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   Chapter 7 Are You Such A Chippie

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With this dull sound, Rita was heavily thrown onto the bed, and the heavy gasps were constantly ringing in her ears. His fat and greasy hand touched her smooth and delicate skin, and his small and long eyes glowed with greed.

He clung to her swan-like neck and sniffed the sweet scent of her body. He couldn't help saying, "Since Ethan entered the business world, he has stolen a lot of my business. I'm so happy that I can grab his woman and make her my own. Ha-ha, Ethan, you may not expect that you would be trampled underfoot by me, ha-ha!"

Every time William mentioned Ethan, her fragile heart seemed to be pricked by a needle. She was suppressed by William's huge body and couldn't breathe. She turned her head away and didn't look at his disgusting face. At the same time, she suppressed the thought of running away from the bottom of her heart.

However, William turned her head ruthlessly, forcing her to look at him, and ordered, "Call my name and say that I'm stronger and better than Ethan."

For such a fat man with big ears and strong waist, she had always been resistant, how could she say those words against her will?

She turned her head away stubbornly again, but he grabbed her chin and turned her head around. Then he bent down to kiss her mouth like a pig. The smell of smoke and alcohol from his mouth was disgusting. She could no longer hold on and began to push and refuse him, "Hmm... go away. Don't touch me... Hmm... "

However, her resistance was like scratching an itch to William, and it was not enough to shake his huge body. In a moment of desperation, she had to kick his private parts, so that he had to get down from her.

William bent over in pain, while she took the opportunity to run out. But before she took two steps, she was grabbed by his powerful arm.

He threw her heavily on the bed again and slapped her in the face without saying a word. He shouted angrily, "Damn it! Bitch! How dare you kick me! I think you are tired of living!" ...

Due to the slap, half of her face was swollen, but she didn't have time to care about the pain. He rushed over again and pinched her neck, threatening, "You regret and resist now? It's too late! I will never let you slip away from my mouth! Rita, listen up. You have to serve me today. If you don't, I will use the hard way! "


She struggled hard to refuse. She kept pushing him out, but he was so anxious that his eyes turned red. He tore her clothes and snickered at her. "Don't you want to run away? I've torn your clothes apart. Will you still run away? "

Being humiliated, she wrapped herself up awkwardly, but when he saw her smooth skin, he became greedy again.

He rushed forward again, with his powerful arms holding hers to prevent her from struggling. She was in despair. Was she really going to be raped by him?

'No, no...'


But with a "bang", the door was kicked open. The deafening roar of Ethan suddenly reached her ears. At that moment, her hot tears kept falling. 'Does he co

me to save me?'

But his next words directly shattered all her fantasies. "You bitch, are you in such an urgent need of a man?"

With his roar, Ethan, who was overwhelmed by anger, walked to the edge of the bed angrily, grabbed William's clothes with his strong arms and threw him to the side. Like a devil bending over, he stared at her on the bed with a gloomy and horrible face, pinched her neck and lifted her up from the bed directly. "You bitch, who allows you to climb into another man's bed? Uh?" ...

With a murderous look in his eyes, he wished he could kill her with all his strength.

Being strangled, she was in great pain and almost suffocated. She struggled and patted on his hand, squeezing out the last voice to ask for help.

Seeing that she was about to roll her eyes, he angrily threw her delicate body to the ground, which almost broke her spine.


William reacted and spoke before Rita. He walked to Ethan with anger and asked, "What are you doing? ... Do you know this is my place? Who let you in? Get out! "

Ethan in rage didn't care about him at all. He threw a punch directly on his fat face, knocked him down, and then stepped on his chest. He said angrily, "William, you don't have the right to hurt my woman. If you don't want to die, kneel down and apologize to me. Otherwise, I have a million ways to make you die in an embarrassing way!"

"Ha ha..."

However, at this time, Rita, who was thrown to the ground, let out a chuckle. She endured the pain on her body, wrapped in her broken clothes, and walked to Ethan in a particularly enchanting way, gently scratching his resolute face with her thin nails.

"Mr. Ethan, are you angry? Are you jealous when you see me with another man? Do you still love a coquettish woman like me?

I'm so sorry. I may let you down again, because just now, I have decided to be William's woman.

JC City is not under your control. You can't do whatever you want, can you?"

She took a meaningful look at him, helped William up and said in a sweet voice, "William, Mr. Ethan came to your place to bully us. He's going too far. Call the police to arrest him.

As long as you can subdue him, I am willing to do anything for you in the rest of my life."

In the business world, William was always suppressed by Ethan. But now, his woman had changed to his side, which made his vanity swell up. He stood up with her help, looking at Ethan, with a big beer belly.

"You'd better get out of here before I give vent to my anger. Otherwise, I will show you no mercy and you will be in big trouble!"

Ethan didn't take him seriously at all. His sharp eyes fell on her again. "You would rather be with such a loser than be with me?"

His question was like a knife hanging high in her heart, making her dare not answer it casually.

But when she thought of her situation, she had to bear the pain of being cut in half. She looked at him with clear eyes and replied firmly, "Yes, you are right. I would rather choose William than you."

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