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   Chapter 3 You Are Trapped

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All of a sudden, her lips were covered. Rita struggled to refuse, but Ethan kept kissing her for a long time before he loosened his grip.

Holding her in his arms and wiping the tears on her face, he asked gently, "Now I'm back with an unshakable position. Do you still want to push me away?"

She lowered her head, and her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her palm sized face. A touch of shyness appeared on her fair face, and she kept silent for a long time.

However, he took her silence as acquiescence. He immediately carried her in his arms and walked out of the private room. "From now on, I will never let you leave my sight!"

Soon they arrived at the most luxurious hotel in JC City. He pressed her under his body. His fingertips were as hot as fire, but he gently stroked her face. His black eyes were as gentle as water. He said in a low voice, "I want you, Rita."

She turned her face aside. Her cheeks were flushed and her heart beat faster. She looked so beautiful.

His black eyes were tinged with a green light. His heart itched because of her beauty. He bent over and kissed her body again. Not long after, the pain came. She clutched the bed sheet tightly, and her delicate and three-dimensional features immediately twisted together. He slowed down and asked, "The first time?"

'She really didn't have sex with another man back then?'

She nodded shyly, and his heart was filled with love again. He bent over and kissed her on the forehead. He made a tender promise to her, "I will cherish you."

After the sex, the two hugged each other breathlessly. He couldn't help kissing her forehead again and again, but the beauty in his arms seemed a little restless.

"What's wrong? I already noticed that you were absent-minded just now. What are you thinking about? "

She shook her head, put on her pajamas and was about to get out of bed. He followed her closely. When he was about to ask, the door was kicked open.

With a camera in his hand, Eric took photos of Ethan and Rita and laughed arrogantly, "Ha-ha-ha! Ethan, long time no see! "

Ethan's cold facial features immediately twisted together. He looked at Eric coldly, and the coldness in his eyes was daunting. He stared at him with his deep black eyes, and said coldly protruding his Adam's apple, "Get out."

Ethan hated him very much as he forced them to separate that year.

However, he didn't leave. Instead, he went into the room, holding the camera in his hand and looking at Ethan complacently.

"I have the evidence that you raped my daughter. As a qualified father, how can I leave at this time? Ethan, would you like to sit down and have a talk with me? "

Ethan frowned and looked at her in confusion.

However, she had already regained her cold face unconsciously. Her black and white eyes were full of indifference and alienation. She shrugged at him and said, "It's my father who is talking to you. Why are you looking at me?

What? Do you really think that I still love you and had sex with you willingly? Don't be silly. How can I fall in love with you? "

The room was filled with rage. Ethan walked to her barefoot and looked down at her who was cold and ruthless. "I'll give you one more chance. Say it again. What's going on?"

She slowly raised her eyes and said, "What's going on? You are trapped."

"As you know, our family is short of money now, and the capital chain is broken. We urgently need a sum of money to settle in. But over the years, our family's development is not ideal, and neither the bank nor th

e investment company is willing to help us solve the problem.

You happened to come back at this time, and you are rich, so my father and I wanted to design this play and get some money from you to help our family through the crisis.

I know you might think that it is a bit outrageous as we regard you as a money tree, and I lied to you again. But Ethan, after all, you grew up in our family. It's reasonable for you to pay some money for our family. Just take it as a debt of gratitude you pay. How do you think?"

'How do I think?'

Ethan snorted coldly and ignored what she had said. He asked her again in a low voice, "Now I only ask you, one question. Do you really love me?"

"Ha ha!"

As if she had heard a big joke, she raised her head and laughed, "Love you? Ethan, stop joking, okay? We're all adults. Love? That's disgusting.

Besides, do you deserve my love? Are you good enough for me? You are nothing more than a salted fish turned over. After all, you are still a salted fish. But I'm different. I was born into a rich family. There is a world of difference between us. Do you want to be with me? No way!"

Clenching his fists which were as big as sandbags, Ethan was furious, but he endured it again and again. "So what you said to me in SY Club is also false?"

"Of course it is!"

She nodded immediately. "You have no idea how much I hated you back then. You were so poor. How could you compare with the son of the Zhou family? You were much inferior to him!"


Good, very good.'

Ethan nodded, but the anger in his chest was burning. In anger, he pinched her neck. But the next moment, a large number of reporters rushed into the room and saw what he did to her.

"Mr. Ethan, what are you doing? Miss Bai was not willing to have sex with you. You have already hurt her. Do you want to kill her to keep her mouth shut forever? "

"At that time, you were adopted by the Bai family, with a low status. As you were refused by Miss Bai, you left JC City in a fit of anger, and now you have become successful and come back to pester her again. Do you still love her? Or you did all of this out of revenge? "

"The Bai family has helped you a lot, but you repay them in this way. Can you go with your conscience?"

Being questioned and besieged by the reporters, he was furious. He dropped Rita in his hand and was about to drive the reporters away, but the woman behind him cried, "Waah... Waah... You have to help me...

Ethan found me as soon as he came back. He even poured me so much wine, tricked me to this place and did such a thing to me... I'm so sad... I really don't know what to do. Waah... Please help me. Don't let this villain go. Waah... "

"Rita is right. I have only one daughter, but she was raped by him. You must help us!"

Eric said holding a camera. "Here is the evidence that Ethan raped my daughter. As a father who loves his daughter, I won't let him go. I must let him pay for his brutality!"

As he looked at Rita who was crying hypocritically, Eric who was complacent, and the arranged reporters, a bloodthirsty and cruel smile appeared on his cold face.

He stared at Eric with his eagle like sharp eyes and said, "You think you can make me be led by the nose by setting this trap. You're wrong, Eric! I will let you know the consequences of trapping me! "

His sharp eyes locked on Rita again, and his smile became more bloodthirsty and colder. "Rita, just wait and see. You betrayed and cheated me again and again. I will make you suffer for the rest of your life!"

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