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   Chapter 5 Don't Forget To Take Medicine

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After standing there for a long time, Rita looked at Ethan and said, "I'm here for you. You asked me to dance, and of course I will do it. But can you let these irrelevant people go out? I only want you to watch my dance. "

Ethan was not affected by her words at all. He frowned and there was a trace of impatience on his cold and resolute face. "Dance or get out. Don't waste my time."

"Yeah. Dance!"

The women next to him immediately echoed, "Come on. We are all women. We have all you have. Don't pretend to be pure. You look factitious. If you really don't want to dance, just get out of here. It's so annoying to stand there like a fool. "

Clenching her fists, she took a deep breath. Since he wanted to do this, she would do it. But she didn't know how to dance, she could only take off her clothes.

When she unbuttoned the first button of her shirt, she remained calm. When unbuttoned the second and third ones, the fluctuation of her chest could be seen. When she unbuttoned all of them, she stood still and looked at him. "Is that okay?"

The huge private room fell into a moment of silence, and soon the women's sneer drowned her voice. "Ha-ha-ha! This woman is wearing a vest! Aha! It's so funny! Lily, did you see that? This woman is still wearing a vest. My God! How could she wear a vest! Ha-ha-ha! "

The constant sneer made her frown. 'What's wrong with wearing a vest?'

Ethan, who was originally happy, was a little annoyed by the laughter.

Although she was wearing a vest in the shirt, she was far more charming than these scantily clad women even with her long and white neck visible.

There was a white camisole on her round shoulders, which made her more conservative and beautiful. The slim vest exposed her sexy waist completely. Seeing her like this, Ethan already couldn't control himself.

"Are you a funny guy sent by the monkey?"

One of the women stood up and walked to her. She was tall and looked down at Rita. She grabbed her two arms and joked, "Do you know what striptease is? You have to take off as you dance. Why do you only take off one piece? "


Another woman walked up to her and began to take off her vest without a word. "What are you doing?"

But the more she resisted, more people surrounded her. They were reaching out to tear her clothes and fiddled with her hair at the same time, and some of them seized the opportunity to pinch her, leaving her no room for resistance.


Ethan, who was annoyed by these women, finally spoke. He raised his eyebrows and looked coldly at the women in the room. "Get out!"

The ladies realized that they had gone too far and wanted to apologize to him, but when they saw his cold eyes, they immediately shut up and left the room in dejection.

After a while, the room was quiet. She tidied up her clothes and combed her hair. The vest had been torn, and there were many bruises on her arms.

In order to cover up her embarrassment, she had to pick up the shirt on the floor and put it on. Then she looked at him and asked, "Can we have a talk?"

She was still as calm as before, as if nothing had happened.

Somehow, he got angry again. 'Doesn't she have any temper?'

His dark eyes were tinged with a faint green light. Suppressing his emotions, he asked solemnly, "What do you want from me?"

"It was my father and I who did something wrong last time. I apologize to you. I hope you can forgive us and give us a way

to live."

Her calm manner completely irritated him. His tall body suddenly stood up from the sofa, and he suddenly grabbed her white and jade like neck, looking as gloomy and fierce as a demon.

"Is that the way you beg me? Don't pretend to be pure and lofty in front of me! Rita, be clear about your current situation. You are no longer the princess who used to be superior! "

She was choked out of breath and her face turned red. "Then... What should I do? "

He threw her far away. Then he sat back on the sofa and slightly opened his legs again. With a gloomy face, he said, "Please me!"

She was stunned for a moment and instantly understood what he meant. Her thick eyelashes trembled a few times. She stood up from the ground, slowly approached him, half knelt in front of him, and raised her hand to untie his belt.

But she failed to untie his belt after trying several times. Losing his patience, he pinched her chin and said fiercely, "What trick are you playing again? Pretending to be pure? You don't even know how to untie a man's belt? Rita, you are so good at acting! Don't you think it won't work on me? How can I not know what kind of bitch you are? "

His black eyes were full of strong hatred and disgust, which once again stung her heart that had been stranded for a long time. She had to lower her eyelids to hide her emotions. After a while, she raised her eyes and apologized, "I haven't touched a man in a few days, and I'm a little unfamiliar with it. I'm really sorry. Mr. Ethan, please wait a little longer. I'll untie it for you right now."

His nerves were completely ignited by her. With red eyes, he grabbed her neck and threw her on the sofa. He ruthlessly pressed her under his body and domineeringly got into her body. The dryness and his barbarity made her feel a piercing pain. She tightly grasped the sofa under her body, and tears were about to fall from her eyes.

However, he ignored her feelings and quickened his pace again and again. He even pinched her chin to force her to look into his eyes as if he was venting his anger. "Haven't you had sex with a lot of men? You can't stand it now? How can you please me in the future? Huh? Scream! Scream! "

Feeling humiliated, she turned her head stubbornly and bit her lower lip with her silver teeth. She didn't look at his manic appearance, but he turned her head over, bent over and bit her lips, directly biting out her pink lip. "You don't want to look at me? You don't want it? I like to torture you this way! "

As long as he thought of the lie she had told to him a few days ago and the hymen repair operation she had deliberately done in the hospital, he was furious and wanted to kill her!

How could she make use of his trust and affection?

What he hated most was deception!

In front of her, he was overwhelmed by anger, without any sense and tenderness. Every word of him stimulated and hurt her, and he was happy to do it.

After venting his anger in her body, he tidied up his clothes and tied his tie. Then he looked back at her coldly. "I can spare your family, but you have to satisfy me and be on call, otherwise, don't blame me for making the whole Bai family perish together with you."

He took big steps to leave the room, but suddenly stopped in front of the door. He looked coldly at the woman behind him who was disheveled and said, "Don't forget to take medicine. A bitch like you is not qualified to bear my child."

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