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   Chapter 1 The Touching Game

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As soon as Rita stepped into the largest expensive club in JC City, the noisy place was attracted by her astonishing beauty.

Her silky hair which was as black as ink reached her waist, and her skin was fair and shiny like snow and ice. With a well-shaped body and slightly raised amorous eyes, she looked pure and cold.

She was seductive with a high-bridged nose and pink lips full of luster. When she raised her thin and pointed jaw gently, her slender and tender neck was visible.

She was beautiful like a fairy, but she had to walk into the banquet room under the surveillance of Michael.

Not afraid of death, a playboy tried to flirt with her, but Michael grabbed his arm. He pushed the gold rimmed glasses on the high nose and asked coldly, "How dare you flirt with Mr. Ethan's woman?"

Even though he was from a famous family in JC City, he couldn't help trembling when he heard Ethan's name. He apologized immediately and ran away. Rita could not help wearing a sarcastic smile on her charming face.

'The boy who lost everything has grown into a powerful and fearsome man now.'

They walked a little to a private room. Before he pushed the door open, Michael who looked gentle put on a black eye mask to cover her clear black eyes. After leading her into the room, he said slowly, "Mr. Ethan asks you to find him in the room with your eyes covered, or the cooperation with the Bai family will end before it begins."

The Bai family, which used to be powerful in JC City, had declined, and the Bai Group was on the verge of bankruptcy. Otherwise, Rita wouldn't be threatened by her father to meet Ethan again.

"Five minutes. Time starts."

'Five minutes?'

She frowned.

Having no idea of the size and layout of this room and how many people were in it, how could she find him in five minutes?

However, the time machine was ticking in her ears. She couldn't help stretching out her arms to grope forward. "Bang -"

When her knee hit the corner of the tea table, a red mark immediately appeared on her skin which was as white as porcelain. With a frown, Rita took a deep breath and walked forward with her hands on the tea table, bearing the pain.

The tea table seemed to be more than two meters long, which was enough to prove that the room was not small.

Having a rough idea, she gradually quickened her pace. She felt the tea table and walked smoothly all the way. When she was about to walk to the sofa behind the tea table, her delicate features hit a solid object again.

Before she had time to care about the pain, she heard someone sneering at her stupidity. A thin layer of anger crept into her heart. Biting her lips, she felt the object that hit her and slowly moved forward.

'It seems to be a mirror.'

Following the mirror, she finally touched the person behind it. He had a broad palm, slightly long hair, and three-dimensional features, but he was not the man she was looking for.

She gave up and tried again. Michael said coldly, "There are four minutes left."

A strong sense of pressure immediately surged up in her heart. She had to speed up. Then she took another step, and with another loud sound, her body bumped into something.

Although it didn't hurt much, it really made her angry. Even if her eyes were covered, it was not difficult to find that her delicate features were a little contracted.

'What the hell is Ethan playing? A barrier is set before every man? How can I find him in five minutes?'

Suppressing the anger in her heart, she restrained her emotions and carefully touched the second person. The man was in a suit, with a high nose and a slightly thick lips. It was not him.

Again, Rita, who was familiar w

ith the layout of the room, did not let herself hit any object again. She successfully touched the third person, but it was still not him. When she was about to look for the next person, the man unexpectedly trapped her in his arms and did not let her go!

She struggled, but she couldn't resist the man's strength at all. Annoyed, she couldn't help grumbling, "What the hell are you doing? Are you fooling me? "

Michael just pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose expressionlessly and said coldly, "Mr. Ethan doesn't ask them to do anything. They can do whatever they want."

Then he lowered his head and checked the time again. "There are three minutes left."

Rita was angry. 'They are obviously fooling me!

Since they are playing tricks, don't blame me for being ruthless!'

She raised the man's arm and bit it hard. When he let go of her, she quickly stood up and escaped.

When she touched the next person, she was afraid that he would also trap her like just now, so she deliberately touched him a little far away, but it was still not him.

When she was about to touch the next person, she heard messy and quick footsteps in the room. She held her breath and stood still. After the sound beside her ears stopped, she slowly reached out her hands. This touch frightened her. She was surrounded by the crowd!

These men were all around her, making her unable to move a single step!

At this time, Michael reminded her again, "Two minutes."

'Ethan even plays the trick of human wall!'

Although she was a little dissatisfied with his behavior, it could more or less prove that Ethan wasn't among the people surrounding her. She just needed to go through these people to choose from the rest.

However, Michael kindly reminded her, "All the people surrounding you have been eliminated by you. You still need to find Mr. Ethan among the remaining eighteen people."


Eighteen more?

All these people around me have been eliminated?

Then how can I find Ethan within two minutes?'

She had to quicken her pace, but every time she took a step, the people around her would follow her. Even if she reached out her hands, she couldn't pass through the human wall. If this continued, she couldn't contact anyone at all!

"One and a half minutes."

Beyond doubt, Michael's reminder made her anxious. She pushed away the persons in her way with all her strength. She stretched out her slender hands to touch the air. She touched the screen and the mirror, but she couldn't touch anyone!

"One minute."

She was getting more and more anxious, and her pace was getting messier. For several times, her pink knees hit the tea table, which made her gasp in pain, but she couldn't stop. She touched people through the screen and the mirror again. However, they were all not him, which was driving her crazy!

"Thirty seconds."

As she moved faster and faster, the time from Michael's mouth was shorter and shorter. "Twenty seconds."

None of them was him! "Ten seconds."

But she still had to touch ten people!

She couldn't find Ethan in only ten seconds!

"Ten, nine..."

With every sound of countdown, she became more nervous, but she stood still. She couldn't panic. She had to calm down. She had to look for him based on her understanding of Ethan. She took a deep breath...

"Eight, seven, six..."

After standing there for a few seconds, she pushed the crowd away again and walked in a certain direction. "Five, four..."


She moved quickly while Michael was counting down. There were only three seconds left. She had to be quicker!

"Three, two..."


She was trotting. "One!"

"I have found him!"

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