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   Chapter 45 Unbearable Love

Feel My Unstoppable Love By Yan Huo Characters: 10896

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On the second day, Owen went back to A City early in the morning, while Sarah was lying on the bed because of the pain in her waist.

When Leah and the others came to visit, they all looked at her with indescribable eyes. Only Nick silently brought the soybean milk and deep-fried dough sticks from the kitchen of the inn to her as breakfast.

Sarah looked at the breakfast in his hand in disgust, "That's what you give me, the injured to eat?"

Leah smiled, "What kind of the injured is you?"

Nick drove Leah and the rest of the crew out of the room. "You go first. I have to talk to Sarah about the play. You can go and check if there is any clothes needed to be changed. I have brought your president here. You can't let him shoot in a common suit, right?"

Sarah took out the deep-fried dough sticks from the bag and began to eat slowly. She wanted to adjust her position, so she moved her body a little. Unexpectedly, she touched her wound. She screamed out.

"Are you okay?" Because of the gender, it was not appropriate for Nick to check it, so he could only ask with co

his Twitter page, she burst into laughter happily with her arm around Sarah's waist.

In the past few days, Cici had been paying attention to Twitter all the time. By posting Sarah's photos from time to time, she was always on the hot search list. But she only post the photos. As for the contents of the short film, they were confidential.

In order to make it convenient for shooting, Sarah had been wearing ancient costume every day these days. Some passers-by often photographed her, which made her win the title of "natural beauty in ancient costume" on the Internet.

Rocky and the others didn't dare to come out to confront with Owen, so they slandered Sarah on the Internet anonymously every day, saying that Sarah was not a natural beauty at all and she obtained her beauty by cosmetic surgeries.

But they didn't expected that Sarah's college classmates instantly posted photos of her college time. At that time, Sarah was not only beautiful, but also full of youth and charm.

After this incident, Sarah became more famous as a "natural beauty in ancient costume".

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