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   Chapter 1 Play A Game

You Mean My Everything By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7693

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The moment Rita Bai stepped into S Club, the best club in J City, the whole club fell silent, stunned by her beauty.

She had silky straight hair, which was as dark as the midnight sky and in striking contrast to her pale skin. She had an amazingly voluptuous body, almost like a goddess's.

Words couldn't express her beauty. She had a sharp nose and full pink lips that glistened with a touch of lip gloss. She had a beautiful jawline, which paired well with her striking collarbones. To put it simply, she looked like an angel sent from the heavens.

She was walking through the club accompanied by Michael Mu.

A thoughtless playboy tried to flirt with her, but Michael Mu pulled him away. He adjusted the gold-rimmed glasses on his nose bridge and said in a cold voice, "How dare you flirt with Mr. Ethan Lu's lady?"

Although the playboy was from an influential family in the city, he couldn't help but tremble when he heard Michael mention Ethan Lu's name. He immediately apologized and ran away. When Rita Bai saw him run, a mocking smile appeared on her charming face.

'The boy, who once had nothing, has grown into a powerful and fearsome man now, ' she thought to herself.

They walked to a private room, but before she entered, Michael Mu tied a blindfold around her eyes. He then held her hand and guided her into the room. "Mr. Lu is expecting you to find him with your eyes covered. If you fail, he won't cooperate with the Bai family."

The Bai family, which used to be one of the most powerful and influential families in J City, had lost its power, and the Bai Group was on the verge of bankruptcy. If not for their situation, Rita Bai wouldn't have allowed her dad to force her to meet with Ethan Lu.

"You have five minutes. Your time starts now," Michael Mu announced.

'Only five minutes?'

Rita Bai thought to herself with a frown.

She had no idea of the size of the room, or what it looked like. How could she possibly find a person in just five minutes with her eyes covered?

However, she could almost hear the clock ticking in her mind. She launched forward and tried to grab what was ahead of her.

But then her knee suddenly hit the corner of the tea table, instantly causing a red bruise to appear on her skin. Rita Bai endured the pain and walked forward with a sigh, while holding the tea table for support.

The tea table was about two meters long, which was enough proof for her to believe that the room was not a small one, just as she had expected.

She took a rough guess and quickened her pace, smoothly moving along the table. Just when she reached the sofa, she felt her body brush against something solid.

She swallowed her pain and tried to touch it. Suddenly, she heard someone sneering at her from a distance. She bit her lip and moved forward, bumping her head on a surface.

'Looks like there's a mirror in front of me, ' she thought to herself.

Her hands followed along the mirror, finally touching a person behind it. He had broad shoulders, slightly long hair, and three-dimensional features, but he was not the man she was looking for.

She turned away, and tried to look for the next man. Rita Bai heard Michael Mu's cold voice coming from a short range. "You have four minutes left."

The pressure made her heart beat faster, so she quickened her pace. Only after taking a few more steps, she bumped into something else, crashing hard against it.

Although it didn't hurt much, she was furious. Even with the blindfold on, one could clearly see that she frowned.

'What the hell? What kind of tricks is Ethan trying to play on me? There is a barrier set in front of every man. How can I possibly find him in just five minutes?' she thought.

She tried to suppress her anger and cautiously touched the second man, studying his features. He wa

sn't Ethan Lu either.

By then, Rita Bai had gotten familiar with the room's layout, so she confidently moved forward and touched the next man. Unfortunately, he was also not the man she was looking for. Just as she was about to move to the next person, the man grabbed her arm, trapping her in his grasp.

She tried to wiggle out of his arms, but felt powerless against his strong grip. Annoyed, she shrieked, "What do you think you're doing? Shit! Let me go!"

Adjusting his glasses, Michael Mu explained coldly, "Mr. Lu has no control over these men. They are free to do as they please."

He then lowered his head and glanced at his watch. "You have three minutes left," he said.

Rita Bai was enraged when she heard that. They were playing tricks on her.

'If that's how you're going to be, don't blame me later for acting rashly, ' she thought to herself.

She grabbed the man's arm and bit it hard. The second he eased his grip, she escaped.

As she reached the next man, she maintained a careful distance while touching him, for she was scared that he too might grab her like the previous one. He was not Ethan either.

As she was about to reach out and touch the next man, Rita heard footsteps. She held her breath, feeling scared. Suddenly, the sound of the footsteps stopped near her. She spread out her arms and tried to feel what was around her. She was surrounded by a crowd of men!

The men stood around her, restricting her movement.

That moment, Michael Mu reminded, "Two minutes left."

Ethan had gone so far as to create a human wall around her to stop her from finding him.

Although she was disappointed by the way he was treating her, she felt optimistic when she realized that none of the men around her was Ethan Lu. All she had to do was get past those men and find him.

Michael Mu's voice came from a distance. "All the men around you have been eliminated from the game. However, you still have to find Mr. Lu among eighteen of the remaining men."


Are you serious?

There are eighteen more men?

How the hell am I supposed to find Ethan in just two minutes?' she wondered.

Rita knew there was no way for her to find Ethan Lu unless she moved at a faster pace. However, the men surrounding her followed her with every step she took. It would be impossible for her to find him if they kept tagging along.

"A minute and a half left," Michael Mu said.

Undoubtedly, his reminder only made her more nervous. Feeling desperate, she pushed the men away with all her might. She swayed her hands in the air and felt another hard mirror in front of her, but there was no one behind it.

"One minute left," Michael Mu announced.

Anxiety flooded her mind. She stumbled and moved chaotically. She hit herself on the tea table several times, but couldn't let her pain slow her down. She touched a few more men behind a few more mirrors, but none of them were Ethan Lu.

Michael Mu's voice came from the crowd. "Thirty seconds."

As she moved faster and faster, the time she had left decreased as well.

She had only ten seconds left and she still had not found Ethan Lu.

There were ten more men left for her to check.

As time drew near, she felt that the task seemed impossible to finish.

"Ten, nine..." Michael Mu around her started counting down.

With every passing second, Rita grew more and more anxious. However, she couldn't let panic get the best of her, so she had no choice but to keep calm. She had to find him based on her memories, and she had to do it fast. She sighed and moved forward.

"Eight, seven, six..."

She took a guess and moved in a certain direction.

She had to move quickly.

She could hear Michael Mu counting from a distance.

"Three, two, one!"

At that moment, Rita Bai declared triumphantly, "I found him!"

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