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   Chapter 4 The Revenge Of The Devil

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Ethan left the hotel soon, followed by the reporters. The big room became quiet all of a sudden. With a deep sigh, Rita sat on the bed weakly and looked at Eric. "I have done as you said. Can you tell me where Rex is now?"

As a matter of fact, she didn't lie. Rex did have serious mental illness and couldn't receive any stimulation from the outside world. Otherwise, he would commit suicide.

However, Eric didn't care whether he was alive or dead at all. After taking him away from the hospital, he put him under house arrest. In order to make Rita listen to him and be at his disposal, he asked her to work with him to get the evidence of Ethan's crime by taking advantage of their past love.

"Don't worry. After all, Rex is my son. I will never hurt him."

Eric patted her shoulder and said, "I will let you see each other after Ethan provides financial aid for our company."

After saying that, he shook his hand and left. He left in such a free and easy way, but it made her grind her teeth with hatred.

If it weren't for him, how would she trap Ethan?

Looking at the bed sheet, she twitched her lips bitterly and desperately.

She believed that her despicable image had been deeply rooted in Ethan's heart.

However, lying on the bed, she still felt uneasy.

Her intuition told her that Ethan would never admit it so easily. She always felt that the bitter days had just begun...

The next day, the news that Ethan raped Rita was widely reported on the Internet. While he was notorious, the stock price of the Bai family began to rise. By taking advantage of this opportunity, Eric hired a large number of paid supporters and public relations to discredit Ethan and whitewash himself.

Looking at the soaring stock price, Rita was still worried.

It had been three days in a row, but the stock price was still rising. Ethan didn't take any action. What on earth did he want to do?

Finally, on the fourth day, the police gave a clear statement that an aphrodisiac was found in Ethan's blood and he was the victim. In other words, the reason why everything had happened was that Rita had drugged him. He had been trapped by Eric, which made him the target of public criticism.

In an instant, Rita was pushed into the center of the storm, becoming a scheming bitch who was rejected by everyone, and the image of the Bai family also plummeted. The stock fell and crashed by its limit, and the Bai Group, which was short of money, fell in an instant.

What's more, the police also exposed a lot of evidence that Eric made profit by illegal means. Originally, he was sure to win, but now he fell from heaven to hell and might be in jail at any time.

He couldn't accept it at all. He found Rita again and slapped her in the face without saying a word. "What the hell did you do? Didn't you see the current situation of the Bai family? Think of a way to solve it! "

She covered her slapped face and felt aggrieved. He was the one who forced her to set a trap for Ethan. Now that it failed, he blamed her instead!

"Clean up your own mess!"

She was about to leave, but he stopped her in a hurry, "Rita! If you dare to take one more step, you can't see Rex again! "

She stopped and clenched her fists, trying to control her temper.

"Do not lay a finger on him!"

With an evil smile, he took out a phone from his pocket, found a video and showed it to her. "I didn't do anything to Rex. How would I hurt him? He is my son, but he couldn't stand the environment of that secret room and hurt himself. It's none of my business. "

In the video, Rex was tied to the chair and there was a towel in his mouth. Panic and fear filled his black and white eyes. He twisted his body restlessly and sobbed for help. Through the video, he looked at Rita in horror, which made her heart suddenly tightened.


Taking back the phone in time, Eric looked at her with a sinister look and said, "Rex's look is really pitiful. What should we do now? As I said, I will let you and your brother meet each other only if Ethan finances the Bai Group. But if things go on like this, Rex might die at any time."


Give him back to me now, or I will never do anything for you again!"

Not afraid of her threat at all, he gave her a ferocious and ruthless look and said, "You know what to do. I won't release Rex go until I see the situation change!" She was furious.

Had she not considered Eric was her father, she would have slapped him in the face!

'Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs. How could he do this?'

Thinking of Rex's situation, she clenched her fists again.

At night, after making sure the location of Ethan, she came to S Club again.

She remembered that had said that he would let her, who betrayed and cheated him again and again suffer for the rest of her life. She also knew when they met this time, he would definitely embarrass her again, but for Rex, she had to face it.

S Club was still as noisy as before. People from all walks of life in J City gathered here. She took a deep breath to calm herself down, and then clenched her fists and passed through the noisy crowd to find Ethan's private room.

She pushed the door open. The room was still bustling. Women's silvery laughter filled the whole room. A dozen women sat around Ethan, respectively toasting to him. He looked so happy among the women.

Feeling a sting in her heart, she was very uncomfortable. She instinctively wanted to avoid this scene, but thinking of the current situation, she had to say to Ethan, "Mr. Ethan, can we have a talk?"

Her voice was neither slow nor fast, but was completely ignored by him. He acted as if he hadn't seen this person, talking and laughing in women his arms. He was tasting wine and beautiful women, completely ignoring her.

The woman beside him giggled that Rita was silly and looked so ridiculous with a poor and pedantic look.

With a calm look on her face, Rita accepted his neglect of her and the ridicule of others. She was willing to accept that as long as she could bear these things in exchange for Rex's return.

"Hey, you."

After a long time, a woman suddenly spoke to Rita.

She froze and frowned. Why should she listen to this woman?

"Sorry, I won't..."


However, before she could refuse, Ethan, who was sitting in the dim light, asked her to dance. His eyes were dark, and there was a flicker of joy in his eyes. He raised his lips of playfulness. He was like a devil, powerful, cold, and could not be refused.

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