frequently. It's a pity that such an excellent man like Mr. Lu is fooled by a bitch."

"Well, when can I be as open as that bitch? In that case, Mr. Lu will have a look at me. Unfortunately, our family has been strict since childhood, and I just can't do it!"

What they said kept moving to her ears, making her quiet face colder and more indifferent.

She cleared her throat to attract the attention of Andy and the others, and then walked into the tea room to make coffee for Ethan indifferently.

When Andy and others saw her coming in, their faces changed greatly. They didn't know her temper. They were afraid that she would complain in front of Ethan, so they were thinking about how to apologize.

But Rita didn't say anything. She made the coffee and was about to leave, as if nothing had happened. Andy and others had an illusion that she was a pushover.

"Hey, the woman with the dog collar."

Stopping her way, Andy looked at her arrogantly. She crossed her arms over her chest, raised her head and looked down at her.

"How did you seduce Mr. Lu? Did you drug him? Get naked? Or is there any other dirty method? Share with us to let us learn from you. "

Andy had always regarded Ethan as the prince charming and dream lover. She tried every means to make herself his secretary. She dressed up in different ways every day to please him, but he didn't show any interest in her.

But now, the CEO she had been thinking about was harassed by such an unknown woman. How could she be willing to accept it?

Rita didn't want to talk to such a vulgar and shallow person at all. Cold and silent, she was going back with the coffee in her hand. However, Andy and her partner Lily stopped her again.

"Don't you have the guts to say that? You are such a coward! Tell me, where did you learn your skills in bed? Which position does Mr. Lu like? Does he like you serving him like a dog? He... "


Andy's mouth was shut by a slap from Rita. Her eyes were clear and cold.

When Lily saw that Andy was slapped, she was about to raise her fist to revenge. However, a cup of hot coffee was poured by Rita, then she jumped on the spot and screamed painfully.

"If you can't control your mouth and legs, don't come to work in the Lu Group."

Anger was written all over Rita's face. As long as she thought of Ethan's subordinates gossiping his private life, she was burning with anger.

"What's more, what's going on between Ethan and me has nothing to do with you.

I don't want to make trouble for you because I hope you can pay attention to your own repentance. But if you don't know, I don't mind personally letting you know what will happen when you gossip behind other people's backs!

Forget about it this time. If I hear you gossiping again, I'll tear your mouths apart!"

She tossed the coffee cup on the table domineeringly, and was about to leave.

Andy, who had been slapped in the face, dragged Rita's hair and didn't let her go. With a ferocious look on her face, Andy was like a snake spitting out its tongue. "You are just a bitch. How dare you hit me? I don't think you know how powerful I am. I have never been beaten by anyone since my birth. I'm telling you, you must kneel down and apologize to me today, or I won't spare you! "

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