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   Chapter 9 Like A Dog

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When Rita woke up again, she smelled disinfectant. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the white ceiling and white wall. She immediately realized that she was in the hospital.

Thinking of what had happened before she passed out, she quickly sat up from the bed and touched her muddled head. 'Is it Ethan who sent me here?'

Without thinking too much, she quickly got out of bed and was about to leave before Ethan appeared. However, as soon as she walked to the door, she saw two men in black standing at the door and looking at her seriously. "Miss Bai, Mr. Mr. Ethan said that you are not allowed to go anywhere without his permission. Please stay in the ward. He will be here soon."

'Ethan is coming?'

She was anxious and argued with the man in black, "You have no right to monitor me like this. Let me go. I want to leave here."

"Where are you going?"

A low and oppressive voice came from not far away. As soon as she looked up, she saw Ethan's cold and unruly face. Her heart jolted inexplicably, and she walked back to the room subconsciously. She lowered her head and whispered, "I want to go home."

He smiled slightly, with a gleam shining in his long and beautiful eyes. He walked slowly to her, patted her head with his big palm, and whispered in her ear, "No one told you that the Bai Group has been acquired by me, and everything of the Bai family belongs to me? You want to go home? Where is your home? "

Stunned, she looked up at him and asked in disbelief, "The Bai group is acquired by you?"

In just one night?

He shrugged his shoulders and raised his lips, looking at the woman in front of him contemptuously. "Why is it impossible? Why are you so surprised? "

She lowered her head again. Yes, she underestimated his strength. He even dared to provoke William. How could he take the Bai family seriously?


All of a sudden, there was a glimmer of hope in her eyes. She didn't care what it meant that the Bai Group was acquired by the Lu Group. She only knew that if Ethan made an investment to help the Bai family get through this crisis, then she could get back Rex from Eric!

However, before the smile at the corners of her mouth bloomed, his unhurried words once again sent her into an ice cellar. "Your father has been put into prison because of suspicion of bribery. The glory of your family is completely put to an end in JC City.

As for your brother who has mental disease, he has been transferred from your father to me.


Taking out a necklace from his pocket, Ethan put it on her neck, and took out a chain from his pocket to tie it to her face. He poked at her fleshy face and said, "If you want to see your brother, you have to surrender to me like a dog. Only when you serve me well will I allow you two to meet each other. Do you understand?"

She flew into a rage. She struggled to free herself from his grip and growled at him, "Ethan, don't push me too far. Take this thing down!

"Besides, if you dare to hurt my brother, I will never let you go!"

"Ha ha!"

Ethan raised his head and laughed as if he had heard a big joke. He pulled the chain in his hand deliberately so that she could not help but move. "I'm just tying you up and imprisoning your brother. I'd like to see how you won't spare me!"


No matter how angry she was, the next second, he had already pulled her in front of him, looking down at h

er domineeringly, "If you are sensible, you must know that you shouldn't provoke me now, otherwise, I will let your brother die in front of you at any time!"

Then he took the chain in his hand and pulled her out of the ward like a dog.

Ethan was born beautiful. Wherever he went, he would attract much attention. At this moment, he was pulling Rita, which undoubtedly increased their attention again.

All the way, facing the criticism of the crowd, she had been lowering her head to suppress the anger and hatred in her heart. She had to find a way to end this absurd thing as soon as possible!

Michael drove the car. Ethan took her to the Lu Group. As soon as they entered the group, the dramatic scene that he was pulling Rita attracted the attention of the whole group.

On the other hand, it seemed that Ethan deliberately embarrassed her. Instead of taking his private elevator, he took the employee elevator and stopped on every floor, letting everyone in the company know the existence of Rita.

In the face of such an insult, she had no power to fight back. She had finally got rid of Eric, but now she fell into Ethan's hands. What could she do? What could she do!

"Okay, I can listen to you."

Finally, they came to his office. Looking at the office of hundreds of square meters, she did understand that he should not be looked down upon now. Yet, she still stood in front of his desk and said to Ethan, who was lying in the chair, neither humble nor pushy, "On the premise that you let me see Rex."

She hadn't seen Rex for a long time. She was really worried about him. She couldn't wait to see him and know his recent situation.

However, Ethan lazily leaned back on the chair, tapping the desk with his slender and good-looking fingers from time to time. Finally, he looked at her with his bright black eyes.

"Before dogs ask for food, they have to please their master first. You want me to take you to see Rex before you do something. Is that possible?"

He really treated her as a dog.

Enduring all the humiliation, she suppressed the pain in her heart and forced a bright smile. She said to him in a soft voice, "Then I'll get you a glass of water."

She turned around and was about to leave, but he grabbed the chain in his hand in time and pulled her back to the desk with a strong force. His dark eyes were filled with displeasure. "Are you playing the fool?"

He had insulted her like that. How could she smile?

He hated her bright smile. She was not allowed to smile in front of him!

"Please me, understand?"

He growled at her with anger, and there was no emotion between his eyes. Thinking of his cruelty to her that day, she was actually a little scared, but thinking of her brother...

She took a deep breath again and suppressed the pain in her heart. She walked to him, lowered her body, and her black and soft hair fell from her back. She gently hit on his handsome cheek, which made him itchy.

She gave him another gentle kiss on his lips. Her breath and the fragrance on her lips aroused his desire again. Even though he remembered that the doctor had told him that she was weak and could not bear such a violent torture and needed to recuperate for a period of time, he could not help holding her in his arms. His long arm held her slender waist, and his one hand clasped the back of her head. He deepened this kiss again and again. "Hmm..."

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